7 Days To Die

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This mod expands the twitch chat integration with new zombie hordes, custom zombies, buffs, debuffs, and changes to how the vanilla chat integration functions. Note that costs seen in photos for mod above were originally during testing, point costs were changed for release to be more in line with other spawns.

Permissions and credits
DR_ALEJANDRO89’s Twitch Chat integration Mod v1.5.1
Added Commands and Changes

Version 1.5 fixed spawn_peewee to be gs 15 rather than gs 2 when using progression. Also Looter buff bug got fixed which caused looter buff to not get removed after timer ran out. 

Version 1.5.3 added in some new spawns that are underlined and added cooldowns to some of the spawns that did not have cooldowns set

Note: Most commands are on Gamestage 15-35 start if using progression
#spawn_normhorde - Spawns 4 normal zombies
#spawn_boomers - Spawns 3 Cop or Demo Zombies
#spawn_lovers - Spawns a large burning Arlene and Cowboy (Jawoodle Inspired)
#spawn_peewee - Spawns a horde of mini football players
#spawn_capp - Spawns a horde of Stupid Birds
#spawn_spiderswarm - Spawns 3 spider zombies
#spawn_bookclub - Spawns a strengthened Big Mama and 3 female zombies (Idea from Tinfoil_Tim_Gaming)
#spawn_wolfpack - Spawns 2 enlarged dire wolves (Idea from J1mmybo1000)
#roulette - Spawns either a chicken, a rabbit, or a buffed Demo Zombie called Bad Luck
#spawn_anklebiters - Spawns a horde of mini wolves with low damage and guaranteed ragdoll on death (Idea from Tinfoil_Tim_Gaming)
#spawn_hellsangels - Spawns a Radiated Biker and 2 normal bikers (Idea from MorbidlyMorose)
#spawn_whambulance - Spawns 2 Feral Nurses and a Hazmat Zombie (Idea from MorbidlyMorose)
#spawn_simon - Spawns Simon the Killer Crawler 
#survive - spawns 5 zombies, when they die 5 ferals spawn, when they die 5 rads spawn
#bunnybear - spawns 10 bunnies and tells you kill them quickly, after 20 seconds, bunnies left alive turn into bears. Combo with enrage after transform to aggro the bears properly

#supply_vehicle commands (supply_bicycle etc) give the vehicle and an amount of gas depending on tier rather than just giving parts

#rocketman - 25 seconds of Rocket Boot dev item. Can take fall damage, but not break leg (Idea from Zedtubegaming)
#fried - 20 seconds of Ring of Fire Dev item (Idea from FriedFrogin)
#sonic - like #fast, but massive increase to speed
#looter - 90 seconds of eye Kandy

#poopybutt - Gives Dysentery
#brokenleg - Gives Broken Leg
Removed that no_melee and no_range replaces weak_melee and weak_range allowing the weaken debuffs to be used at any level.

#teleport - random teleport 20-40 meters
#teleportup - teleport you 15 meters up in the air
#novehicle - removes your vehicle and puts it and its inventory into a bag on the ground to loot