A Skyrim Vacation -- Episode 1 -- The Adventures Begin by RangerDelk
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Added: 11/01/2017 - 05:58AM
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My first video of this kind that I wanted to share with the community here. I have more like this planned and thus more chances to refine my technique. Because it's story-driven, and not a showcase, I haven't tagged any of the mods I used to produce this video, but I have listed them below. Also keep in mind that I don't have a high end gaming machine like some mod reviewers I've seen.

    Alternate Start -- Arthmoor
Amazing Follower Tweaks -- Dheuster
Convenient Horses -- mitchalek
Customizable Camera -- omega2008
    Papyrus Util (for use with Custom Camera) -- exiledviper
Dine with Followers -- wgstein
Director's Tools -- Artisanix
Enhanced Lights and FX -- anamorfus
Enhanced Night Skyrim -- CptJoker71
God Room -- lorenzowage
Immersive HUD -- Gopher
Immersive Interiors -- SomeWelshGuy
Immersive Weapons -- hothtrooper44
Improved Closedface Helmets -- navida1
Lanterns of Skyrim & LOS Purity patch -- mannygt
LeanWolf's Better Shaped Weapons -- LeanWolf
True Eyes -- jimtownirish
No NPC Greetings -- Cipscis
Purity -- Laast 
RaceMenu -- expired6978
Real Cities-Whiterun -- DOPEdwarf
Realistic Needs and Diseases -- perseid9
    SKSE -- Ian Patterson, Stephen Abel, Paul Connelly, Brendan Borthwick
Skyrim Better Roads -- SilentResident
SkyUI -- schlangster
Ultimate HD Fire Effects -- rheadude
Unofficial Skyrim Patch -- Arthmoor
Unofficial Dragonborn Patch -- Arthmoor

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