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This mod works with 7 days to die A19.4 expanding the game arsenal with 28 new weapons compatible with the already ingame ammunitions, mods, and perks.

Permissions and credits
--------------------------------------------------------------------------IMPORTANT NOTES--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-This mod has been made and tested to work with 7 days to die A19.4, it doesn't necessarily work with newer or older versions of the game.

-In case you want to use it on a dedicated server both server and client need to install it.

-This mod has not been tested on dedicated server, if it works on single player should work fine on multiplayer too, but for obvious reason I can't test it and make it work on every server that wants to use it.
At the moment some people have experienced different errors on dedicated server, so my suggestion is to test it on a new world before adding it the older ones.

-This mod it's not supposed to work with Ravenhearst, War3zuk, Darkness falls and other mods that apply changes to weapons, weapons crafting, weapons stats, weapons accessories and perks trees. It could work but will cause some issues that can break the game, there will be no fix for this.

Firearms Expansion 4.5

-added schematics for all the weapons except the special ones (Minigun, M82, AA-12)
-all weapons are craftable in the workbench except the special ones (Minigun, M82, AA-12)
-SMG's can now install a stock
-changed names of the of weapons, now it's easier to find them in crafting menu; if you can't remember the name just type the category of weapons they belong to (SMG, Pistol, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle,...)
-chaneged the icons of the weapons, BIG THANKS TO Niboshi12 FOR THIS!!  

Firearms Expansion 4.4

  • can now install Fortifying Grip and Ergonomic Grip
  • can now install Shotgun Choke and Duckbill Choke
  • increased flame damage, now enemy on fire will die quicker 
  • flames deal +100% damage against wood and -90% damage against other material
  • reduced chances to find the weapon in workbenches but added the chance to find it in the chemistry stations
M134 Minigun:
  • can now install Laser Sight and Flashlight
  • can now install Fortifying Grip and Ergonomic Grip

Colt 1911:
  • changed bullet type, now shoots .44 magnum rounds and deals significantly more damage

  • changed bullet type, now shoots .44 magnum rounds and deals significantly more damage

M79 Gl40:
  • added new ammunition type, 40mm incendiary grenade, a special ammunition that combine the characteristics of a grenade and a molotov

Barrett M82:
  • the weapon comes always with a preinstalled 8x scope
  • standard bullets do more damage and can penetrate targets (great against multiple targets)
  • AP rounds do more damage, can penetrate targets and ignore 50% of the armor (great against multiple armored targets)
  • incendiary rounds do less damage on impact and don't penetrate target, but flames do more damage (perfect against single targets)

-Bipod mod: now this mod works only when crouching but the benefits are bigger

Firearms Expansion 4.3

-bug fixed: M4A1 silencer out of position when used with scopes
-railgun now repair with car batteries
-slight damage increase for railgun and M82 Barrett

Firearms Expansion 4.2

-bug fixed: M4A1 silencer out of position and not working

-Changed the loot probability for the special weapons, now it starts from 0% and increase with your game stage up to 75%;
<loot level="0,119" prob="0"/>
<loot level="120,167" prob="0.0125"/>
<loot level="168,191" prob="0.025"/>
<loot level="192,215" prob="0.05"/>
<loot level="216,239" prob="0.1"/>
<loot level="240,335" prob="0.25"/>
<loot level="336,479" prob="0.5"/>
<loot level="480,999999" prob="0.75"/>
-The flamethrower has 4 time this stats
-Slight changes to the silencer sound effects

Firearms Expansion 4.1

-bug fixed: negative prices while holding the M1A2 Thompson

-AA12 and Kriss Vector reduced recoil
-reduced VZ-61 Skorpion damage, it was to OP to be a start weapon
-traders now can buy and sell AA12, M134 Minigun, Flamethrower, M79 GL40, M82 Barrett
-traders now can buy and sell special ammo (all the 50 bmgs and 40mm Grenade) and their respective schematics

Firearms Expansion 4

This mod works with 7 days to die A19.4 expanding the game arsenal with 30 new weapons compatible with the already ingame  ammunitions, mods, and perks.

