7 Days To Die
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This mod makes the ingredient entries in the recipe info window clickable. When an ingredient is clicked, if recipes exist for it, it will show them and make the first one the active recipe.

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Redbeardt's Active Ingredients

Imagine you're looking at a recipe and it has four ingredients, which you don't have, but you want to know how and if you can make them. Normally you'd go over to the recipe list and type in the name of the ingredient and click the recipe. This mod lets you skip that bit.

This mod will enable you to click the ingredient entries in the recipe info window and activate them so that the currently selected recipe becomes one that makes that ingredient. It also makes the recipe list show all recipes that can make the ingredient so you can check them out. Lastly, ingredients have an effect when the cursor is hovered over them to show that they can be clicked; ingredients that have no recipes (like wood or plant fibers) won't show this effect so that you know there are no recipes for them.

See the contained README.txt for installation instructions. Basically if you are installing it onto a mod that already has DMT.dll and 0Harmony.dll, you should only need to install the Mods folder content, otherwise you'll need everything.

May not work with big UI overhauls, but I've tested the mod with success in unmodded, Ravenhearst (running Riles UI), and Darkness Falls.

That's pretty much it. Please let me know if you have any issues!