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Added: 08/06/2016 - 05:23PM
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So being that I have been quite busy as of lately I finally got around to updating my mods. I've changed some minor things but basically all you need to know is.

1.I've made all of my mods open source and you have permission to do basically whatever you want with them at this point aside from make money off of them. If you make your own mod that uses ideas from my mod feel free, credit would be appreciate but not required. If you use code from my mod then credit is required.

2.You can now get a "nightly" build version of my mods. You can download these nightly build here by looking up the specific mod and downloading the [mod_name].zip file in it's respective directory. These will always be the most up to date version just in case I can't update nexus right away or you want to see what experimental changes I try out in what freetime I have.

Other than that have fun as always!


Mod Description:

Hey everyone, it's been a super long time since this mod got an update, but here it is, Save Anywhere V2!

The number one reason this mod took so long to re-release is the fact that the old code was garbage and full of bugs that I couldn't test because I didn't have access to a save file that was very far along. That all changes now.

The re-written version has some fundamental changes. I'll post everything down below.
  1. Old versions of the Save Anywhere mod are no longer supported. Update to this new, much better version. That said old save_anywhere data files don't work when you update to this version of the mod.
  2. Time is no longer simulate at a higher speed. This caused too many issues for pathfinding for NPCs and many players complained about it being a bit of an exploit.
  3. NPCs should now properly pathfind themselves when loading after saving anywhere. Thanks to @Entoarox for the help!
  4. Folder organization: Tons of organization regarding the data files used to Save/Load with this mod. It's way nicer and simpler for me to manage now.
  5. You can now save in the community center! No more of this awful glitch. Just make sure you download this mod HERE so that this works. Otherwise this bug will still exist due to the game's serializer not understanding what the heck a Junimo is.
  6. Hopefully no more Load crashes. I tested this out on a 2nd year character with farm animals, horse, cat, a wife, etc. Also better folder organization and better techniques should help prevent this mod from exploding.
  7. The game no longer transitions to the next day when you save and items are shipped. Didn't realize this was a thing until someone pointed it out.

Now for the good part:


1.Download and install SMAPI. The link for that is HERE.
2.Install StarDustCore which is a mod library I've made. This is found here: HERE
3.Download Save Anywhere V2. (Not the old mod version).
4.Place BOTH mods at Stardew Valley/Mods
5.Run the game!

1.To save anywhere simply press the K key. This is configuragble in the config file in the mod directory.

If you have any bugs/comments/etc please post them in the new discussion form tab for Save Anywhere V2.

Thanks and have fun!