7 Days To Die
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This modlet enables the Extra buttons in the Debug Menu used in PrefabCreator the Level Tools, Level Tools 2 and prefab mode. Visible to server admins only!

Permissions and credits
This modlet lets you use the full Debug Menu, including the Level Tools, Level Tools 2 and Prefab Menu when you hit [Esc]. You'll need to have access to the Debug menu. To enable it just type dm in console and hit enter. Then you'll have almost all the functions of the prefab editor at your disposal. Including the selection box, Fill (random positions within the box) and Clear (random positions within the box). Will speed up any flattening of ground considerably along with making it easier to save prefabs!

This modlet is server side only. Players do not need to download it! This modlet will also work for singleplayer/client side!

Credit where credit is due:
This modlet was based on Vedui42's YouTube Video titled: "HOW TO Enable & Use the Level Tool! | 7 Days to Die @Vedui42"