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Play in a George Romero Day of the Dead world inhabited by hordes of regular zombies. Includes gameplay overhaul, zombie overhaul, additional weapons, and other enhancements, all brought into a single pack.

Permissions and credits
             DAY of the DEAD

                                mod pack for 7 Days to Die V19.5

                               * version 2.3 now available *

                      Inspired by George Romero's awesome trilogy:
          Night of the Living Dead / Dawn of the Dead / Day of the Dead

When there is no more room in Hell - the dead will walk the Earth

The intent is to create a world with a much higher population of regular zombies across the board, without the added danger of Rage, Feral and Climber zombies. In the Romero tradition, you will need to focus on taking them out with headshots, since they are more resistant to damage elsewhere.

Burnt zombies and other zombies types that do not fit the Romero-world have been replaced. Smaller but more regular Hordes will cruise around, making life difficult. You will have plenty of extra firepower to assist you, with an armada of new weapons and ammo, as well as up-to 6 easily crafted Junk Turrets to repel the onslaught. 

This is a self-contained gameplay enhancement pack for 7 Days to Die.
This mod builds on the excellent Romero Mod to provide more of a Day of the Dead flavor, combining several new and existing features into a single pack.

** Tested on Alpha 19.5.
** Does not work with EAC Enabled. You must disable EAC in the 7DTD Launcher.
** See FAQ section at the bottom for compatibility answers.
** Note that this mod uses the Harmony mod tool - all clients and servers must have the same files installed
             So for multiplayer, everyone will need the same files/mod installed

Key Features of Mod Pack: 

  • Zombies only take full damage from headshots. 
  • You can still slow them down, and even kill them through body damage or dismemberment, but they are more resistant.
  • Blood Moon is still available. You can turn it on or off as desired. 
  • Zombie speeds are now selectable as per normal 7DTD but recommended settings are shown on the Menu screen. (WALK/JOB/RUN only).
  • Spider and Feral zombies all replaced with regular zombies. 
  •       Zombies can still climb ladders, and can climb each other to reach higher places, but they cannot scale high vertical walls.
  • Lots more vanilla zombies!
  • Wilderness zombie spawns increased to 7X.
  • Wandering hordes start from Day 2 at midnight.
  • Wandering horde configured to 30 zombies every 3 hours.
  • Most animals are replaced with Zombies.
  • Most Burnt Zombies removed and replaced with a mix of regular zombies. 
  • Regular zombies added to Snow biome.
  • Reduced night ambience to make it darker.
  • Lots of additional military weapons and ammo. New Ammo easier to craft. 
  • Deploy up to 6 improved active Junk Turrets. 1 to start with (find the recipe!) and up to 5 extra via Robotics Inventor.
  • Junk Turrets easier to craft. Junk Turrets have increased range, coverage and awake distance.
  • 4 new Automated Turrets including Sniper and M60.
  • Simpler workbench with no recipe needed. Just find the raw materials.
  • Lots of additional vehicles and motorbikes.
  • 10 slot toolbelt.
  • Select additional land claims (selectable from Game Start menu).
  • 2 skill points per level.

I recommend playing with increased Maximum Zombies when starting a game.
Start with 100 Max Zombies and 25 Max Animals and go from there.

V2.3 now available

       If you have an existing version of Day of the Dead (for those on V2.2 or older):

                First delete any of the existing Day of the Dead mod folders from within your 7DTD "Mods" folder. 
                View the README for the list of folders or just clean out your whole Mods folder if you only use my mod pack.
                Do not apply the update over the top. Delete the old versions from the mod directory first.
                Note: You do not need to do anything with this folder: 7DaysToDie_Data\Managed 
                Then simply install the mod again as per the README file.

