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  • 1. Absolute Enhancement Mod (5.1) for Star Wars: Empire at War

    This mod is For Empire At War (NOT Forces of Corruption) AEM changes many of the gameplay features of the game along with many other aspects such as: over 72 planets added, many more space units, land units, more hero characters and most ships now have fighter complements and all ships have been revised. Commanders play a large role with bonuses now, so killing them is a priority. Make sure you read the planet details since it will tell you what you can build and where. All units are clearly defined as to their ability in reference to a similar craft so you know how good or bad it is.

    updated 21:56, 25 May 2016 4,260 170 127,627kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 2. Return of the Clones (FoC) for Star Wars: Empire at War

    A mod that adds a fourth faction to the base game - the resurgent Galactic Republic, along with associated changes to the other three factions.

    updated 9:00, 16 Jun 2016 3,105 129 129,366kb CaptainObviousau

  • 3. Ultimate Empire at War (V4) for Star Wars: Empire at War

    The next mod in the Ultimate Empire at war Series, V4 is for FoC.

    Authors Description:


    The Focus of UEAW is to bring the eras, or periods of time, to the game that were not in the original release of Empire at War. The Mod will include new heroes, units, buildings, technologies, planets and weapons. Players will have a chance to take control of the dark side or light side in a galactic campaign in each era, as well as the ability to train the sith as the dark side, or Jedis as the light side. The Ultimate Empire at War campaign will also be available, which is a Galactic Campaign that spans every era of time in the mod, covering all material, units and heroes in the mod.

    UEAW v4 Includes some of the new ships, models and ideas that we are going to use in the full mod. This is not representative of the completed mod, which will include much more than this small demo.

    There are quite a few new heros, ships, planets, maps, and other changes that make the mod unique. see the readme below for the list of additions and changes.


    updated 21:57, 25 May 2016 1,313 55 43,453kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 4. Absolute Corruption mod (2.4) for Star Wars: Empire at War

    Absolute Corruption v2.4 is an continuation of the Absolution Corruption mods by Mobbman. This mod is for Forces of Corruption, not standard Empire at War.

    Like the previous versions, this version adds many new units and fixes bugs present prior to this release. This mod is something of an expansion mod, with new units and features as well as tweaks to the existing units. The creator has stated that one of his goals was to keep the original game's balance while adding new units such as the Sovereign and Eclipse Super Star Destroyers.

    The mod lives up to its promise; it gives you a multitude of new units while keeping the standard FoC gameplay style and tactics. If you ever wanted to have a huge army made up of hundreds of different units, then try out this mod!

    updated 21:57, 25 May 2016 2,532 93 223,526kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 5. Interface of War for Star Wars: Empire at War

    Overhaul of the interface, including Thrawn's Revenge.

    updated 5:06, 31 Mar 2016 2,146 70 32,195kb BetrayalSeeker

  • 6. JM's FoC Addtions (1.0) for Star Wars: Empire at War

    Developer Johnathon has quickly given us the FOC version of his EAW Additions Mod. It's got some new features and changes over the EAW version. As before, this is not a total conversion mod, but an enhancement mod. It's the not-too-muchness that makes this fun to play. (Not too much overkill, not too much craziness, not too much deviance from what the creators intended, etc). The changes are most noticeable in GC mode, and since that's my favorite mode, I'm just fine with that.

    This sums up everything else:


    Hello again, I managed to get this out quicker than I expected. This is my FoC version of my EaW additions. It does most of the things that my EaW Additions mod did, but it also adds some more stuff and ideas into the game. I have added the V-Wing, the Z-95, the Home One Cruiser, etc. It does include all the units I added before, and I added the IPV to all sides Also, I changed the way the fighter system works. Before, most launched Tie Interceptors for all tech, I have changed this. For the Empire, ships and star bases spawn V-Wings at Tech 1, Tie Fighters at Tech 2, and Tie Interceptors at Tech 3. Since the Tie Advanced was a unique and little known fighter, it stays out of the tech picture, but is still build able. For the rebels, they have only Z-95s to start with at Tech 1, so the space stations launch that as well. At tech 2, the X-wings come in, but they are not launched from anything. At Tech three, Z-95s are locked out of production and X-Wings take their place. However, they do not replace the Z-95s already bought. To make it seem more canon, the Death Star can only be built at the Maw or Endor, as were their original birthplaces. Also, the Venator and Pod Walker are for the Empire only, but the Pirate Interceptor and Swamp Speeder are only for the rebellion

    For all you consortium haters who want a GC without them, today is your lucky day. It has all planets, Empire and Rebels only. Some planets are controlled by Pirates with tough space forces like Nal Hutta, Tatooine, Ryloth, etc. Some planets which were in control of one faction in Equal Footing are now in control of the other, like Dathomir, Carida, Manaan, Honogr as examples of which are in control of the Empire. As before, I added the capability for all planets to have lvl 5 space stations, and even better I maxed out the amount of structures the current land maps can handle, so you get to build more defenses or structures or what ever you like.

