7 Days To Die
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Adds 7 weaponmods for bows/crossbows
3 arrowmods 3 crossbow mods, and 1 bow.
Please note each mod's requriements

Permissions and credits
Overview of each weapon mod

ElectroMagnetic Crossbow Limbs
Increases projectile speed drastically, as well as increasing armor pen. Requires level 2 Penetrator to work"

Repeater Crossbow Conversion
Converts crossbow into a repeater with 3 rounds, reduces stealth bonus"

Electric Arrows Addon
"Gives arrows a chance to tase enemies, Requires Electrocutioner rank 2 or higher to work"

Lets you fire two arrows at a time."

Siege Crossbow conversion
Turns crossbow into a Siege Crossbow with a large damage increase and shoots 3 rounds, Requires crouching to shoot, as well as Archery 3 to work

Bleeding Arrows Addon
Arrows Causes bleed damage to enemies, Has a slow that scales based on deep cuts"

Binding Arrows Addon
Arrows Stops enemies for 10 seconds but do no damage, requires Rank 2 PummelPete to work"

If you dont have the requirements for a mod the effects dont take effect/wont fire.

Arrowmods can be mixed with a weapon mod that changes mode
Electrolimbs,repeater,doubleshot,and siege are mode changes

Works on versions A19.

Known issues:
animations being weird- this cant really be fixed but generally doesn't affect game play itself
arrows stacking visaully-mayor may not be fixable but currently not worth the effort.
2nd and 3rd shots fired from iron crossbow originate from the center of screen instead of the right- i cant fix it its an bug in the hold type.