Extended Fridge SMAPI by Crystalmir
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Added: 09/07/2016 - 06:15AM
Updated: 10/07/2017 - 12:59PM

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Last updated at 12:59, 10 Jul 2017 Uploaded at 6:15, 9 Jul 2016

  • Fridge allows up to 4 pages of items (so that's 144 items)
  • The fridge and all pages of items works with crafting recipes
  • The content of the fridge is loaded/saved into the normal game save without issues
  • Scroll between pages of items using the arrows keys

Future plans
  • Use the same technique to make bigger chests
  • Compatibility with chest labels mod
  • Compatibility with mods that change the ItemGrabMenu

By the way this won't work if you use a modified farm interior _that changed the fridge coordinates_. Since the fragile code to detect the fridge is using X=9 and Y=13 and comparing with the tile you clicked on.