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We have workstations, we have chem stations, well now I give you the Mining Station. This late game station uses gasoline to mine ores and has been balanced appropriately. Comes with immersive sounds, returned amounts based on used gas , and new mining chips for rare ores. Custom icons, full English localization, loading screens and more

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Mining Station

A really cool modlet that adds a new late-game workstation to your building arsenal. Not cheap and not easy to equip fully, the Mining Station is capable of mining any raw ore and if fully equipped, quite efficiently. 

I could go into extensive detail about the machine and how it works but instead I've put the extra work into item descriptions, loading screens and journal tips ingame. It think this adds to the mod as you will need to discover exactly how it works in game. There is a brief description just below.

Brief description:
The way it works is you will need to unlock Advanced Engineering level 5. Then you can build the station (with the Immersive Schematic Crafting version the schematic). It has tool slots for 5 mining chips  (7 with the patch on Special Parts Craftable) and 5 augers. Augers are not needed, as there is one built in, but they speed up mining speed with each added auger. There is a mining chip for each rare ore, without which the machine is unable to locate the ore under the surface to mine. Mining chips can only be found in Mining Terminals and Destroyed Mining Stations, they CANNOT be crafted. As stated above, anything else can be discovered ingame,  I am proud of this mod and think it is really cool and well balanced.

If you are having issues or want to know more feel free to ask questions.

WARNING:There is a known bug you should be aware of, see bug report for full details. Short description below.

Short description:
You can duplicate tools by placing more than one mining station if the previously placed station had tools added, tools being mining chips and augers. There is an easy, ingame workaround below. After some assistance from Haidr'Gna on discord I have determined this bug is not easily fixed. This is an unfortunate issue, and not ideal meaning you should be at least aware of its existence and a way to avoid it. 

There is a workaround in game if you do NOT want to duplicate tools.
1) BEFORE placing the new Mining station. Open any mining station and remove all the tools (or if empty move a tool in and out).
2) Place the new mining station.

WARNING: Installing mid-playthrough will have a bug with the Mining Terminals being inactive (unlootable). Know that it is possible to install mid-game and "fix" that problem as it arrives. Full details in either mod download in the text file: TO_INSTALL_WITH_EXISTING_SAVE_README.txt.
Simple xml modlet only.
Install to the Mods Folder. 
Not recommended without a backup save made BEFORE installing the mod. If you make a backup, you can simply delete the mod and restore the previous save before mining station was installed. Otherwise, not sure, I'm pretty sure it will break your game. At the very least, mining terminals will bug it out. Better to not uninstall during a playthrough.

That's it! I hope you like it, feel free to leave your comments. I'm always happy to improve my mods and weigh in community feedback as I adjust mod balance.