7 Days To Die
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A19.6 - Harvestable zombies, pickable workstations (forge, chem, etc.), craftable weap/tools parts, no block damage, no food healing, corrected melee range, no duct tape in craft.

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A19.6 ready.
- Harvest zombies with knives (gives bones, rotten flesh, fat).
- Pick up workstations (forge, workbench, chemistry station, cement mixer) with WRENCH tools group ONLY (by LEFT mouse button ONLY).
- Craft weapon and tools part at workbench.
- Removed heal effect from food (still have buffs on them). Becouse +80 hp from soup its stupid. Only medecine heals.
- No block damage. All zombies do 1 piont damage to blocks. But there is two zombies do damage - fat cops with his acid blow (becouse acid damage everything) and demolition (zombie with a bomb on his chest).
- Melee range much shorter.
- Removed duct tape from recipes where is no need to it, or no duct tape on model and item icon.
- And little bonus - craft feathers from paper.
- Some recipes correction.
- Added sewing kit crafting.
- Acid crafting.

And if you want even more realism check my another mod Deep Immersive

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUST TO READ ABOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
--------------------------Even FAQ-------------------------

1. Do backup of original files (blocks.xml, entityclasses.xml, items.xml, recipes.xml) from  your "...\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Config\"
2. Extrat files from downloaded archive in your "...\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Config\"
3. Replace original files with files from archive.
Yeah. Old fashion way installation for avoid any conflicts with different PCs

Q. Can you do that mods seperated?
A. No. I don't want to.
Q. Can you update your mod for fresh version of the game?
A. No. I'm tired to reupdate mods every time game is updating. Have other stuff to do in real world. Wait when I will decide to play dat game again, and update mods for myself.
Q. Your mod didn't work, crash my game, etc.
A. I don't care. My mod works 100%, I'm playing it right now. Don't bother me.
Q. Can I update your mod by myself and reupload it?
A. Yeah bro. Do with that whatever you like, If you can. I will glad to.