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  • 1. Absolute Enhancement Mod (5.1) for Star Wars: Empire at War

    This mod is For Empire At War (NOT Forces of Corruption) AEM changes many of the gameplay features of the game along with many other aspects such as: over 72 planets added, many more space units, land units, more hero characters and most ships now have fighter complements and all ships have been revised. Commanders play a large role with bonuses now, so killing them is a priority. Make sure you read the planet details since it will tell you what you can build and where. All units are clearly defined as to their ability in reference to a similar craft so you know how good or bad it is.

    updated 21:56, 25 May 2016 2,686 93 127,627kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 2. Return of the Clones (FoC) for Star Wars: Empire at War

    A mod that adds a fourth faction to the base game - the resurgent Galactic Republic, along with associated changes to the other three factions.

    updated 9:00, 16 Jun 2016 2,363 93 129,366kb CaptainObviousau

  • 3. Star Wars - Clone Wars mod (version 1.5) for Star Wars: Empire at War

    Star Wars - Clone Wars is a modification for Forces of Corruption (NOT standard Empire at War) by nett40.


    I have compiled a simple total conversion Clone Wars era mod, for EaW/FoC using Clone Wars era models, icon and textures from various mods and addons. I have changed as little as possible regarding original gameplay to avoid bugs. The mod has three playable factions: Republic, Seperatists (CIS) and Pirates. The mod has been tested in playing Galactic Conquest Campaigns.

    Version 1.5 CHANGES:

    1) New awsome Republic Space Stations made by Warb_null.

    2) Darth Sidious heals at Bacta Tank, not at the Repair Station!

    3) Fixed the Poogle bug and some other minor issues... I hope???

    4) New Republic Hero: Captain Rex, a tough Field Commander.

    5) Magnaguard Droids now accompany General Greivous. But he cannot remove corruption, he is a warrior and no good at politics or justice!

    6) Poogle and Gunray are now TECHNOCRATS, meaning they both reduce production price at their current location, and as Dooku remove Corruption.

    7) Sidious is "Mr. stealth" and spawns in space. His ability to steal tech and hide in the shadows, does not allow him to remove corruption!

    8) Bail Organa is an honorable Senator and production prices are reduced at his current location. Only Jedis can remove corruption for the Republic, they are the guardians of justice and peace..

    9) AT-PT has replaced the AT-AP as default Pod-Walker.

    updated 21:57, 25 May 2016 452 21 153,197kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 4. Absolute Corruption mod (2.4) for Star Wars: Empire at War

    Absolute Corruption v2.4 is an continuation of the Absolution Corruption mods by Mobbman. This mod is for Forces of Corruption, not standard Empire at War.

    Like the previous versions, this version adds many new units and fixes bugs present prior to this release. This mod is something of an expansion mod, with new units and features as well as tweaks to the existing units. The creator has stated that one of his goals was to keep the original game's balance while adding new units such as the Sovereign and Eclipse Super Star Destroyers.

    The mod lives up to its promise; it gives you a multitude of new units while keeping the standard FoC gameplay style and tactics. If you ever wanted to have a huge army made up of hundreds of different units, then try out this mod!

    updated 21:57, 25 May 2016 1,282 38 223,526kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 5. Thrawn's Revenge: Imperial Civil War (1.0) for Star Wars: Empire at War

    Conquer the galaxy as the New Republic, Imperial Remnant, or Empire of the Hand. Features brand new units, graphical enhancements, 8 new Galactic Conquest maps, 20 new skirmish maps, and several non-playable factions that are active on the Galactic stage, including the Hutt Cartel, Hapes Consortium, Warlord Zsinj's Empire and the Pentastar Alignment.

    *If you are having trouble downloading this file; try using Mozilla FireFox or Opera. Internet Explorer and Google Chrome appear to have isues using the download link.*

    updated 21:57, 25 May 2016 395 19 436,752kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 6. z3r0x's FoC Addon (V3.5) for Star Wars: Empire at War

    Here is the Long Awaited Next Mod from z3r0x.

