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Last updated at 8:45, 25 Jul 2017 Uploaded at 12:29, 12 Jul 2017

Conversion of ASIS to work with Skyrim Special Edition.

For the original files, please look here.

What does work:
  • Loading Special Edition ESM, ESP and BSA files.
  • Created files use form 44.
  • ASIS-Dependency.esp, Potions and increased spawns script all saved using the new CK.
  • ASIS SkyProc Patcher (i.e. an ESP file is generated).

What does not work:
  • When run using default values against Apocalypse (and the default ESMs), SSEEdit reports 8 npcs with missing tint layer indexes (I am guessing these are NPCs with issues in Skyrim.esm but I will try and find out if ASIS is causing any problems).
  • Randomised spawns depends on SKSE and has not been converted yet.
  • MCM menu depends on SKSE and has not been converted yet.

This is meant as a preview for people to find bugs that I have missed.

If plutoman101, Dienes, ServantgOfSin, Leviathan1753 or anyone else has a reason for me to remove this, let me know and I will immediately do so. This is only here because I managed to get it working for myself and thought that someone else might be interested.

Anyone interested in the code, it is publicly available here.