7 Days To Die

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Five new helmets and three new curiasses complete with crafting and loot tables. This is first part of an expanded armor/clothing series.

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I'm sure you're as frustrated as me with this outdated clothing system and
their apparent desire to dumb it down to make our players feel even less
like they're unique and custom to us.

I am releasing these mods to hopefully show TFP that players WANT custom characters and variations
of items that they can hobble together with treasures from the
wasteland, creating a truly unique character and base.


This is the first mod pack in my series to expand the armor and clothing selection in game.
I think it's ridiculous that every player is forced to look basically the same. I want to make every playthrough and experience different for each player.

New armor pieces are:
Crusader Helmet / Curiass
Beserker Helmet / Curiass
Paladin Helmet / Curiass
Horned Helmet
Open Faced Silver Helmet
Elvish Helmet

I am still working on adding more pieces from this armor bundle so stay tuned.