Version 2.3 Update: 

  • Added a Player Starter Crate containing an M16 rifle and ammo, Beretta M92 pistol and ammo, 2 Repair Kits, and random medical/food supplies to help you get started. It will appear in your inventory at the start. Place it on the ground and open. Thanks to Khelldon for the base.
  • Changed the Trader settings so they are Invulnerable and Area Protected as per original game. 
              In  previous versions the Traders were vulnerable and the base could get overrun.
  • Restored all the original zombie speed settings so you can choose what you prefer: WALK JOG RUN SPRINT and Nightmare.
              REASON: The Romero Mod forced a setting of WALK for everything even though night zombies still RAN. 
                               This was confusing and misleading so I have removed those enforcements. 
              RECOMMENDED SETTINGS: Set Day speed to WALK ... Set Night speed to WALK or JOG ..... set Feral/Bloodmoon speed set to RUN (if applicable).
                             The SPRINT and Nightmare options are not really for a Romero Zombie World but the options are there if you wish. 
                             As with the previous version, it is up to you whether you want to have Blood Moons or not, I include them mainly to add variety.
                             There is a reminder on the Menu screen for recommended settings.
  • Modified the UI menu layout to fit everything in : Persistent Profiles moved to Advanced tab.
  • Fixed UI issue on the Containers screen where icons overlapped.
  • Added recommended settings text to the Menu Screen. 
  • Added more variety to Night zombies.
  • Made it a little brighter inside at night. 
  • Updated Bdubyah's Vehicle pack to latest version.
  • Re-sequenced and compacted the mod directories (1-9).
  • Overhauled and added to the README texts to make it all easier.

Version 2.2 Update: 

  • Compatibility fixes and adjustments to Flamethrowers for balance purposes. 
           - They were overpowered and it was simply too easy to vaporise zombies quickly in large numbers. 
           - Major reduction in power against zombie heads.
           - Removal of head shot bonus.
           - Adjustments to damage levels and distances for balance.
           - Improved Names and Descriptions to differentiate the 2 models.
           - Fixed bug where you could not see Stats for 1 of the flamethrowers.
           - Both are now governed by Advanced Engineering Perk.
           - Both now scale correctly.
           - Both are now found under Weapons/Ammo.
                - One has wider coverage with less concentrated damage and shorter distance.  .
                - The other has a narrower coverage but more concentrated damage and longer distance.
                - Look at the stats in-game for more information.
           - Each unit can have slight variations in the stats either side, as per most weapons.  
           - I am unable to fix the bug so far where Telric's narrow arc flamethrower still fires during reloading (this issue was already in that mod).
                    Note that *no damage* occurs during reload even though the flame animation is still playing.
  • Added Oblivion Mod's Motorcycle pack with 4 new motorcycles (hover bike removed). 
  • Some changes to the optional Tips pack.
  • Improved and expanded installation instructions, added uninstall instructions, and other updates to the README file. 

Version 2.1 Update: 

  • Compatibility with 19.5.

Version 2.0 Update: 

  • Reset Blood Moon settings back to the 7DTD original default. You can now choose to have Blood Moon or disabled it as you prefer.
  • Fixed a bug with the Junk Turrets and Turret Perks - now working as expected - 1 robot to start with, then 1 extra robot each Perk.
  • Fixed a bug where Junk Turrets would not scale per Perk skill level.  
  • Updated the default Robotics Perk descriptions to match the new game settings.
  • Modified both new flamethrowers to do much greater Zombie Head damage, so they are actually useful.
  • Added 3 new Turrets (thanks to Almonds Turret Mod). Schematics were added to Tier 1 Schematics bucket.

Weapons Introduced by Skyriss's Vanilla Firearms Extended: 

  • M1911
  • Mark 23
  • Glock 17
  • Makarov
  • TEC-9
  • P250
  • Walther P99
  • USP
  • .45 revolver
  • 9mm revolver
  • Desert Eagle in 44 mag

  • RSX-1 Semi auto shotgun
  • Single barrel shotgun

  • M1 carbine in 9mm
  • SKS
  • Ak-101
  • AR15
  • HK416
  • G36C
  • SVD
  • SCAR-H
  • SCAR-L
  • SG-553
  • Sporting Rifle (5.56x45mm bolt action)
  • Varmint Rifle (9mm bolt action)

  • AKS-74u
  • Vz 62 Skorpion
  • Micro UZI
  • Mac-11
  • UMP-45
  • PP-19
  • Skorpion