    On Land, I basically did the same things as before, but Igath stays out of the picture due to Bel Iblis already being there. Still, there were some differences, like instead of adding 18 troops per squad of 3 per platoon, i changed it to 9 per squad of 4 per platoon so it would keep the campaigns as they were. I also changed the Infiltrator to have a vehicle theif ability, like Chewie as they had that ability in Force Commander. To replace their old role I added a commando which is a bit more expensive, but is worth it. You may notice the Lancet is not there, because I replaced it with the Tie Fighter Land Variant due to balance issues.

    On the hero note, I added Darth Vader at Tech 1 as a starter unit with the Exactor, to be replaced at Tech 5 with the Executor, as before I added Kyle Katarn and Mara Jade as well. One more thing is that the new main menu battle scene is a replica of the Battle of Endor. Not exactly the same, but close enough.

    But enough of my long speeches, go ahead and enjoy the mod


    updated 21:57, 25 May 2016 94 9 1,100kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 7. EAW/ FoC Mod Launcher for Star Wars: Empire at War

    Contained is the EAW/FoC Mod Launcher Program by the Team over at SMG.

    It automatically detects all Mods you have installed in Modpaths.

    Below are images of the Installer in action.

    updated 21:58, 25 May 2016 1,839 42 176kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 8. Phoenix Rising (1.1) for Star Wars: Empire at War

    Phoenix Rising v1.1 is the next release in the highly anticipated mod for Forces of Corruption. It completely reworks parts of the game, adds new units, and rebalances the gameplay in order to create a more canonical game.

    What can I say? Phoenix Rising 1.1 lives up to its promises. When you play the mod, you'll feel like you're playing a completely different game (for better or worse). For those of you who haven't been following the mod, Phoenix Rising wants to make the game more canonical by removing hardpoints, adding more fleet ships, realistically scaling the units, and making the gameplay feel like the movies. Instead of having four turbolasers on a Star Destroyer, you have hundreds firing at your targets, just like you've read about in the books. In order to build more units, you need to research them and then upgrade them to hold their own against the newer tech that your enemies research.

    However, those of you with lower end computers will not have such a great time with this mod. The large GC maps will cause a large amount of lag and the higher poly models will tax your video card. If you have trouble playing vanilla FoC, then you might want to question whether or not you want to try this out.

    Technical difficulties aside, this mod contains so many changes to the game that I find it hard to give a summary. If you want a game that makes you think more carefully for your battles and allows you to conquer more planets in one GC map than ever before, then download this mod and try it out!

    updated 21:57, 25 May 2016 254 12 140,555kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 9. z3r0x's FoC Addon (V3.5) for Star Wars: Empire at War

    Here is the Long Awaited Next Mod from z3r0x.

    This mod adds a significant amount of units, heroes, Planets, Missions and gameplay features to Forces of Corruption. It Includes a number of Easter Eggs and also contains a number of other new items.

    New Items In 3.5:


    2 New Units (Mediator Cruiser and Scimitar Assault Bomber)

    3 New Planets (Bakura, Bastion, Belkadan)

    1 New Space Skirmish Map "Duros Assault"

    7 New Maps

    Re-Worked AI for the mod..

    Vong added in as a true faction.

    11 New Props

    updated 21:57, 25 May 2016 1,052 59 249,497kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 10. Republic Interdictor (V1.0) for Star Wars: Empire at War

    Returning to the Clone Wars, Warb_Null gives us a great model to go with the rest of the gifts of the holidays. This time, we have an original concept for a Republic Interdictor, which I'm sure many Clone Wars era mods will be glad to have. As usual, Warb had done a great job rigging the model, which was done by EvilleJedi and Arvis Taljik, so we have a great level of quality to this release.


    This is a model of the Republic Interdictor Cruiser, an original concept by Arvis Taljik

    The model comes complete with code and icon.

    Some additional coding is required to get it ingame

    updated 21:58, 25 May 2016 27 2 1,975kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 11. Jagged Squadrons (2.0) for Star Wars: Empire at War

    Jagged Squadrons is a mini-mod for Forces of Corruption created by Daimonoth for aesthetic purposes. This mod alters fighter squadron formations to make them 3-dimensional. The author broke up the perfectly-aligned and flat fighter groups and gave them a more dynamic and swarm-like appearance. Each squadron type has its own custom formation, reducing the instances of squadrons flying through each other. In version 2.0 Daimonoth has also tweaked the stats of the fighters to make them more potent in battle. A full list of changes can be found in the read-me.

