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A Visual Overhaul. 4K/2K Terrain Textures. New grass/water Textures. Lighting Overhaul. Environment Overhaul. New Vehicles. Gun skins.

*** EAC OFF ***

Permissions and credits

As of A17, HDHQ core and Extended have been rolled into one singular mod. it is now more than just textures, so as such I will be calling it HDHQ overhaul from here forward.

As this has been such a long project I have spoken to many people over the course of it. Instead of listing people and risking forgetting someone I'll say this.
If Ive spoken to you about anything unity/7days over the last few months, I thank you. For being there to bounce things off, or your advice. Thanks. 

HDHQ Contains:
Core Lighting and Texture changes


Available in 2K and 4K

For A17 I redid all the terrain textures as necessary to bring into line with the new art work the TFP have created. I feel Ive achieved a much closer tie to the vanilla textures this time around.

Other changes include Water and Grasses.

More changes will be following soon.

I currently still can not get access to the block textures. All block textures are vanilla and will remain so until I have time to rebuild the array (lots of work) or TFP provides a way to sideload

Redone Lighting
Better Reflections
Seamless Biome Transitions
Improved Stealth

The lighting for A17 has been reworked. A great deal of time has been spent to attempt to maintain a global style and colour palette while keeping individual biomes and weather distinct. 

  • The differences between Reflections on and off have been minimised.
  • The world is now much more vibrant, saturated, contrasted.
  • The Lighting now matters more. Direction and intensity all matter.
  • Biomes Seamless Transition between each other as you move through the world. This is particularly great for RWG worlds.
  • Clear nights have moonlight which is clean and bright. Cloudy nights have a muted moonlight. Rain and Snowfall nights have zero moonlight. 
  • As each weather state and its intensity transitions your stealth meter will decrease. Because of the way lighting works in vanilla, the opposite is true.
  • Reflections also get a boost from the new lighting. As such you can turn some settings down if you run reflections and still have better quality than vanilla (imo).

You will be able to REMOVE YOUR RESHADE PROFILES you may have applied, only needing to keep it for Sharpness or AA injections.

Further to reflections. These and certain vanilla block textures in combination will/can [again machine dependant] cause severe fps loss spikes around buildings. My only advice is to run with reflections off until it is fixed, or I get access to block textures. 

Real Forests
Biome Overhaul Packs

Real forests are finally here!
To achieve this I had to leverage new features of 2018.2 as well as make all new vegetation for all biomes. 
I have released these as BIOME OVERHAUL MODLETS - 2 Separate packs to date.

  • Forests Obscure Zombies, and create dark patches around trees zombies like to hide in.
  • Exploration is now more important than before. You will need to get above the canopy in forest areas to scout locations, landmarks and other players bases. Its possible to get turned around in the forest. Making roads, runways and other thoroughfares will be key to faster travelling.
  • You can hide in the trees from vultures, unless they find a path to you...
  • The density of the forest however, will work against you in PVP. Clearing space to build will reveal your location to other players who are scouting from mountain tops or gyro's. The trees provide cover to attackers who seek your loot.

  • I have made these trees very low poly for a starting baseline to guage performance across machines.
  • 10x lighter than vanilla trees. I can render 10+ trees for every vanilla tree.
  • Heavily Optimized - Trees range from 50 - 300 tris.
  • Featuring Jungle Trees, Swamp Palmetto, Desert Cycads, White Thorn Acacia Tree.
  • Alpine - Jungle (Swamp forest) - Burnt - Desert - Wasteland
  • You should have a higher average framerate. In some scenarios I gained as much as 30fps at the same resolution and settings. [very much situation and machine dependant]

  • These trees are 2 - 3x higher tri count than the Baseline Biome Pack.
  • A Vanilla Redux - Snow, Pine, Burnt Pine, Desert, Wasteland
  • Several variations of trees across biomes.
  • Zero Pop Trees - You will only see shadow draw based on your distance setting in options
  • You should still have a higher average framerate with this pack.

New Biome Particle Effects
Forest, Burnt, Wasteland

New Lighting means new chances. This little modlet introduces new Biome particle effects to the world. 
Burnt biome and wasteland biomes have different appearances between day, twilight and night. Making for more varied and interesting visuals.

  • Falling Leaves in the Pine Forest
  • Rising Smouldering Smoke in the Burnt Forest
  • Radiated Wasteland Fog in the Wasteland

New Models for Wild Plants

This Modlet introduces new models into the game for wild growing plants.
  • Goldenrod
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Cotton

New Items

This Modlet adds a new Spotlight and hand held torch with increased range.

  • Spotlight has greater range than vanilla, requires no power, same crafting requirements
  • Torch has twice the light casting distance than vanilla. Hand held only.
  • Torch flame particle effect chosen for minimal visual screen flicker during rain - may change in the future

New Gun Skins
5 Anodized
3 Rare
4 Military

Im not a fan of the gun tints so for now, as a start I have included 12 new materials for each of the guns. Ive taken extra care to balance these between reflections on and off. These are whole materials. More refined gun skins will be appearing in the future.

  • Anodized Blue
  • Anodized Cyan
  • Anodized Green
  • Anodized Magenta
  • Anodized Red
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Jade
  • Desert Camo
  • Digital Camo
  • Jungle Armor
  • Winter Armor

Manual Installation


  • Drag the 2 folders from the archive into your game directory
  • Yes to replace all files


  • Create a Mods Folder in the main game directory
  • Copy Modlet folders from archive into the new Mods folder