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Added: 28/10/2016 - 04:56AM
Updated: 20/08/2017 - 10:17PM

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Last updated at 22:17, 20 Aug 2017 Uploaded at 4:56, 28 Oct 2016

I've just finished a new mod, Splendor: Dragon Variants. I recommend using it alongside this mod (patch in downloads). link

Uniting resources from 13 different mod authors, this is a dragon mod like none seen before.

  • 28 new dragons, each with a unique model & texture
  • 7 ranks of strength for each dragon, creating a challenge that scales with your level
  • 16 new breath attacks & 19 new abilities used by the dragons
  • Integrated into vanilla leveled lists to appear in your game seamlessly

Differences from old (non-SE) version
Skyrim's engine has changed, SKSE and SkyUI don't exist yet, and I've also made other changes. Some key differences:
  • There is no MCM menu. Menu system is in development and will be coming soon!!
  • If you are running multiple mods that add dragons, you must patch them together using WryeBash or similar.
  • If a dragon is scripted to appear during a Quest, it will probably be a vanilla dragon and not one of mine.
  • Eldergleam Dragon and Lava Dragon have been moved to an optional file; they don't interact with SSE's God Rays correctly and I don't know how to fix it.

No requirements. Just create a back up save of your game, extract the .zip's contents into Skyrim/Data, and enable the mod through the in-game mod load order menu. Make sure this mod is after USSEP and any other mods that might edit the dragon leveled lists (unless you make a bashed patch).

If you have any loose files in Data/Meshes/ogddc2 and Data/Textures/ogddc2 from a prior hotfix, you MUST delete them.

If anything goes wrong during download/installation, uninstall and revert to your backup save.



Meshes: yousukeve, opusGlass, Zerofrost, Link815, junin, Madcat221
Textures: Bellyache (wrig675), opusGlass, yousukeve, Zerofrost, sepherose, luddeman, digitalLion, Versispellis, Aipex8, junin, LoginToDownload
ESP content & scripts: opusGlass

Helpful dragon texture template: LoginToDownload

Video: DonProtein
Screenshots: fiszi
Testing: DonProtein, fiszi

Detailed authorship info can be found in the Readme

Recommended Files:
SPLENDOR: DRAGON VARIANTS (check downloads for patch)

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