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Added: 10/12/2013 - 07:25AM
Updated: 05/09/2015 - 05:14AM

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Last updated at 5:14, 5 Sep 2015 Uploaded at 7:25, 10 Dec 2013

This Starbound Mod Manager is no longer being developed. It will not work with any version of Starbound released after Enraged Koala (late beta).
Due to my lack of interest in the way this game is progressing and some major disagreements with Chucklefish's mod hosting policies (and the handling of the situation in which this was no longer welcome on their site), I have ceased development of this mod manager and will not be continuing. I have removed downloads hosted here, but for posterity I'll be leaving them up on GitHub ( Thank you all for the support you've given me while this was being developed.

What's New:

Many new bug fixes and German language files in 2.0.1.

First release of version 2.x.x of the mod manager! (FInally!)
Completely re-written to be easy to maintain and add new features to.

The Mod Manager now has:

* Better mod support (almost everything should work)
* Far fewer bugs
* Theme support
* Multiple language support
* Drag and drop awesomeness

What's Next:

Many improvements to version 2.x.x, including:

* More themes and theme changing
* Save data backups, including backups of mods used per save
* Translations into other languages (German and Spanish are hopefully coming soon—contact me via PM if you want to translate the program into another language)
* Preview image support (hopefully). This unfortunately didn't make it into the initial release due to technical constraints. There's an update coming for Java and JavaFX in the next week, so with any luck, this will be possible.


* Mods in a central location: All your mods will be in one folder.
* Automatic mod merging: If two mods have conflicts, the mod manager will do its best to merge them and keep the best of both worlds. Works nearly every time!
* Automatic installation: Moves the folders to the right places and in the right order for you.
* Add new mods from the program itself. All files are copied and indexed for you automatically. You can drag and drop mods or click the "Add Mods" button!
* The mod load order will prioritize mods in conflict resolution so that the most important ones take priority.
* Cross-platform: Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
* Support for nearly every mod!
* Loads mods as .zip, .rar, .7z, or any kind of .pak file!
* Language support: When translations are complete, the mod manager will allow you to switch between languages effortlessly, and without restarting the program!
* Theme support: When new themes are created, the entire look and feel of the program can be changed without restarting it!

How to Use:

Extract all the .zip file's contents to a directory of your choice. Run the mod manager file and follow the prompts to get yourself set up.

To add mods, click the "Add New Mod" button or drag and drop your downloaded mods right onto the mod manager.