Weapons Introduced by Smadol's Firearms Expansion: 
  • Colt38 (T0 pistol)
  • Beretta NANO (T0 pistol)
  • Colt1911 (T1 pistol)
  • P226 (T1 pistol)
  • Glock40 (T2 pistol)
  • H&K USP (T2 pistol)
  • VZ61 Skorpion (T0 smg)
  • Mac10 (T1 smg)
  • KRISS Vector (T2 smg)
  • Winchester (T1 shotgun)
  • SPAS-12 (T2 shotgun)
  • KSG-12 (T3 shotgun)
  • M1 Garand (T1 semiautomatic rifle)
  • SR25(T2 semiautomatic rifle)
  • JNG90 (T2 bolt-action rifle)
  • M98 (T3 bolt-action rifle)
  • FNFAL (T1 assault rifle)
  • M16(T1 assault rifle)
  • ACW-R(T1 assault rifle)
  • FNSCAR (T2 assault rifle)
  • M4-A1(T2 assault rifle)
  • ARX-160(T2 assault rifle)
  • M240(T3 machine gun)
Beretta M9 and Beretta M92 are available only in cheat mode because they are the same weapon as the vanilla pistol
Special Weapons:
  • M134 Minigun can be found only in military boxes (2% chance), this weapon has the highest DPS of the game but will drain your ammo supplies and will slow you down while holding it. 
  • Flamethrower  a special anti-horde weapon, it's governed by the perk advanced engineering, can use motor tool mods and gas can as ammo. This weapon can be crafted after reading the schematic or found in destroyed workbenches (2% chance).
  • Railgun a special hi-tech weapon for the intellect class, it's governed by the perk electrocutioner and uses iron dart as ammo. This weapon can be crafted after reaching electrocutioner level 5 or found in secret hidden stashes (2% chance).
  • M82 Barrett a heavy 50 cal sniper rifle with a insanely high dismember chance that can use only special .50 bmg bullets and the variant Incendiary and Armor-Piercing. This weapon can be found only in military boxes (2% chance) and came with its own scope that can be replaced by 8x scope.
  • M1A2 Thompson Old and legendary Automatic Submachine Gun that uses 9mm Ammo. Holding this weapon while wearing a full suit and a press hat will grant you a 40% bonus buying and selling goods. This weapon can be found only in gun safes (2% chance).
  • AA12 this full automatic shotgun has massive damage output and a strong recoil. Found only in gun safe (2% chance).
  • M79 GL40 a small grenade launcher less powerful than a rocket launcher but also more handy and easy to use. This weapon is craftable after reading the schematic and can be found in loot or bought from traders, uses 40 mm grenade ammo.

Telric's Flamethrower:
  • Smaller Arc, more concentrated, slightly longer distance, governed by the perk advanced engineering

Vehicle Introduced by Bdubyah's Vehicles 

    - Box Truck- BRDM-2- Buggy- Charger- Cruiser- Dirt Bike- Duster Airplane- GNX- Golf Cart- Hot Rods- Humvee- Junker- LMTV- Marauder- MD 500- MRAP- Nova- Old Semi- Pickup- Rat Bike- SHERP- Stallion- UAZ-452- UH-60- Willy Jeep- Work Truck

Detailed Junk Turret Modifications: 

  • Deploy up to 6 active Junk Turrets (you start with 1 and increase via Robotics Inventor skill).
  • Improved accuracy.
  • Firing range increased from 15 to 30 metres. 
  • Angle of fire increased from 70 degrees to 120 degrees for larger coverage (horizontal and vertical). 
  • Magazine size set to 2000 rounds. 
  • For the Robotics Inventor skill, the range at which Turrets remain awake has been pushed out from (10,14,15,16,17,18) blocks to (30,34,38,42,46,50) blocks.  
  • Recipes have been included to make it very easy to craft the Turrets and the ammo for them. 
  • There is also a very simple recipe for a Workbench. 
  • None of these require a schematic but you will need Robotics Inventor skills to have 5 extra Turrets. 

Compatibility with other mods: 

The mod is largely designed as a stand-alone pack.
However you should be able to use other mods, depending on what the MOD does: 

  • Any mod that adds new features should be fine
  • Any mod that adjusts things that I do not adjust should also be OK
  • You should avoid using any of the mods that are already used within this pack, as this will potentially cause conflict.

This mod does change things in relation to entitygroupsentityclassesspawningblocks and several other XML files.  
The changes mostly relate to zombie behaviorzombie numberszombie types, etc.
There are also a number of minor UI adjustments.

I would avoid anything that adjusts zombie behavior mainly.