    Definitely consider this mod for a download as it adds some interesting tweaks to the Forces of Corruption game.

    updated 21:57, 25 May 2016 104 2 1,406kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 12. (SD)darthexecutor Mandal-hipernautics (2.0) for Star Wars: Empire at War

    This is still a great looking map.

    It doesn't appear much has changed. I guess just a bunch of cosmetic detail changes.

    This map is still missing is a skydome, or spacedome, or whatever.

    Still a great job. Keep it up.


    Hi ppl here is the new version for the ship factory in mandalore (Mandal-Hipernautics),


    few changue in nature for a realistic map(you can see the changue in 1 screenshot)


    the file name now is the original

    download the map and enjoy!!!


    updated 21:57, 25 May 2016 13 1 1,570kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 13. Naboo Sunset (1.0) for Star Wars: Empire at War

    Hey this is my latest map that takes place on Naboo this time. In the map the empire has recently disscovered vast amounts of resources that could aid them hidden inside the mountians of naboo. Unfotunatly for them the rebles have set up a base to operate from to drive the empire of the planet and take the resources for themselves. Which side will prevail? Only you can decide that.

    -this map is a multiplayer map that supports up to 8 people online.

    there are plenty of resource pads and outpost pads set thoughout the map

    I created this map really to make up for my last map not being very good and if i do say so myself i did this very well and this map might easily be my best yet.

    updated 21:58, 25 May 2016 17 3 2,181kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 14. Wargtv space Mappack for Star Wars: Empire at War

    This is a FoC Mappack by wargtv. The pack contains 3 maps of Empire vs Rebellion layouts.

    Creator Description:


    It is a mappack for FoC. It is an Empire vs Rebel and it contains 3 Maps in the Mappack. So hope you in enjoy the Mappack

    updated 21:58, 25 May 2016 38 5 104kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 15. (SD)darthexecutor War in the space station (1.0) for Star Wars: Empire at War

    As much as I can recall, 'Command & Conquer: Red Alert' was the first RTS ti have levels that took place entirely inside a building. Every time I play a level that is restricted to troops inside a building, I always think back to that.

    This map looks nice. It have the layout of a level 1 Imperial space station. The rebels have docked a Venator and are infiltrating the base. Time is of the essence because once the Imperials get a bombing run, the rebels are as good as gone.

    I enjoyed this level because there are several different routes to take to achieve victory. Be sure to give the author some feedback on this one, I'd like to see more like this in the future.


    Hi again ppl here is the one map if a war inside a space station level 1


    the rebels use a old venator to assault a empire space station, the venator can fire their turbolaser and the empire cant lose their shields or the turbolaser destroy their base, the empire only can destroy the venator with bombers (bombing run) to win


    updated 21:57, 25 May 2016 20 2 830kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 16. Naboo Theed (1.0) for Star Wars: Empire at War

    TK432's first map is of Theed. As far as I can tell, it seems to run fine. Haven't seen many Theed or city maps recently, so this should be fun for people who play skirmish. Unlike me.

    Anyways, have fun, and enjoy. Give feedback, as it's his first map.


    updated 21:58, 25 May 2016 23 1 106kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 17. Wargtv's Mappack 2 for Star Wars: Empire at War

    Wargtv's Mappack 2 is a map pack for Forces of Corruption and Empire at War by Wargtv.

    This map has many varied and good looking maps. Wargtv shows his skills through his use of textures, props, water, and height in order to make his ground maps come to life. His space maps look like space maps, but their layouts seem to promise fun space battles with some interesting maneuvers. If you've been looking for some more maps to play FoC and EaW on, then you ought to try this out.

    updated 21:58, 25 May 2016 80 7 781kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 18. ZX-95 (2.0) for Star Wars: Empire at War

    I don't know much about making models, but I do know how to look at pictures and add models into my own game.

    This is a great add-on starfighter to help bring the non Rebel/Imperial forces into the fray. I didn't add the bones when I tried it because I don't think starfighters need bones. However from what I saw it all looked good if you want to do that.

    I always like seeing new models and ideas, so keep up the good work Mobius13.


    V2: Just fixing scale and engine glow issues.


    updated 21:58, 25 May 2016 14 1 262kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 19. StarlightENB with SweetFX 2.0 - AotR for Star Wars: Empire at War

    Little graphical improvement for Awakening of the Rebellion / Forces of Corruption

    updated 2:48, 7 Jan 2016 234 6 1,031kb Mhesser

  • 20. Sandmans' Galactic Conquest Mod (V1.0) for Star Wars: Empire at War


    | Sandmanss Galactic Conquest Mod (v1.0) |


    This is the final beta release of this mod, meaning this will be all I'm adding at least until Forces of Corruption comes out. I will most likely be coming back to it then. As it is I've added 8 new units (1 not playable, there for the pirates), 4 additional heroes (1 for the pirates), a new single and multiplayer GC, changed the Raiding system and added back in 1 building for both sides.

