• 78

    Long War for newcomers
    Long War for newcomers
    by Comand94
  • 426

    Xcom Enemy Within Uber Mod - Long War Edition
    Xcom Enemy Within Uber...
    by FireHawkX
  • 18

    XCOM Custom Mission- Viewer Massacre- Small Farm (SAVE File)
    XCOM Custom Mission- V...
    by renraw
  • 5

    XCOM Custom Mission- Reverse Crashed Scout- Badlands (SAVE File)
    XCOM Custom Mission- R...
    by renraw
  • 1,077

    Line-of-Sight Indicators
    Line-of-Sight Indicato...
    by tracktwo
  • 197

    Better Blueshirts
    Better Blueshirts
    by Dethraker
  • 104

    by Dethraker
  • 372

    by FieryIce
  • 643

    Show Hit Chances (for LW and EW)
    Show Hit Chances (for ...
    by werewolpertinger
  • 22

    XCOM Custom Mission-  Sectopod VS 20 Sectoids- Rooftop Construction (SAVE File)
    XCOM Custom Mission- ...
    by renraw
  • 148

    Switch Menu Locations (Hangar and Situation Room)
    Switch Menu Locations ...
    by Zyxpsilon
  • 1,194

    Long War BobAntiAbuser tweak for 1.0
    Long War BobAntiAbuser...
    by bboban13
  • 172

    Roulette Plus
    Roulette Plus
    by azxeus
  • 1,026

    by tracktwo
  • 293

    No more duplicate perks
    No more duplicate perk...
    by azxeus
  • 807

    Roulette Trees Shuffle
    Roulette Trees Shuffle
    by Zyxpsilon
  • 61

    Green Fog
    Green Fog
    by Ucross
  • 11

    LW Opportunist Suppression Revert
    LW Opportunist Suppres...
    by azxeus
  • 65

    Take perks away in barracks
    Take perks away in bar...
    by azxeus
  • 388

    by KatyPerry7744
  • 201

    Fix Deployment Position bug (for Long War)
    Fix Deployment Positio...
    by SpazmoJones
  • 51

    Denmark Mod (Vanilla Version)
    Denmark Mod (Vanilla V...
    by darKlaw479
  • 102

    Timers in Hours
    Timers in Hours
    by bilfdoffle
  • 74

    XCOM Custom Mission- Chrysalids VS Exalt- Exalt HQ (SAVE File)
    XCOM Custom Mission- C...
    by renraw
  • 210

    Landed supply ship map for Long War
    Landed supply ship map...
    by LiQuiD911
  • 804

    Bugfixes for bonus will and psi
    Bugfixes for bonus wil...
    by Oakeman
  • 460

    Weapon and Armor Overhaul for LW
    Weapon and Armor Overh...
    by Dethraker
  • 244

    Borderlands 2 Vault Hunter Voicepacks (for Long War)
    Borderlands 2 Vault Hu...
    by ktera
  • 1,185

    XCom Long War Armor Deco Full Unlock
    XCom Long War Armor De...
    by Limehill
  • 1,256

    Art Of War for Long War
    Art Of War for Long Wa...
    by Phwop
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