Otherwise, use discretion and keep an eye on the log (F1) for compatibility issues during loading.
With vanilla 19.5 and my mod installed, there are no errors in the log during start up.
You may see Mesh/Map related errors *just* prior to entering the game but these are nothing to do with my mod.

Any mods that do a major overhaul of gameplay are likely **not** to be compatible either.
This includes overhauls like
Darkness Falls and War of the Walkers.

>> Feedback is that the SMX UI mod works OK <<


This mod has been made for your enjoyment - no profit.
However if you enjoy playing this mod, please endorse.
Any allocated % of the overall donation pool will go to the Wildlife Conservation Society.
Many thanks!


This mod is mostly the work of other people.
All I have done is combine a number of existing mods together into a single pack, and add my own flavour, and ensure compatibility.
Below are the packs I have utilised in the Day of the Dead mod.
Some of these mods have been modified from the original.

A very big thanks to those who have worked on the mods below, without your efforts this mod would not exist !!!!!!!
Please let me know if I have missed anyone.

- All features from KhaineGB's Romero Mod 
- REV6:7-8 reality check
- Shock's 2 skills per level mod
- Sykriss's Vanilla Firearms Extended 
- Smadol's Firearms Expansion 4.3
- Bdub's Vehicles
- Hesbic Gun Turret mods 
- fatrap's Junk Turret modifications 
- Almonds Turret Mod 
- IceBurg's Craft Doors
- sLimLong's Decorations Plus
- TelricsFlamethrower
- TelricsIronGates
- Ztensity's Paintings & Posters
- Jax's Wilderness Spawn increase
- Khelldon's Starter Crate 

        Notes on Vanilla Firearms:

I have fixed the issues with Sykriss's Vanilla Firearms Extended mod which seems to be for Alpha 18 only.
You should see all weapons and ammo in dropable loot, and the AK101 is fixed.


KhaineGB's Romero Mod
Most other mods are available on NEXUSMODS:


Please refer to the README.TXT.
Manual installation only.
It is recommended that you clear out any existing mods to start with.
Do not use any of the above mods listed in the credits. Modified versions are included with this pack.

Bugs and Feedback:

Feedback welcome.
Please report any bugs.
If the installation instructions need any changes or improvements, please let me know.
Thanks and hope you enjoy !!!!!


1. What Version of 7DTD do I need?

  This mod will only work on Alpha 19.5.

2. Is this mod pack compatible with existing Save Games?

  If you have a *Vanilla* Save Game from V19.5 then this mod should be compatible.
  You should not need to start a new game.
  This mod should not really impact your Save Game aside from the new items being added.
  However once you start playing it is recommended that you keep these saved games associated with this mod.

3. Will this mod pack automatically download to other players who join?

  Harmony files will not get pushed automatically.
  Everyone needs to have the same mod files installed, all clients and servers.

4. Is this mod compatible with other mods?

  This mod pack is largely designed as a stand-alone pack. 
  You should avoid using any of the mods that are used within this pack.
  Since I have modified most of the 3rd party mods I have used, you should use the versions provided here.
  This mod pack changes things in relation to entitygroups, entityclasses, spawing, blocks and many other files. 
  So you should avoid mods that change zombie behaviour, zombie numbers, zombie types, junk turrets, etc.
  Any mods that do a major overhaul of gameplay are likely **not** to be compatible either.
  This includes overhauls like Darkness Falls and War of the Walkers.
  HOWEVER If you are using other mods that add new things, and do not fiddle with the above, then you should be fine.
  Use discretion and keep an eye on things in the log using F1. 

5. What happens if I see errors in the log F1 ?

  If you are using my mod pack alone you will see NO ERRORS in F1 as the game loads, except for the map/mesh errors that are shown right before you start.
  These are not due to this mod, but the map you are using, and nothing to worry about.
  If you do see errors, this is most likely because you are using a conflicting MOD or you are not on the correct version of 7DTD.

6. What files are modified during installation?

  The Romero mod adds or overwrites the following files in the 7DaysToDie_Data\Managed folder:

Assembly-CSharp.dll <- For most people this is the only file that will be overwritten, the rest will be new.

  All other changes are contained to the MODS directory.

7. Can I run this on a server installation?

Yes although I have not tested this. 
Install as per instructions but copy the contents of 7DaysToDie_Data into your 7DaysToDieServer_Data instead.