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Remember when the paintbrush use to be automatic, me too. This brings it back but with a small QoL improvement to the speed of painting - now doubled!

Permissions and credits
Simply a faster paintbrush that saves you from keep pressing your mouse button each and every time, it's now automatic thanks to discussions I had with Khaine earlier this year to use this code.

If you paint a lot you will appreciate this mod. Move your mouse over the blocks to be painted and it will quickly paint them.

Future Plans
I may upload a vanilla speed option (already done) or infinite paint option as that is also possible (also done).

All mods feature automatic paintbrush as standard (erase speed is untouched):
  • Faster Paintbrush - Paints at least twice as fast as vanilla
  • Faster Paintbrush with Infinite Paint - Paints at least twice as fast as vanilla and doesn't consume any paint
  • Paintbrush Vanilla Speed - Speed is untouched
  • Paintbrush Vanilla Speed with Infinite Paint - For those creative builds as it doesn't consume any paint

Go to your base game directory and either create a new Mods folder, or unzip and drop this mod into that folder.

How folder structure should look (depending on which mod you pick): E.g. \7 Days To Die\Mods\SMiThaYe-Faster-Paintbrush

To uninstall, remove mod SMiThaYe-Faster-Paintbrush, it is safe to do so mid-game.