    This mod adds a significant amount of units, heroes, Planets, Missions and gameplay features to Forces of Corruption. It Includes a number of Easter Eggs and also contains a number of other new items.

    New Items In 3.5:


    2 New Units (Mediator Cruiser and Scimitar Assault Bomber)

    3 New Planets (Bakura, Bastion, Belkadan)

    1 New Space Skirmish Map "Duros Assault"

    7 New Maps

    Re-Worked AI for the mod..

    Vong added in as a true faction.

    11 New Props

    updated 21:57, 25 May 2016 843 42 249,497kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 7. EAW/ FoC Mod Launcher for Star Wars: Empire at War

    Contained is the EAW/FoC Mod Launcher Program by the Team over at SMG.

    It automatically detects all Mods you have installed in Modpaths.

    Below are images of the Installer in action.

    updated 21:58, 25 May 2016 1,166 25 176kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 8. Interface of War for Star Wars: Empire at War

    Overhaul of the interface, including Thrawn's Revenge.

    updated 5:06, 31 Mar 2016 1,851 57 32,195kb BetrayalSeeker

  • 9. Wargtv's Mappack 2 for Star Wars: Empire at War

    Wargtv's Mappack 2 is a map pack for Forces of Corruption and Empire at War by Wargtv.

    This map has many varied and good looking maps. Wargtv shows his skills through his use of textures, props, water, and height in order to make his ground maps come to life. His space maps look like space maps, but their layouts seem to promise fun space battles with some interesting maneuvers. If you've been looking for some more maps to play FoC and EaW on, then you ought to try this out.

    updated 21:58, 25 May 2016 53 5 781kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 10. StarlightENB with SweetFX 2.0 - AotR for Star Wars: Empire at War

    Little graphical improvement for Awakening of the Rebellion / Forces of Corruption

    updated 2:48, 7 Jan 2016 187 5 1,031kb Mhesser

  • 11. JM's FoC Addtions (1.5) for Star Wars: Empire at War

    There may be some of you out there that didn't think Johnathon's last mod update did enough. Perhaps yes, perhaps no. Either way, this update contains a grip of new features. And you don't need to go back and download the 1.1 update, it's included.


    Here is my next version of my mod. It adds a whole lot of stuff to the game. In space I have added new models for ships such as the Venator, ISD, and Victory, which all have new hardpoints. The Assault Frigate has new riggings which give it more hardpoints, as much as the Mon Calamari Cruiser. To go with the Tech, there is the ISD MK I at tech 3-4, and the ISD MK II at Tech 5. Vader, Piett, and Thrawn all use ISD Mk Is. Also, the Tie Interceptor is now fully available at Tech 4 rather than Tech 3 so the X-Wings get a chance to get the Empire .

    On Land I have added some indigenous population to the build slots on their planets. This includes the Wookies, the Jawas, Ewoks, Gungans, and Geonosians. For the Empire it can build Royal Guards as it's indigenous. Since the consortium has slavery it does not use this ability. Another small note is I have edited the Gargangtuan to not have hardpoints which makes it harder to kill, since the hardpoints were so easy to destroy. Also the Shield Blast is nolonger an auto-activate ability, I hated it because it didn't do jack and just wasted shields.

    On another note I have added the Mandalorians into the game with control of Mandalore. There are a few bugs such as there is no AI for them in battles, but still fight if necessary.

    Next mod I am going to go large with new additions, so be ready. Enjoy the mod

    BTW, you don't need the 1.1 update for this, it's included.


    updated 21:57, 25 May 2016 34 4 8,562kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 12. Ages of Star Wars Jedi Civil War (V2.0) for Star Wars: Empire at War

    This Mod from the Ages of Star Wars team adds in a number of the Units and Heroes from the Old Republic Era.

