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For Japanese users: 日本語の説明は末尾のSpoilerにあります


1. Introduction
2. Motivation and purpose
3. Major features
4. Requirements
5. Install
6. Uninstall
7. How to use
8. Notes / Limitation / Known issues
9. Feature plans
10. Credits & Special thanks

 1. Introduction

Hi there.

First, I'm not an English native speaker, sorry about poor English.

This is a tool for mod authors and translators who handle voice files. You can list the voice files of vanilla/mods and search by various conditions such as dialogue text or voice type. You can play/edit(*1)/extract voice files directly without extracting BSA/BA2 files or FUZ files in advance. Skyrim LE/Skyrim SE/Fallout 4 are supported. Of course it supports Skyrim SE's new BSA file format and Fallout 4's BA2 file format.

Typical uses are as follows:
- Find voice files of vanilla/mods to edit custom voice.
- Check your own custom voiced mod voice files for unnecessary / lacking.
- Just enjoy dialogues and voices. Vanilla has unused hidden dialogues and voices, it will be fun to find this.

I hope this will be of your help.

(*1) Since it is extacted to a temporary folder and edited, so not possible to directly edit and update the voice file in the Data folder or BSA/BA2 file.

 2. Motivation and purpose

Recently I'm doing voice-file translation of Skyrim mods that using vanilla's voice (eg. Minerva Follower by cloudedtruth and rxkx22). The most troublesome thing in this task is finding what we want from vanilla's voice files.
For this type of work, the Voice File Reference Tool by greentea101 is fairly convenient and it can find voice file names from dialogue text. However, in order to handle voice files, we need to extract BSA file and locate the voice files. It also requires the creation of a dictionary, and we can not search other than vanilla's voices.
This tool is an attempt to solve the above problem.

Although, greentea101's work gave me a big inspiration on developing this tool. Thanks a lot!

 3. Major features

Supported games:
- Skyrim Legacy Edition (Skyrim LE)
- Skyrim Special Edition (Skyrim SE)
- Fallout 4
- (Planned for the near future) Oblivion
- (Planned for the near future) Fallout 3
- (Planned for the near future) Fallout New Vegas

Multilingual support:
- UI languages: English, Japanese
- Plugin languages (Requests are welcome):
  Arabic, Baltic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek,
  Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish,
  Swedish, Turkish
  You can add any language or code page to Data/GameLanguages.txt file. See the comments in the file.

Plugins selection:
- You can choose the plugin to load from the plugin list of the game.
- You can load any plugin files other than the Data folder. You can also load plugin files with drag-and-drop.

Convenient Spreadsheet:
- You can following operations like Excel or OpenOffice:
  - Sort rows.
  - Filtering by text or checked items.
  - Hide/unhide columns.
  - Change column positions.
- The spreadsheet has the following columns. You can hide/unhide any of them according to your preference:
  - State : The following information / warnings. Although it is an icon display, text can be displayed with a tool tip.
    - Bad File Name : Non-standard voice file name.
    - Bad File Path : Non-standard voice file path.
    - Overridden : Overridden with voice file of the same name according to the rules of the game engine.
    - No Dialogue : Corresponding dialogue response record (INFO) not found.
    - Not Localized : Multilingual is not available because the plugin is not localized.
    - No Text : Dialogue text can not be found in STRINGS file (rare case).
    - No Strings File : Localized plugin's STRINGS file is missing.
    - No Voice File : Voice file corresponding to dialogue response record (INFO) is not found.
  - Index : Plugin's load order.
  - Plugin : Plugin name.
  - Last Modifier : Plugin name that last modified the dialogue response record (INFO).
  - FormId : Form Id of dialogue response record (INFO)
  - FormId without Load# : Form Id of dialogue response record (INFO) - Load order not included (ie always starts with "00").
  - Response Num : Response number of dialogue response record (INFO).
  - Edid : Editor Id of dialogue response record (INFO).
  - Topic FormId : Form Id of dialogue topic record (DIAL).
  - Topic Edid : Editor of dialogue topic record (DIAL).
  - Topic Text : Text of dialogue topic record (DIAL).
  - Quest FormId : Form Id of the associated quest.
  - Quest Edid : Editor Id of the associated quest.
  - Quest Name : Name of the associated quest.
  - Category : Dialogue category - Topic/Favor/Scene/Combat/Favors/Detection/Service/Misc
  - Emotion : Emotion - Neutral/Anger/Disgust/Fear/Sad/Happy/Surprise/Puzzled
  - Conditions : Conditions of dialogue response record (INFO). NPC/location/player's gender condition will be displayed but inaccurate. (Skyrim only)
  - Bsa Name : BSA/BA2 file name for storing voice files or "Loose".
  - Full Path : Full path of voice files.
  - Base Path : Full path of Data folder or BSA/BA2 file.
  - Path : Relative path from Data folder.
  - File Name : Voice file name.
  - Extensions : Voice file extensions.
  - Voice Type : Voice type.
  - Script Notes : Script notes (INFO:NAM2). This text is not localized and remains in English.
  - Edits : Edits (INFO:NAM3). This text is not localized and remains in English.
  - Prompt : Propmt of dialogue (INFO:RNAM), known as 'Prompt override' in Skyrim. In dialogue option of FO4, Topic Text (DIAL:FULL) is rarely used, seems to be replaced with Prompt. For FO4, please use the Prompt column instead of the Topic Text column.
  - Dialogue 1 : Dialogue text. You can choose any language in Settings dialog.
  - Dialogue 2 : Dialogue text (Optional). You can choose any language in Settings dialog.