    The GC is called "In The Beginning", both the Imps and Rebels start was 3 planets, the lowest tech you can give them and 3,000cr.


    I wanted to make the rebels look more ragtag, so they start with a couple of Venators (stolen after the clone wars), some v-Wing and Z-95 squadrons and a few Corvettes. They have Naboo (not Hoth as its too easy to get Bespin from there), Yavin and Bonadan.


    The Imps also start with a couple of Venators, Acclamators, and Tartans, and have Coruscant, Byss and Fresia.


    The are a LOT more pirates around, they now own around 23 of the 43 planets, so a lot of the early game is about conquering pirate planets, watch out as they have a few surprises on certain planets.

    updated 21:56, 25 May 2016 23 1 6,435kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 21. Jedi Civil War (0.2) for Star Wars: Empire at War


    I thought it would be fun to try and revive the AOSW JCW mod so i made this. It really isn't much i just hope i can stimulate other people into making another Old Republic Mod. Most of the changes are to the fighters, the transports, and a hero unit. I AM AWARE THAT THE EBON HAWK DOES NOT SHOOT.

    It is just about everything it says it is. There's not much here that can't be found in other mods. The just released Corporate Addon Mod (Jedi Civil War Beta) is something that JCW fans should like. However the Ages of Star Wars Jedi Civil War was a good mod and I wouldn't complain having it revived. There's always room for Jello... I mean, there's always room for more mods.


    updated 21:57, 25 May 2016 38 2 45,248kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 22. EAW_MAP_Pack 4 Map (Full) for Star Wars: Empire at War

    Hi, There

    Add Map for list order:

    *Earth (SPACE)

    *Earth Space (SPACE)

    *Mercury (SPACE

    *Tatoonie (LAND)

    (Pack 4 for Map)

    Some tested work for map for custom map only.

    Noted: Not available for picture.

    updated 21:57, 25 May 2016 14 2 547kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 23. Jeff's Projectile and Particle Pack (1.0) for Star Wars: Empire at War

    Jeff's Projectile and Particle Pack is a graphical edit mod for Forces of Corruption by The_Farseer.

    If you enjoyed using The_Farseer's texture pack, you're in for a treat. The_Farseer has redone many of the particles and projectiles in order to make battles look and feel better. These edits range from adding muzzle flashes to certain effects to redoing some ability particles. This is a must have for anybody who feels that the stock particles and projectiles are inadequate. If the words "The_Farseer", "particles", and "projectiles" in a single sentence didn't already send you running to download, then go now!

    updated 21:57, 25 May 2016 227 8 1,498kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 24. (SWOTE) Skirmish-Mappack (1) for Star Wars: Empire at War

    This mappack contains 6 skirmish maps (3 ground and 3 space maps). These maps and many more will be included in the Mod 'SWOTE' which will add among some awesome new units and planets a totally new Campaign! This mappack will give you a foretaste of the new maps, here created by the mapper Locutus (me). Hope you like it.



    Each base is located in one of the map's lower corners, a lot of small islands

    are connecting them. There is short way to the enemy's base but it's blocked by a

    pirates base.


    A huge empire fortress which isn't easy to capture. To defence the important choke points will be the road to success.

    ~Unknown World:

    Some beautiful temple ruins in the middle of huge mountains are the arena of the battle. To protect the mining facilities is the key to victory.



    4 Player space map with the team's bases in the opposed corners and mining facilities located in the other ones.


    Similar to the Hapes map but with a Construction pod in the middle of the map.


    A huge nebula with astroid fields in it divides the map. To move your ships through it to send new reinforcement ships is the problem you have to deal with.

    updated 21:57, 25 May 2016 19 3 2,302kb GameFrontArchiver

  • 25. Wasteland 1.0 (1.0) for Star Wars: Empire at War

    What a fascinating map. The author included bases and the like, the basis for a skirmish map, but this map could've been so much more. If you like simple skirmish maps with a ton of structures in each base, then this map for you. For everybody else, be sure to leave constructive criticism for the author.

    In a forgotten world, in an endless desert, the Rebellion and the Empire fight it out for one last battle! Who will survive!?

    Map Includes: Large bases for each faction, Pirate Base, Trusken Raider - Jawa War, Human Town, Rebel Training Facility, Cantina, Mining Facilities for each base, plenty of Turbo Laser Towers, Mining Pads, and a ranchor!

    updated 21:58, 25 May 2016 5 1 427kb GameFrontArchiver

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