    The Mod is set 4000 Years before the events of A New Hope and during the Sith War.

    updated 21:56, 25 May 2016 56 4 68,217kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 13. SSD mod for EAW (CiS) (1.0) for Star Wars: Empire at War

    This mod contains 3 new SSD class ships: Eclipse, Vengeance and Viscount cruisers for EAW. There are also 2 new space hero units: Colonel Jacen Solo and Emperor Palpatine with the Eclipse.

    updated 21:57, 25 May 2016 169 13 11,784kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 14. Rebel Pelta Command-Carrier Frigate for Star Wars: Empire at War

    This is a modified version of Warb Null's Pelta Frigate to match the Pelta Frigate used by the Rebellion (Phoenix Home). It is complete with damage particles and death clone though there is no XML.

    updated 16:22, 1 Aug 2016 41 2 5,256kb Sly442

  • 15. Ebon Hawk (V1.0) for Star Wars: Empire at War


    This is a model of the Ebon Hawk as seen in the KotOR game

    It comes complete with landing animation, code and icon.

    Some additional coding is required to get it ingame

    The Knights of the old

    Republic Rock. So does Warb.

    Models defy words.


    updated 21:58, 25 May 2016 13 3 2,319kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 16. Star Wars - Empire at War - Spaceship AddOn (3.0) for Star Wars: Empire at War

    Star Wars - Empire at War - Spaceship AddOn ( FoC version 3.0 )

    This Mod enhanced the Fleets of the Rebels, Empire, Pirates, Zann Consortium with additional ships.











    Guardian Patrolship

    CC7700 Interdictor Corvette

    Corellian heavy Corvette

    Corellian Gunboat (reworked)

    Corellian Heavy Gunboat


    Quasar Fire Carrier

    Liberator upgraded Carrier

    Attack Frigate

    Dauntless Cruiser

    Nebulon B Frigate (reworked)

    Nebulon B2 Frigate

    MonCalamari Mc40 light Cruiser

    MonCalamari Mc40b upgraded light Cruiser

    MonCalamari Mc50 Missile Cruiser

    MonCalamari Mc60 Heavy Cruiser

    MonCalamari Mc75 Attack Cruiser

    Large Battleships:

    MonCalamari Mc80a (reworked)

    MonCalamari Mc80b

    MonCalamari Mc85 Heavy Cruiser

    MonCalamari Mc90 Star Cruiser

    MonCalamari Mc104 Star Cruiser

    Strident Star Defender

    Platforms and Stations:

    Golan I Platform

    Golan II Platform

    Golan III Platform

    XQ 1 Platform

    XQ 2 Platform








    Gunboat XG-1

    Missileboat XM-1


    Bayonet Patrolship

    Lancer Frigate

    Carrack Cruiser


    Escort Carrier


    Loronar Attack Cruiser

    Eidolon Missileship

    Victory I Destroyer

    Victory II Destroyer

    Victory III Destroyer

    Large Battleships:

    Dominator Star Destroyer

    Imperator I Star Destroyer

    Imperator II Star Destroyer

    Allegiance Star Destroyer

    Titan Star Destroyer

    Executor Super Star Destroyer

    Platforms and Stations:

    Golan I Platform

    Golan II Platform

    Golan III Platform

    XQ 1 Platform

    XQ 2 Platform


    Neutral Units / Pirates / Zann Consortium



    Pirate Fighter Preybird

    Pirate Fighter Howlrunner

    Pirate Fighter Clockshape

    Pirate Fighter R41


    Sacheen Crovette

    Ferret Patrolship


    Ranger Missile ship


    Corellian light Frigate

    Corellian Frigate

    Bothan Attack Cruiser

    Watchkeeper Frigate

    Munificent Frigate

    Recusant Destroyer

    Invincible Dreadnought

    Geonosis Dreadnought

    Corona Frigate

    Leviathan Destroyer

    Balrus Battle Carrier

    KDY Destroyer

    Thranta Dreadnought

    Technounion Frigate

    Trafed artillery cruiser

    Large Battleships:

    Corellian Destroyer

    Goliat Super Carrier

    Procurator Destroyer

    Provience Destroyer

    Mandator Destroyer

    Platforms and Stations:

    Golan I Platform

    Golan II Platform

    Golan III Platform

    XQ 1 Platform

    XQ 2 Platform


    The Mod can be used for singleplayer, multiplayer and for the campaign.

