7 Days To Die
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Allow you to craft all food can, for a price

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Aren't you bothered by the inability to craft good food recipes, whereas you have plenty of meat and potatoes (among other things)?
Well, I was.
So I created a mod that allows you to transform your food into Can, and then into a good meal.
But I didn't want it to be too easy, so I tried my best to make it balanced.

The recipes are gradually unlocked with the Master Chef's skill :
- Stock, Miso and Soup are unlocked level 1
- Peas and Pear are unlocked level 2
- Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Chili and Pasta are unlocked level 3
- Salmon, Tuna and Cat food are unlocked level 4
- Dog Food is unlocked level 5 (If you ask why Dog food is unlocked at so hight level, it's because of it's use in the Grandpa's Learn'n Elixir)

As I don't agree with the idea of making fish with meat, I initially plan to not include the Salmon, Tuna and Cat Food. But since I suppose some of you want to be able to do them, I include them in the "Extended Version".
And because the Dog Food is used in the Grandpa's Learn'n Elixir, I also include it only in the "Extended Version".