Crafting Cloud Storage by Dienes
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Added: 20/03/2017 - 09:47PM
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This is my port of the Crafting Cloud Storage mod by Diene from old Skyrim (32-bit).  The BSA file only contains scripts (including source) for linking the workstations to the cloud storage containers, so you MUST have General Stores.esm loaded.  I have saved the esp file in CK for SE, and tried resaving the BSA, but it appears to work fine without the change for the BSA.  If you have problems with it, try extracting the scripts directory from the BSA with BSAOpt.  This mod is an answer to the eternal question of "How am I supposed to get all these materials to my (forge, grindstone, workbench, alchemy station, or arcane enchanter) workstations?".  Now you can go straight to any workstation and have all the materials you need to craft with a simple mouseclick!  When you click on the workstation, you get a dialogue box asking if you want to use it, at go to storage.  Pick one!  Don't forget to click when you finish, to re-store all your ingredients to the cloud, because it isn't automatic (yet). 

I need to take this opportunity to thank DIENE for his work on this file.  I stated above that this is only a port, so all credit for the original goes to Dienes for the great work (s)he did on this mod! If you enjoy the mod, be sure to go to the original mod page and endorse it!