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My mods is only supported on Nexusmods, Tumblr @ Campanulamis & Chucklefish Forums @ お茶Mi's DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT ANYWHERE ELSE!

The "Cream" Fireplace that goes with my
お茶Mi's Kitchen
There is a Version with clutter and a version without, which gives you the option to fully customize the shelves.
"Burnt pancake" was actually a scrap project but i decided to share it. (It may look a bit weird beside the kitchen counters)
*i suggest you don't put a back splash behind the "Burnt Pancake" fireplace or it will look flat*

If you want the png. version of it, just download the fireplace you want and rename [ 01 ] to [ townInterior ]
Kitchen Previews
"Coffee stained" & "Hot milk" Preview : New interior super classy and stuff by eemie

"Cream (New)" & "Cream (Old)" Preview : お茶Mi's Kitchen

"Powder sugar" Preview : Chocolate Kitchen by Minakie

"Burnt pancake A" & "Burnt pancake B" by New interior super classy and stuff by eemie

I use some of @eemie's flowers as a reference all credit goes to her. ///v\\\

*the fireplace recolor may affect some of the other fireplaces in game*
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Backup your Files

1. Put the " townInterior.xnb" into your Stardew Valley\Content & Maps Folder