List of weapons:

-Colt38 (T0 pistol)
-Beretta NANO (T0 pistol)
-Colt1911 (T1 pistol)
-P226 (T1 pistol)
-Glock40 (T2 pistol)
-H&K USP (T2 pistol)

-VZ61 Skorpion (T0 smg)
-Mac10 (T1 smg)
-KRISS Vector (T2 smg)

-Winchester (T1 shotgun)
-SPAS-12 (T2 shotgun)
-KSG-12 (T3 shotgun)

-M1 Garand (T1 semiautomatic rifle)
-SR25(T2 semiautomatic rifle)
-JNG90 (T2 bolt-action rifle)
-M98 (T3 bolt-action rifle)

-FNFAL (T1 assault rifle)
-M16(T1 assault rifle)
-ACW-R(T1 assault rifle)
-FNSCAR (T2 assault rifle)
-M4-A1(T2 assault rifle)
-ARX-160(T2 assault rifle)

-M240(T3 machine gun)


-Beretta M9 and Beretta M92 are available only in cheat mode because they are the same weapon as the vanilla pistol

-M134 Minigun    can be found only in military boxes (2% chance), this weapon has the highest DPS of the game but will drain your ammo supplies and will slow you down while holding it. 

-Flamethrower     a special anti-horde weapon, it's governed by the perk advanced engineering, can use motor tool mods and gascan as ammo. this weapon can be crafted after reading the schematic or found in destroyed workbenches  (2% chance).

-Railgun       a special hi-tech weapon for the intellect class, it's governed by the perk electrocutioner and uses iron dart as ammo.  this weapon can be crafted after  reaching electrocutioner level 5 or found in secret hidden stashes  (2% chance).

-M82 Barrett     a heavy 50 cal sniper rifle with a insanely high dismember chance that can use only special .50 bmg bullets and the variant Incendiary and Armor-Piercing. This weapon can be found only in military boxes (2% chance) and came with its own scope that can be replaced by 8x scope.

-M1A2 Thompson      Old and legendary Automatic Submachine Gun that uses 9mm Ammo. Holding this weapon while wearing a full suit and a press hat will grant you a 40% bonus buying and selling goods. This weapon can be found only in gun safes (2% chance).

-AA12      this full automatic shotgun has massive damage output and a strong recoil. Found only in gun safe (2% chance).

-M79 GL40    a small grenade launcher less powerfull than a rocket launcher but also more handy and easy to use. This weapon is craftable after reading the schematic and can be found in loot or bought from traders, uses 40 mm grenade ammo.

I'm not sure if those percentage are correct because there is no good way to test them, I'll increase them if turn out to be too low.
Roughly you should find at least 1 of the special weapons (not including the M79 GL40) before day 70.


All these weapons are compatible with the ingame weapon accessories, but not every accessory can be mounted on every weapon.
The SPECIAL weapons have a really limited set of accessories that can be installed.

Known issues:
-Missing Hitbox: Glock40 and M82 Barrett can not be picked up after being dropped on the ground. (avoid dropping your weapon)
-Reloading Animation Incorrect: Skorpion, Vector,  M1 garand, M1A2 Thompson, Colt38 have a not properly correct reloading animation.
-Missing Reloading Animation: M240, M79 GL40, M16, M82 Barrett, AA12 the animation start but the magazine doesn't move.
-Glossy or Rough surface: this is not an issue it's just their graphics that has been done like that.

How to install the mod?
Download and extract the file, then put the 'Firearms Expansion 4' folder in your 7 days to die Mods Folder.
Should look something like this: Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods

I did this mod for my self and I decided to share it on this site because it doesn't cost me anything and I'm glad to make this game better even for other people.
I'm not the owner of all the assets, I'm just the one who makes them work with the game.
I don't have unity, I didn't make the graphic of the weapons neither sound or animation, i just put together pieces from old alphas 17-18 mods and already ingame existing things.