7 Days To Die
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All schematics can be crafted but only by reading other schematics. It also completely overhauls recipe unlocking with perks and replaces them with schematics. Meaning when normally you would unlock a recipe by unlocking a perk you unlock the schematic for it instead. Comes in three categories easy, normal, hard.

Permissions and credits
Any users that download this mod should know it's balanced with certain mods that I highly recommend or the balance of this mod may make your game overly difficult. The list of mods is below the mod description. 

Mod Description:

This mod completely overhauls recipe unlocking and schematics. In a nutshell, no schematics will be wasted because with this mod, all are craft-able but also not free or immediately usable. (Does not include book unlocks which are still only obtainable through looting or traders).

This mod does several big things to accomplish that.

1) All schematics are craftable, as well as findable. Schematics can only be crafted with "Schematic Shards"
2) Reading a schematic is the ONLY way to obtain "Schematic Shards". So that means that every schematic you read gives you a small piece to build a missing schematic.
3)Perks will NO Longer unlock actual recipes. Only schematics. For example: Gunslinger 1 unlocks the "schematic" for a 9mm pistol and not the handgun recipe itself. That means after taking a perk you will still need to either: build or find the schematic. Then of course read it to be able to craft a 9mm pistol. This will be true for ALL recipe unlocks found in perks. The same perks will unlock the schematics for the recipes instead ;)
4)Adds 3 new perks for unlocking Mod Schematics separated into categories for Melee weapons, guns, and armor.
5)All Schematics' shard cost will reduce with appropriate perks, so as you level up perks that unlock schematics also make obtaining pertinent items easier. For one example every rank of Gunslinger will reduce the cost of all handgun schematics a little: handgun, smg, 44mag, and desert vulture. 

All schematics are locked behind perks. The ones that are, match what would have been unlocked normally with vanilla perks.

Mod schematics have been locked behind three new perks that are fully localized with what is unlocked when selecting perk. Meaning necessary information can be discovered in game.

It should also be noted that the schematic unlocks are either reflected in the Perks tab (for instance by reading a perk you can determine what it unlocks) or will be the same to the actual item recipe unlocks (with a few exceptions).The mod is fully localized to English, meaning most relevant information will appear in game.

Now comes in 3 different categories to make things easier or harder depending on personal preference.

6 shards every schematic read.

4 shards every schematic read. 

2 shards every schematic read.

What is my reasoning? 

The primary reason I made this mod was to have more use for already read schematics. Then, to add some challenge, I removed all perk unlocks so finding schematics becomes much more rewarding. Schematics become much more meaningful when you find them and no matter what you win. You unlock something and get a little closer to that next item. Or you just get a little closer to the next item.

This was something I thought of when trying to come up with a solution to duplicated schematics. I wanted a way to be able to use existing schematics to create missing ones. I also stress balance in all my mods because I like a game to remain challenging. I think this accomplishes that nicely. I have not done a full playthrough myself, so the balance could probably use more tweaking. With that in mind what are your:


Let me know what you guys think!
Please drop a comment with your likes/dislikes and suggestions. 

Any bugs?

Send a comment ASAP. I wanna squash em.

Simple XML modlet. Just put the archive into the Mods folder in the 7d2d game folder.

Important Balance Mods:

Highly recommended (Almost necessary):
FAWK-LOOT-ALL - A19 loot was changed to a tiering system. Essentially they made it go in stages so you can only find stone tools early, iron tools , mid-game ect. This mod changes that back to previous versions and makes it so that anything is possible, while still maintaining a level of balance. I.E. The first car you loot can have an iron axe. If you DO NOT use FAWK-LOOT-ALL or a similar mod then this mod (ISC) has been reported to increase difficulty too much.

Zombie Loot: This is a good mod that increases the percentage of loot bags that drop which contain very good loot. Personally, I made some small changes to it. It is 5 lines in an xml file so very simple to edit. One I felt it was a little too generous, the probability as is is 30% (1 out of 3) of zombies will drop a bag, I prefer 7.5% (1 out of 15). See the comments of that mod. I described how to change that.

Lootable Zombies: Excellent mod. He was very thorough and I find the loot to be quite agreeable. Not too strong or weak. 

2-10 Skill Points per level: Personally I use 2 skill points per level which effectively doubles your perk growth. 

My Mods: If I upload a mod to the nexus there is a good chance I'm using it. All of my mods are considered in the balance as they are in my game as I make decisions. The more important mods considered in the balance, special parts craftable, all parts craftable, more zombie spawns, reduced zombie block damage 85% (with the ingame percentage at 100%) medical additions, and better starting items. The others are really personal preference and should not affect the balance considerably.

Recommended (Good to have):
Firearms Expansion 3: Adds some really cool guns. A little buggy but overall good. Not overly cumbersome and uses vanilla calibers. Very compatible with other mods.
Firearms Expansion 3 EXPANDED: This is my mod that adds two calibers to firearms expansion 3. This also comes with a patch that goes with this mod to integrate the schematic mechanics with his mod.