Seph's Community Cargo Ship Expansion
This mod aims to expand the cargo ships that spawn into the game with the help of the community.
Usefull Meshes for Space Engineers - Model Pack
This is just a compolation of mods I'm gonna do for Space Engineers.

This is also my first Space Engineers mod so hope you enjoy.

[Current Model Pack Features]
-Keypad (Working) for Stations, Small, and Large ships
- Interior Light for small ship
Unmergeable Conveyor Tubes
Do you keep wondering why you need two connector/collector pairs to move stuff between ships/station instead of the conveyor system? Well, I finally found a workaround!
SE Block and Piston Calculator
This is a small program that instantly calculates the required blocks to make the corresponding distance and calculates the exact blocks you need to make the old style piston by entering the piston travel distance (Not sure if its in meters or blocks). For example you want a ship that's 75 meters long but you don't know the block count tha
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