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MasterClock 2.1
control time like a boss!
Version 2.1
updated: 2014-01-13
created by: Last Post
'© 2013 Undead Labs LLC. All Rights Reserved.’

Follow the discussion about MasterClock 2.1 here:

What changed in version 2.1?
Changed to the newly updated mission_mission0.xml from Steam's first patch of 2014 for SoD.
No new features nor bugfixes were added.​

Please view the new Readme(version 2.1) file here (pdf format) for more details:

* NOTE: MasterClock default Daytime is 60 minutes, Nightime is 15 minutes.

Brief Introduction:
MasterClock adds a clock to the game interface,
gives you the ability to time-travel,
shows you the timespeed and duration,
and finally lets you control time like a boss,
with your own custom timespeed settings!

- State of Decay (basegame)
- State of Decay: Breakdown (dlc)
NOTE: MasterClock uses a modified mission_mission0.xml mapfile.
If you want to use another mod with MasterClock, please read the section below:
“Quick Guide on How to Use MasterClock In Your Own Mod”.
Works with existing savegames.

For more detailed information, please read the README-MasterClock-version-2.1.pdf here