Search and operate voice files:
- You can search voice files by the following various conditions:
  - Dialogue Text
  - Form Id
  - Edid
  - File Name
  - Regular expressions, Match case
- Auto complete is available for text search box. Auto complete based on actual data of search target column. You can toggle this option in the options menu.
- Record up to 10 search histories. You can recall with a drop-down of the text search box.
- You can following operations on voice files:
  - Play sound
  - Edit sound : You can edit voice file with Audacity (or the other sound editor).
  - Open Extracted Folder : Extract/copy the voice files to a temporary folder and convert FUZ/XWM to WAV automatically. The LIP file will also be extracted/copied.
  - Open Source Folder : Open the folder containing the voice file. If the voice file is in the BSA/BA2 file, will open the folder containing the BSA/BA2 file.

Search by Clipboard:
- Automatically search with the text copied to the clipboard. You can toggle this option in the options menu.
- It may be handy when used with xEdit or xTranslator.
- The search target is automatically switched according to the format of the copied text as follows:
  - Start with Form Id : Form Id
  - Start with Form Id enclosed in '[]' : Form Id
  - Editor id enclosed in '<>' : Edid
  - The other case : Dialogue 1 or Dialogue2 (the last selected one)

Miscellaneous features:
- You can choose rows height : Auto / 1 - 5 line(s)
- You can lock the tool's window to the top-most.
- You can export the currently displayed record to a CSV file. Choose the option that suits your spreadsheet application in the export CSV dialog.

 4. Requirements


- Windows 7 or later (Tested on Windows 10)
- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
- Base Games (Skyrim LE/Skyrim SE/Fallout 4, DLC is option)
I don't tested on windows XP/Vista/7/8, but should works well if .NET Framework 4.0 installed.


- Audacity
  It is necessary for editing the voice file. I'm using Version 2.1.2 but should work with different version, and should work with the other sound editors, but I have not tested it.

- Multiple Languages Strings Unified Central by Francisco Pozo - DJ FrANKy EHP
- Multiple Languages Strings Unified Central SSE by Francisco Pozo - DJ FrANKy EHP
  If you are looking for strings files in other languages, you can find them here.
  Note that as the strings file name of some languages is English, renaming it to the proper language name when used with this tool.

 5. Install

Download archive file and extract to any folder.
Must be sure not to Windows/Program Files/Game installation folder.

When updating from the old version, simply overwrite it.

 6. Uninstall

Delete the installed files and folders. Registry does not used.

 7. How to use

 The most basic usage

=== Launch & plugin selection ===

- Launch LazyVoiceFinder.exe
- Select the game from "Game Mode" menu (Skyrim LE / Skyrim SE / Fallout 4).
- Press "Open" button.
- Select the plugins you want to open. You can select only the vanilla plugins by pressing "Select None" and "Select Vanilla" button. Finally press the "OK" button.
- After waiting for a while, the list of voice files is displayed into spreadsheet. If there is a corresponding dialogue record, the dialogue text will also be displayed.

=== Text search ===

- You can search by entering characters in the text search box and pressing "Enter" key. The default search target is "dialogue 1", you can change the target with the right combo box.

=== Voice file operation ===

To operate voice files right-click the spreadsheet rows to display the operation menu.

- "Play Sound" : Play the voice file.
- "Edit Sound" : Edit the voice file. If you can not select the menu, set the path of the sound editor in the Settings dialog.
- "Open Extracted Folder" : Extract/ copy the voice files to a temporary folder and convert FUZ/XWM to WAV automatically. The LIP file will also be extracted/copied.
- "Open Source Folder" : Open the folder containing the voice files. If the voice file is in the BSA/BA2 file, will open the folder containing the BSA/BA2 file.

