• 24 July 2013

    This mod Falskaar is kind of big

    posted by Lingwei Game News

    Alexander Velicky has released Falskaar, a content heavy new land and quest mod set on an island of the same name. It's available right here exclusively on Skyrim Nexus.

    The mod was designed to be as complete as a Bethesda Game Studios developed game add-on, and it's pretty damn impressive considering that Alex primarily designed and created the mod himself (albeit with a lot of help for the sound, testing, and working through bugs). Alex explained to Gamasutra that he is looking to apply for a position with Bethesda Game Studios.

    "Falskaar was my full-time job," he says, noting that he worked around 8 hours each weekday, along with some overtime during evenings and weekend. "I put an average of 40-70 hours a week into the mod."

    Velicky lives with his dad, who he says was "very supportive, allowing me to live here without paying rent or having to pay for food/bills, so I was able to work full time without getting a job of any sort."

    The idea was that instead of going to design school, Velicky would cut out the middle man and directly gain experience with video game design by creating his own masterpiece.

    "I made this mod partially because I love game design and it was incredibly fun to do, but also because I wanted to impress Bethesda Game Studios,"he explains. "I think they make a very unique type of game, and are one of the best game design companies out there."

    The team at Bethesda has offered the 19-year-old advice over the last year or two, although he hasn't yet heard anything as-of-yet regarding a possible job following Falskaar development wrap-up.

    According to the mod description the new content adds new land equal to 2 Skyrim holds, between 20-30 hours of play, 9 main quests and 17 side quests, new items, new spells, voice acting with over 30 voices, and a complete soundtrack of 40 minutes of music composed by Adamm Khuevrr.

    You can download the mod and soundtrack from the mod page here.
  • 21 July 2013

    Rolling down-time this coming week on all sites

    posted by Dark0ne
    There is going to be some down-time on all Nexus sites and the forums this week as we work to move our databases over to our new cluster setup. Each site needs to be taken offline while a “dump” of the database can be created, transferred to the cluster and then imported in to the cluster database setup. The sites obviously have to go offline during this process so no new content is lost between the time when we make the dump and the time until the import process is fully completed.

    The total down time will depend entirely on the site being transferred at the time. The forums, Skyrim, both Fallout sites and Oblivion are going to take longer than the other sites as they have a lot more content to transfer over. The forums and Skyrim should take 4 hours each while the other sites might take less time. Either way you’ll know when the transfer is happening as the site will be taken offline, with a message to that effect, during the process.

    It’s my utmost hope (and no doubt yours too) that, through this transfer to our cluster, the reliability issues with the servers is going to be a thing of the past. For good. If all goes to plan this weekend should be the last weekend of stability issues for the Nexus and we can move on to doing what we actually want to do; making the service better for everyone and expanding our reach to all games so anyone can use the Nexus for modding if they so wish. We’ll also be far more DDoS proof due to the distributed nature of our own server setup that will mean we can shift load between many different servers ensuring any attack will have to split the botnet being used considerably in order to cause any down time.

    I’ll hold off on thanking you for your patience during this trying time until we can confirm that this is going to be the solution to all our problems but our initial testing has been very positive, so now it’s time to take the plunge and hope for the best.

    Down time starts tomorrow (Monday) morning, starting with the forums.
  • 18 July 2013

    Planned “down-time” today, 4pm GMT

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    If you’ve followed the news on the network over the past 6 months you’ll know we’ve been working extensively on our server architecture backend to resolve all the stability issues. Down-time, 502 errors, 503 errors, slow-downs, posts going missing when you click submit, they’re all a part of a range of issues that we’ve been working to fix through a lot of hard work and expense. We know we can’t expand and start supporting more games until we sort out this very frustrating issue.

    We think we’re almost ready. Again. We’re currently running a test on the forums right now that’s going well, and we’re much further ahead than we were before. We’re planning to run a test on Skyrim Nexus from around 4pm GMT. This will involve putting the site in to “read-only” mode and switching over the site to use our test database. How will this affect things during the test?

    • You will not be able to make any new posts on comments anywhere on the site
    • You will not be able to publish new files
    • Some posts and topics will be missing as our test database is around 24 hours old; any posts made in the past 24 hours will not show during this time (but they have NOT been lost!)

    We plan to run this test after 4pm GMT, but might delay it a bit later in to the afternoon/evening. You’ll still be able to browse the site and download files, just the commenting system will be affected. We expect to run the test for 30 mins before restoring things back to how they normally are.

    Hopefully salvation is just around the corner.
  • 15 July 2013

    DDoS season begins, sites a little bit unstable

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    We've been no strangers to bog-standard DoS attacks and thousands-strong botnet DDoS attacks over the past 12 years. Any given week we'll be DoS'd, just most of the time you won't notice it because systems are in place to prevent such attacks. Every once in a while, though, someone with a rather large botnet or someone using more sophisticated techniques comes along that either requires us to adapt or just to weather it out. All I know is, it's been 12 years, we've survived countless DDoS attacks, and the sites aren't going anywhere.

    Going hand-in-hand with that is the fact school holidays have begun which means kids have more time to waste. I used to enjoy playing football, cricket, skating and trampolining in my summer holidays but I guess some kids like to run bot nets instead. The why isn't really important (and I have no idea as to the why). All I know is that it's happening right now on the servers and we're doing what we can to alleviate the problem as best we can.

