Skyrim DRAGONBORN Ep63 At the Summit of Apocrypha by gothic
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Skyrim - DRAGONBORN. Ep63 At the Summit of Apocrypha

And here we Go!
Join the Adventures of Raimyr, Inigo and Zora as they Battle Evil and Fight their way to the summit of Apocrypha!

In this Episode:
- We help out our friend Malborn!
- Then head back to Solstheim, fat and heavy with Dragon Souls!
- We discover some shocking facts about Zora's Sister!
and that's nothing compared to the shock when we meet Frea!

Key mods used in this playthrough:
Aurlyn Dawnstone by mlee3141 &Darkrogue21
INIGO - Smartbluecat
AEterna Circlets -aeterna826
Interesting Npcs / 3D NPCs (Zora Fair-Child) -  kristakahashi
Savior's Hide Armour - echo 1162
Guess the Distance - Ecceau
Equipable Dunmer Lanterns - dloader
ESO ALtmer Armour by Nevermind43 RELOAD - using Mur4s4me ALT Textures - newermind43
Quick Light -tktk1

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  • 77,386

    AEterna Circlets
    AEterna Circlets
    by aeterna826
  • 2,951,582

    Interesting NPCs
    Interesting NPCs
    by kristakahashi
  • 266,655

    Ancient Nord Armor and Saviors Hide CBBEv3 Echo
    Ancient Nord Armor and...
    by echo 1162
  • 75,912

    Guess the Distance - Perceptive Scouting
    Guess the Distance - P...
    by Ecceau
  • 5,473

    Equipable Dunmer Lantern
    Equipable Dunmer Lante...
    by dloader
  • 698,563

    by Smartbluecat
  • 97,362

    Quick Light
    Quick Light
    by tktk1
  • 7,913

    Aurlyn Dawnstone - The Reclusive Philosopher
    Aurlyn Dawnstone - The...
    by mlee3141

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