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Friendly animals united against the zombie hordes!

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for 7 Days to Die
by Swiftpaw Wolfheart

This mod makes bears and wolves fight zombies too along side you.

<<< FEATURES >>>
Will fight against zombies with you:
    * Bears
    * Wolves
    * Dire Wolves
They have a chance of spawning across all biomes, but are more common in healthy biomes such as forests.
They will appear on your map once they spawn.
They are invincible, so run to them for help fighting zombies and hordes!

FA4DarknessFalls 2.9 tested with Darkness Falls v2.11 but may work with other versions
FA version 2.5+ requires 7DtD A17E b221 or newer
FA version 2.4 requires 7DtD A17E b208 or older
FA version 1.x requires 7DtD A16.4

<<< DOWNLOAD + MOD HOMEPAGE / 7 Days to Die forum thread >>>!


If you were using a non-modlet version of FA such as version 2.3 or lower, you must first reset the modified config files back to vanilla by doing a Steam file verification on the game or restoring from backup.  To do this, right-click 7 Days to Die in Steam > Properties > Local Files > Verify integrity of game files.

1. Unzip archive.

2a. For version 2.7+, place the "FriendlyAnimals" OR "FriendlyAnimalsCompatibility" OR "FriendlyAnimals4DarknessFalls" folder inside your Steam Library's "7 Days to Die/Mods" folder.

    "FriendlyAnimals" is the standard version.  If Friendly Animals is your only mod, use this version, and may be able to use this with other mods as well.  If you have any game issues, are using other mods, and removing this mod fixes the problem, try the "FriendlyAnimalsCompatibility" version.

    "FriendlyAnimalsCompatibility" is the version of the mod which has the default entity naming on the map, but improves compatbility with other mods.  

    "FriendlyAnimals4DarknessFalls" is the version for use with the mod Darkness Falls.

2b. For version 2.4+, place the "FriendlyAnimals" folder inside your Steam Library's "7 Days to Die/Mods" folder.

2c. For FA v2.3 and lower:  Copy the entityclasses.xml file (and optionally the entitygroups.xml and spawning.xml files in version 1.x to enable spawning of friendly animals across all biomes) to your Steam Library's "7 Days To Die/Data/Config" folder.

Note: If you don't know where your Steam Library folder is for the game, you can get to this location by going into Steam, right-clicking 7 Days to Die > Properties > Local Files tab > Browse Local Files