    There's not much you can do on your end to fix this exact problem. There is, however, something you can do to help the general DDoS plague and that's to not be one of the millions of dolts out there browsing the internet without an anti-virus and firewall running as a bare minimum. Botnets form because "hackers" have gained access to insecure systems. The more insecure systems they control, the more powerful their botnet becomes. Typically gamers are more clued in than most in this regard, but still, I know some of you will be reading this without any anti-virus installed on your PC and to you I'll simply say this; you are a part of the problem. You're not the problem, but you're a part of it in the same way you're a part of the problem during an epidemic if you sneeze without covering your mouth with your hand or don't wash your hands after going to the toilet. You're in that group of people. You aren't the virus but you help to spread it through your lack of action. So get on to fixing it if you haven't already, or at least please don't complain to me about the sites being down if you're in that group.

    A blunt news post, I know, but in all truth I treat DDoS attacks with utter emotional disregard. Not that we're not trying our hardest to solve the issue, but frankly, there's no point getting upset about it. Some idiot is DDoS'ing us and cowering behind the internet's anonymity, we've had no contact from said individual(s), it'll end when it ends or when we find a way to block it and there's no point getting upset about it.
  • 14 July 2013

    Skyrim ENB Mods 4 - RealVision ENB (Performance)

    posted by Gopher Mod News

    In this video I was looking for a more performance friendly ENB mod and after trying quite a few I finally settled on RealVision ENB (performance version).

    Installation video that covers this mod can be found here.

    For an overview of the aims of this series see this video.

    Download link for mod:
    RealVision ENB
  • 10 July 2013

    Skyrim 3.1gb Crash Limit & Skyrim Performance Monitor

    posted by Gopher Game News

    A member of the S.T.E.P team contacted me to tell me about a problem Skyrim has with crashing if you surpass 3.1 gb of RAM used by the game. You can find the forum threads discussing the problem here:
    CTD at 3.1GB

    Download links
    Skyrim Performance Monitor

    Thumbnail is 'Undead' courtesy of andreamkall.
  • 03 July 2013

    Skyrim ENB Mods 3 - Opethfeldt6 ENB

    posted by Gopher Mod News

    In this video I look at a more 'natural' looking ENB know as Opethfeldt6 ENB.

    Installation video that covers this mod can be found here.

    For an overview of the aims of this series see this video.

    Download link for mod:
    Opethfeldt6 ENB
  • 28 June 2013

    Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 70 : New possibilites

    posted by Gopher Mod News

    The author of the Race Menu mod has been busy updating one mod, releasing another and finding ways to make new and exciting mods a real possibility. Find out how in this video.

    Thumbnail image for this video is 'The Second Wind' courtesy of TheRequiem.

    Download links for reviewed mods:
    CharGen Extension
    NetImmerse Override
  • 24 June 2013

    Dragon Age support for NMM, DA2 support incoming, site splits and top file browsing

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    As we (continue to) ramp up towards our centralisation of the site databases we’ve started work this week on “splitting up” sites that currently host more than one game. Each game for Dragon Age, Neverwinter, The Witcher and Mount & Blade will be split into separate Nexus sites and while they’ll keep the same colour scheme I’ll change the background image to make it more obvious which site you’re currently browsing.

    Typically the Nexus sites aren’t as easy to navigate if more than one game is hosted on the same site; it makes it harder to find mods for the specific games while muddying the waters by making multiple games all vie for the same top files, files of the month votes and so on, so it makes sense to separate the sites. Our plans to centralise the sites will eliminate this problem, but this task not only makes the current sites more usable but also eliminates a task we’d have had to have performed later anyway.

    Hopefully that’ll be done relatively soon, but there’ll obviously be some (hopefully only momentary) downtime during the actual splits of the sites as the databases are reworked.

    On the NMM front we’ve recently plugged several more bugs in the software and have also implemented support for Dragon Age. We’ve updated Dragon Age Nexus to support the “Download with manager” functionality but this functionality will only work with Dragon Age 1 (and not Dragon Age 2) for the moment. We hope to have DA2 support implemented quite quickly after we’ve split the sites and have some feedback on DA1 support.

    We’ll release the Dragon Age support officially in version 0.45.0 of NMM when the site split is completed but we’d love it if you could download this version early and let us know if it works well for you. We’ve tested it with zipped up loose files, straight .dazip files and .dazip files within .7z or .rar archives (so archives within archives) and initial testing suggests it’s working well, but we’d love it if you could help us out, download this latest version manually and let us know yourself. This release simply adds Dragon Age support so it’s not really “cutting/bleeding edge”, and if all goes well this exact file is the one we’ll push to the update server for everyone to get in a week or so.

    Lastly a few people requested the ability to be able to go past the top 25 and top 100 file lists to see the top 26-50, 51-75, 76-100 lists and so on. We’ve added this functionality to the hot files now and you can use the “forward” and “back” links to go backwards and forwards through both the lists. So if your file is 101 in the list, and ergo just missed out, it no longer misses out.
  • 22 June 2013

    Skyrim ENB Mods 2 - Project ENB (realistic)

    posted by Gopher Mod News

    The second in a series of videos looking at the many ENB mods available for Skyrim. In this video look at another popular ENB mod, 'Project ENB' , and compare it to the Sharpshooters ENB covered in part 1.

    To find out how to install this mod watch Installing Skyrim ENB Mods 2 - Project ENB (realistic).
    For an overview of the aims of this series see this video.

    Download link for mod:
    Project ENB (realistic)