=== Sorting, Filterling & Customize spreadsheet ===

- You can do something like Excel or OpenOffice.
- Sort : Click the column header. The sort direction is toggled each click.
- Filterling : Click the arrow button on the column header, a filtering menu will appear.
- Unfilterling : Right-click the column header, a column menu will appear.
- Change column position : Drag the column header.
- Hide / unhide columns : Right-click the column header, a column menu will appear.

=== Changing the dialogue language ===

- Select "Options - Settings" menu and open "Dialogue" page. You can choose up to two languages of dialogue.
  Reopening the plugin will apply the selected language.
  Please note that even if you select a language, it will not display correctly unless there is a corresponding strings file.

=== Shortcut Keys and Convenient operations ===

(Main window)
F5 : Open plugins
F7 : Game mode - Skyrim Legacy Edition
F8 : Game mode - Skyrim Special Edition
F9 : Game mode - Fallout 4
ESC / F2 : Focus to text search box
Enter : Text search
Ctrl+Enter : Toggle text search target between "Dialogue 1" and "Dialogue 2", and text search
Ctrl+1 ~ Ctrl+5 : Change text search target
"Rows Height" : You can change the height of the rows in the spreadsheet

Enter / Ctrl+P / Double-click : Play the voice file
Ctrl+E : Edit the voice file
Ctrl+O : Open extracted folder
Ctrl+A : Select all cells
Ctrl+C : Copy cell text
Alt+Up/Alt+Down : Show filter menu
Right-click : Show voice file operation menu
Click top-left cell : Show top-left menu and you can reset all filters

(Log Window)
Ctrl+A : Select all
Ctrl+C : Copy
Right-click : Show log menu

 8. Notes / Limitation / Known issues

- NOTE: When editing the voice files other than vanilla and redistributing it, be sure to get permission from author.

- There may be a bug in this tool. Please be sure to MAKE A BACKUP of the original game files or mods files.

- Bad English. I'm not an English native speaker. Improvement suggestion of the sentences is a welcome.

- Processing time depends on the number of plugin/voice files.

- The value of the condition column is inaccurate. Only a few conditional expressions can be recognized, and can't recognize an alias. It should only be kept in mind as reference.

- At the moment, I'm implementing it assuming that all records have different form id (Ie there is no form id duplication).
  In some plugins like Enderal, another dialogue response record may have the same form id.
  For example of Enderal (Version around 2016/8), different dialogue responses have the same form id "00096693"
    [00] Skyrim.esm \ Dialog Topic \ 0009665E <MQ11c_Generic_YalKajshimTopic002> \ 00096693 "Danke."
    [00] Skyrim.esm \ Dialog Topic \ 00096675 <MQ11c_Generic_OlielTopic005> \ 00096693 "Take care, and enjoy your stay here. "
  In this case, some records are not displayed, and some records and audio files are not properly matched.
  The voice file name does not have a form id of dialogue topic, so it can not be simply matched with records. Although it can be solved in theory, but because it may slow down the performance it is left as it is.
  I will consider solutions if there are some requests.

- In some languages, there is a fact that the Creation Kit may crashes unless you convert the strings in the plugin to a local code page. For example in Japanese need to convert to Shift-JIS code page. If you want to open a plugin that have such a local code page, add the definition of Data/GameLanguages.txt file.

 9. Feature plans

- The other games support (Oblivion, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas). Work in progress.

- Improve quality of FO4 support.

- Suggestions and advice are welcome.

 10. Credits & Special thanks

Lazy Voice Finder Copyright(c) 2017, BowmoreLover, All Rights Reserved.
Development by BowmoreLover. All of the program was coded myself by scratch expect following libiraries/tools.

=== External libraries/tools ===

LZ4 Library
Copyright(c) 2011-2014, Yann Collet, All rights reserved.

Microsoft (R) xWMA Encoding Tool Copyright (C) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

=== Special thanks ===

greentea101 for his Voice File Reference Tool
    His work gave me a big inspiration on developing this tool. Thanks a lot!
Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages for mod file format refference
    The information on this page is very helpful to me.
Akira Uchida for Oradano Mincho Font
    I'm using his beautiful font for the typography of icon.
Francisco Pozo - DJ FrANKy EHP for Multiple Languages Strings Unified Central
    Multiple Languages Strings Unified Central
    Multiple Languages Strings Unified Central SSE
    His multilingual strings file was of great use in tool development and testing.
AFK Mods forum for informations of plugin file format AFK Mods
    The discussion on the file format of Fallout 4 on the forum was very useful to me.
And thanks for all over the modding community, Nexus Mods, and of course Bethesda.

=== Development tools ===

Microsoft Visual C# 2015 + .NET Framework 4.0
TES5Edit by ElminsterAU
GIMP (for edit graphical resources)

For Japanese users: