• 15 June 2012

    100 million downloads, 15000 files

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    It's with great joy that I can announce that Skyrim Nexus has now served over 100 million downloads to gamers since Skyrim's launch 8 months ago, and we now have over 15,000 files in our file database. Skyrim has exploded in popularity much faster than Oblivion, and I think we'll soon over-take the figures on Oblivion Nexus.

    It was touch and go back in November as our servers struggled to keep up with the massive demand for Skyrim files, but I'm really glad we've managed to make it this far and open up modding to as many people as possible.

    While we're talking about statistics, here's a few more:

    - 15,000+ file pages with over 60,000 downloadable files
    - 100,000+ file images
    - 6,800+ file authors who have uploaded files
    - 400,000,000+ file page views
    - 870,000 + endorsements
    - 1,200,000+ tracked files

    Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years, and all the mod authors who continue to share their great work with us all.
  • 13 June 2012

    Skyrim 1.6 went live for everyone on 11th June

    posted by Gopher Game News
    Skyrim is live. It seems the transition from beta to official release occured without much fanfare and a number of people were unaware that it had gone live on the 11th of June. But I can confirm for you that it did go live and is no longer in beta :)
  • 13 June 2012

    Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) for the 1.6 patch

    posted by Gopher Mod News

    This is a introduction to the Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE). It is aimed at people who are fairly new to modding or have never installed SKSE before, or at people who have installed SKSE before but wish to know about the new steps to install. It covers the following:

    1. What SKSE is.
    2. Why we use it.
    3. How to install.
    4. How to launch the game with SKSE running.
    5. How to un-install SKSE.

    The latest version of SKSE can be found at:

    You can find archive extraction programs at:

    The thumbnail for this video is Aftermath by graphiccore.
  • 11 June 2012

    Enderal - The Shards of Order

    posted by Zaldiir Mod News

    From the team behind Nehrim - At Fate's Edge, comes Enderal - The Shards of Order - a total conversion mod for Skyrim, set a couple of years after the events of Nehrim. The team, volunteers from the dedicated modding community SureAI, aims to continue the tradition of the intensive and complex storytelling introduced in Nehrim. This basically means that, what they do here is fantasy for adults, it is dirty and immersive, and there are no fairies!

    There has not been set any official release date for the mod, but by the scope of the project, I reckon it might take some time.

    Official Website!

  • 08 June 2012

    Site update - slowly does it

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    As per the news article yesterday we have updated Skyrim Nexus with our brand new site code that we've been working on for over a year now. As expected we've had a few teething issues that we're gradually working through.

    You might find that Skyrim Nexus is a little bit slow at the moment as we tune the server environment to our new code. We'll be tweaking this over the next 48 hours and hopefully your browsing experience will gradually improve during this time. You don't need to let us know that the site is running slow or you're hitting timeout errors, because we know!

    However, if you come across any bugs that you think aren't related to the database being slow then please report them in our bug tracker, where it's way more likely to be noticed and fixed, rather than say, in a news post or topic on the forums! Thanks.
  • 08 June 2012

    Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 30 : Ghost Rider

    posted by Gopher Mod News

    Spectral horses, Dragonhide Robes and bags more things to wear on this weeks Skyrim Mod Sanctuary.

    Download Links:
    Conjure Rideable Ethereal Horse Spell
    Dragonhide Robes
    Sabre Gear Backpack
    Bandolier - Bags and Pouches
  • 07 June 2012

    Notification of scheduled down-time - 8th June

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    I am happy to announce that we believe we are finally ready to move Skyrim Nexus over to our new code base and start moving on with our plans to improve the functionality and feature sets on the Nexus sites.

    As the largest site in the network, we've left Skyrim Nexus until last due to the staggering amounts of traffic the site still receives. We want to make sure everything is optimised to reduce the chances of catastrophic failure. We've been using the other converted sites as benchmarks to root out and fix any inefficient areas of the code.

    We're pencilling in tomorrow morning (the 8th of June) at 10am GMT for the necessary down-time in order to backup the current site and convert it to the new code base. During this period Skyrim Nexus will not be accessible (but other Nexus sites, and the forums, should be). Once we've gotten the site back up we'll closely monitor the situation and ensure that everything is working.

    Once finished, the new site will already contain the recently announced content filtering system that will enable you to filter out any content that you do not wish to see, and we'll be very close to releasing our next major update to the Nexus network.

  • 06 June 2012

    Modding competition winners

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    After Bethesda released the Creation Kit for Skyrim we partnered with Nvidia and iBUYPOWER to offer some great prizes to the mod authors here at the Nexus. The competition ended towards the end of May and I’m happy to now finally publically announce the winners of the competition.

    iBUYPOWER Skyrim PC WinnerSkyUI by Schlangster
    The winner of the iBUYPOWER PC was decided by tallying up the file with the highest amount of endorsements from fellow recognised mod authors (recognised mod authors being members who have more than 1,000 unique downloads to their name on one Nexus site). It was perhaps no surprise, then, that SkyUI took this great prize after comfortably sitting at the top of the Nexus Top 100 of all time for many months now. SkyUI is more than a worthy winner of this prize.

    2 x PNY GTX560Ti Skyrim Video Cards WinnerWarzones, Civil Unrest by MyGoodEye
    The winner of the two Nvidia graphics cards was picked by myself based on a wide range of criteria. To simplify those criteria I was looking for mods with a large scope and good execution that brought something new, unique and exciting to Skyrim. Warzones – Civil Unrest is a perfect example of this (with a very well presented mod page, which I always like to see!).

    1 x PNY GTX560Ti Skyrim Video Card WinnerOpen Cities Skyrim by Arthmoor
    For the final winner in the competition, taking home a PNY GTX560Ti I was looking for a mod that brought something essential to the Skyrim experience. When Bethesda changed the way they loaded cities in Oblivion I noticed a huge drop in immersion in my playing experience. They continued with this approach in Skyrim, so the Open Cities Skyrim project that ensures a fluid transition between the outside world and cities of Skyrim is a god send for me. At the time of judging the winners Open Cities Skyrim was crippled by the long running navmesh bug that has been present in many of Bethesda’s recent games. Word is that patch 1.6 for Skyrim has finally (FINALLY!) fixed this issue, so fingers crossed on that one.

    Congratulations to all three of the winners of our competition, and a big thank you to both Nvidia and iBUYPOWER who approached me to run this competition because of their massive appreciation for the work the modding community does in making these games so much better.
  • 02 June 2012

    Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 29 : Skyrim Monster Mod and more.

    posted by Gopher Mod News

    This weeks video covering some great mods including the popular Skyrim Monster Mod by dogtown1. Now with an encore video covering some of the questions that arose from the main video itself.

    Download Links:
    Skyrim Monster Mod
    Skyrim Monster Mod Replacers - Lore Friendly and Others
    SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators
    Einithars Lantern
    Wearable Lanterns
    Sustained Spells
  • 01 June 2012

    Got Skyrim on the Xbox 360? Sign up for the Dawnguard beta!

    posted by Zaldiir Game News
    Want a chance to play Dawnguard early? Bethesda has had such a success with the PC beta updates, that they are making one for the Xbox 360 - and it is not just a beta update, it is the beta for Dawnguard!

    Visit to apply. The process only takes a couple of minutes. You'll also need an account on the official forums.

    They'll select the testers in about a week. "Players accepted into the beta will receive an Xbox LIVE code to redeem Dawnguard. The beta is the full version (complete with Xbox LIVE achievements) and those participating will not have to purchase the content."