7 Days To Die

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This stackable mod is balanced for vanilla game and reworks weapon skill and perks and moves them into their own attribute called Martial Prowess. You can now specialize in your preferred weapon(s) without having to sink points into attributes that aren't applicable to your preferred build.

Permissions and credits
  • All weapons are moved into a new attribute, Martial Prowess. Like other attributes (Strength, Intellect etc.) it goes from 1 to 10 ranks.
  • All the perks linked to headshot and dismemberment that were previously in other attributes have been removed, and instead are centralized in the Martial Prowess attribute.
  • Martial Prowess will slowly increase head shot damage and dismemberment chance for ALL weapons as it is advanced.
  • Different weapon specializations (rifles, pistols, automatic weapons etc.) can still be advanced from 1 to 5 ranks and will provide the same improvements as they do today (general damage increase, stun damage, etc.)

NOTE: It is NOT compatible with SMXui (the UI replacement modlet). If there is enough interest I can look at making a SMXui-compatible version.