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Hey, Listen!

V2 is Now LIVE!

Larger Details - The smaller details were very pretty to me at first. I guess I like to think of them as refined. But after remaking a couple of textures, I started to fall in love with the bigger details because they were retaining a lot of the smaller details also thanks to the photogrammetry.

NEW PALLET! This one was huge. A lot of people didn't think the Skyland colors fit with most mods or the vanilla set up. After spending two days on color alone, I'm very happy with how it came out. Darker, less brown, colder, and ultimately a great look.

Distance Detail - Due to the small details in V1 of Skyland, all of the textures just turned into a solid color at a distance. After enhancing the normal maps and bumping up the detail scale, the distances look really great. They are not over the top like vanilla, but look very very natural.

Real Mountains - The mountains were my weak point. After weeks of trying to get it right, I caved. But I think it was for the best because now we have bundled Real Mountains with Skyland.

BSA VERSION This Weekend!

Get ready to experience a more beautiful and realistic Skyrim with 
Skyland - A Landscape Texture Overhaul

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Skyland is a AAA quality landscape texture package consisting of individual handcrafted materials generated from photogrammetry textures. This texture pack is non-parallax at 2k (2048x2048) generated from photogrammetry to offer very realistic, accurate, hi-res textures.

Areas Covered
The Rift
The Reach
Snow areas
Caves floors
Mine floors

The Future
Frost Areas (Bog around Solitude)
Coastal Areas (Beach around Glaciers)
All cave, mine, and dungeon landscapes like rocks, cliffs, ground
HD-LOD Textures
Parallax Version
BSA & Loose file versions for 2k and 1k


2k textures
Generated from photogrammetry
Non-Parallax, so no modding or messing around with extra files, mods, and folders needed
Non-destructive install/uninstall process
4k looks on a 2k budget
Optimized to be mid-level system friendly


A lot of time to explore and take amazing screen shots


Compatible with any mods or ENB's, just let Skyland overwrite everything


Through NMM: Click the green "Download with Mod Manager" button. Once it's downloaded, double click the title in NMM to install. 
Manual NMM Install: Download file to computer, open NMM, click green "+" in top left, select Skyland Zip, double click Skyland title to install.
Manual: Download with the manual download button, open folder and drag contents to skyrim/data. Let it combine with what is currently there. 

Recommended Mods

Not all of these are ported to SE yet.
Some, like Real Roads and Enhanced Vanilla Trees
can be ported by manually downloading from the OG Nexus.

Real Roads (for that cool 3d look I have)
Noble Skyrim (for all other textures non-landscape)
Vivid Weathers
Enhanced Vanilla Trees
Verdant OR Unbelievable Grass Two
Realistic Water Two
Immersive Fallen Trees

Frequently Asked Questions
(Like, really frequently)

Q - Will you make a 1k version?
A - It's already in the files section for V1. The V2 version will be released when Skyland is finished.

Q - Will there be a 4k version?
A - No. I made these in 2k. Upscaling to 4k would lose much of it's quality.

Q - Will you make a parallax version?
A - That is the plan once the whole set is done.

Q - I don't like loose file downloads, can you make a BSA please?
A - I tried and it didn't work for people. So I'm keeping it as a loose file download for now. I will upload a BSA in 1k and 2k when Skyland is done.

Q - Is this better than **** Texture pack?
A - I have no clue. It's totally up to you what you like and if it blends well with other mods you have.

Q - Will this work with **** mod?
A - Yes, it works with all mods. Just install Skyland and let it overwrite everything. If you don't like it, just  uninstall and everything goes back to how it was before.

Q - Can I see how this compares to **** Texture Mod?
A - I'd like to see that too. I'm just really too lazy to make a comparison video right now after spending 3 months making this mod. And it's still not done. I suggest downloading this mod and any other landscape texture mod and alternate between them to see what you like.

Q - This one thing doesn't look right. What's wrong with your pack?
A - Nothing is wrong with it. I swear, if you turn the Skyland mod off and run vanilla textures, it will look just as bad. Welcome to Skyrim and Bethesda landscapes.

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