    It nerved me that when the hardpoints were destroyed the ships exploded, or later in the space battle were ships which has no more weapons.

    Because of this I made the hardpoints viewable (for heavy weapons) but not destructible. Thereby the battles can become almost longer.

    But some Users have also wished a version of the Mod were you can destroy the hardpoints. That was the reason for me to include also such

    a version. You can choose during the install menu, which version you want installed.

    There are also some new weapons to make the ships a little bit differently for its several classes, in the view of its armament.

    A extended galaxis card is also existing, made by Drako. Furthermore some planets have more build slots for ground facilities.

    At last Now there is also enough money! The planet boni were also adapted to the new ships.

    Have fun .


    Galaxis card modified by Drako

    new ships and stations models by EvilleJedi's Star Wars model pack



    B-Wing, Mc75 and Mc104 model by RazielKanos (Steiner Modding Team)


    model and texture modifications by Frankie (warlord.thb)



    Supportforum (german):

    Mod built by Frankie (warlord.thb)



    Supportforum (german):

    translated in english by Challenger (big thanks for his help) and Borg124 (

    Tester Version 3.0 Drako

    Michael Raab


    Ulan Bator


    Furthermore I thank RazielKanos, Steiner und Malaak for its cooperation, ideas and the cooperation for the engine glow,

    skirmish AI and all the other support.


    The install of this Mod happens on your own risk!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I or members of this project do not take liability for possible apperaing damages, which will be associated direct or indirect with the Mod.

    Despite thorough and many tests by me and/or other, you will find maybe some bugs.

    There is no support by Lucasarts or Petroglyph!!!

    Do not use or modify the Models, Scripts, Graphics and others of this Mod without permission in other Mods or something else. Copyright of their respective owner.




    You need the full installed Star Wars - Empire at War game, the Addon Forces of Corruption (FoC) and at least the FoC patch 1.1!

    Please install the mod in the Forces of Corruption Install directory.

    (the installer creates its folders and also a start file to start the Mod!)

    (it is not necessary to install or copy it directly over the main game!!!)





    updated 21:57, 25 May 2016 107 7 218,993kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 17. 1 Planet Galactic Conquest Map (1) for Star Wars: Empire at War

    We don't get too many custom Galactic Conquest maps these days, so this makes a welcome change to the usual slew of mods and maps. This map makes it so that you only start off with one planet and you must expand to the rest of the galaxy. If you're wanting a challenge in Galactic Conquest mode, then you should check out this GC map.


    Start in the galaxy with one planet and work your way to conquer the entire galaxy. A fun galactic conquest map to play on hard.

    updated 21:57, 25 May 2016 815 5 27kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 18. Leviathan (V1.0) for Star Wars: Empire at War

    You say: "I've seen this in mods before"

    I say: "Ok, then you play with that and I'll play with the Warb_Null version"

    That's all the argument I need to make here. What are you waiting for? Go download it already.


    This is a model of the Levithan Interdictor Cruiser as seen in the Kotor game.

    The model comes complete with code and icon.

    Some additional coding is required to get it ingame


    updated 21:58, 25 May 2016 34 4 2,380kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 19. z3r0x's FoC Addon (V3.5 PATCH) for Star Wars: Empire at War

    What does this patch fix?

    *****BUGS FROM 3.5 FULL************

    Empire MDU Issue

    Shola maps not loading

    Mustafar maps not loading

    Garm not building

    updated 21:57, 25 May 2016 387 26 52kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 20. Sith Destroyer (V1.0) for Star Wars: Empire at War

    Christmas in July!

    Knights of the Old Republic

    Sith Destroyer rocks!


    This is a model of the KotOR era Sit destroyer as ssen on the TOR concept art.

    The model model and skin are made by Arvis Taljik

    The rigging, turrets, death_clone, code and icons by me.


    updated 21:58, 25 May 2016 57 6 2,131kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 21. Jagged Squadrons (2.0) for Star Wars: Empire at War

    Jagged Squadrons is a mini-mod for Forces of Corruption created by Daimonoth for aesthetic purposes. This mod alters fighter squadron formations to make them 3-dimensional. The author broke up the perfectly-aligned and flat fighter groups and gave them a more dynamic and swarm-like appearance. Each squadron type has its own custom formation, reducing the instances of squadrons flying through each other. In version 2.0 Daimonoth has also tweaked the stats of the fighters to make them more potent in battle. A full list of changes can be found in the read-me.

    Definitely consider this mod for a download as it adds some interesting tweaks to the Forces of Corruption game.

    updated 21:57, 25 May 2016 88 2 1,406kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 22. (SD)darthexecutor Mandal-hipernautics (2.0) for Star Wars: Empire at War

    This is still a great looking map.

    It doesn't appear much has changed. I guess just a bunch of cosmetic detail changes.

    This map is still missing is a skydome, or spacedome, or whatever.

    Still a great job. Keep it up.


    Hi ppl here is the new version for the ship factory in mandalore (Mandal-Hipernautics),


    few changue in nature for a realistic map(you can see the changue in 1 screenshot)


    the file name now is the original

    download the map and enjoy!!!


    updated 21:57, 25 May 2016 10 1 1,570kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 23. Naboo Sunset (1.0) for Star Wars: Empire at War

    Hey this is my latest map that takes place on Naboo this time. In the map the empire has recently disscovered vast amounts of resources that could aid them hidden inside the mountians of naboo. Unfotunatly for them the rebles have set up a base to operate from to drive the empire of the planet and take the resources for themselves. Which side will prevail? Only you can decide that.

    -this map is a multiplayer map that supports up to 8 people online.

    there are plenty of resource pads and outpost pads set thoughout the map

    I created this map really to make up for my last map not being very good and if i do say so myself i did this very well and this map might easily be my best yet.

    updated 21:58, 25 May 2016 16 3 2,181kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 24. Wargtv space Mappack for Star Wars: Empire at War

    This is a FoC Mappack by wargtv. The pack contains 3 maps of Empire vs Rebellion layouts.

    Creator Description:


    It is a mappack for FoC. It is an Empire vs Rebel and it contains 3 Maps in the Mappack. So hope you in enjoy the Mappack

    updated 21:58, 25 May 2016 29 5 104kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 25. (SD)darthexecutor War in the space station (1.0) for Star Wars: Empire at War

    As much as I can recall, 'Command & Conquer: Red Alert' was the first RTS ti have levels that took place entirely inside a building. Every time I play a level that is restricted to troops inside a building, I always think back to that.

    This map looks nice. It have the layout of a level 1 Imperial space station. The rebels have docked a Venator and are infiltrating the base. Time is of the essence because once the Imperials get a bombing run, the rebels are as good as gone.

    I enjoyed this level because there are several different routes to take to achieve victory. Be sure to give the author some feedback on this one, I'd like to see more like this in the future.


    Hi again ppl here is the one map if a war inside a space station level 1


    the rebels use a old venator to assault a empire space station, the venator can fire their turbolaser and the empire cant lose their shields or the turbolaser destroy their base, the empire only can destroy the venator with bombers (bombing run) to win


    updated 21:57, 25 May 2016 15 2 830kb GameFrontArchiver

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