• 12 February 2012

    Major battle scene video

    posted by Lingwei Game News
    Tyrannicon has uploaded a video to Youtube showing a major battle between a force of undead and Dwarven Armour clad soldiers occuring at Fort Greymoor, near Whiterun.

    The video uses several mods, along with console commands, to achieve the impressive effects.

    The video uses Darksiders' Swords by drk937, Midas Magic - Spells in Skyrim by Xilver, Skyrim NPC Editor by foretrenty, and Skyrim Photography Toolkit - Weather Control and Lenses by MIND BULL3TS.
  • 09 February 2012

    Skyrim developers complete week-long mod jam

    posted by Agonofinis Mod News
    Kotaku has posted a video which shows Skyrim lead Todd Howard speaking at the D.I.C.E. 2012 game development conference. Howard spoke at length about a "Game Jam", held internally at Bethesda, where the Skyrim team were tasked with creating new content and porting it into the game, purely as a creative exercise. The results, I am sure you agree, are pretty mind-blowing.

    Watch the video to see it all in action, but below is a full list of the new features:


    - Seasonal foliage and shedding leaves on trees.
    - Flow-based water shaders.
    - Fully animated spears.
    - Magic and ranged combat slow-motion kill-cams.
    - Water arrows and a Detect Life-esque "Assassin's Vision"
    - Guards that re-light torches.
    - Paralysis runes.
    - Moving platforms and hanging structures in dungeons.
    - Fast-flowing underground currents.
    - Pitch-black dungeons.
    - New follower customisation, commands and favoriting.
    - Adoption.
    - Building of your own home (with skeletal butler).
    - Combining spells for new effects.
    - Goblins.
    - New Draugr
    - Waygate fast travel.
    - Skeletal horse mounts.
    - Mounted combat.
    - Dragon mounts.
    - Soulbug familiar.
    - Kinect-based Shouts.
    - SSAO.
    - Better underwater visuals.
    - Footprints in snow.
    - Verlet surfaces for non-rigid objects (which means morningstars and flabby giants).
    - Fire and ice arrows.
    - Werebears.
    - Lycanthropy perk tree.
    - Vampire feeding.
    - Becoming a flying vampire lord with vampire imp minions.
    - Mudcrab animation tweaks.
    - A 100 foot-tall mudcrab.

    PLEASE keep in mind that these are purely "experiments", and Howard states explicitly that there is no guarantee that any of these features will make it into the game, as DLC or free updates. This possibility is not ruled out, however.

    For the moment, it is encouraging to see what can be achieved with Creation Kit, and in particular the Papyrus scripting language.

    I think that you should be very busy right now.
  • 07 February 2012

    Nexus modding competition, sponsored by Nvidia and iBuyPower

    posted by Dark0ne Game News

    A few months back some folks from Nvidia got in contact with me. They were clearly impressed with the modding community and how many awesome mods there were. Last month I joined some of them for an interview while they discussed their tweak guide in detail with famous modder, Martigen. Nvidia are now one of two sponsors in a Skyrim Nexus modding competition.

    The timing is perfect. The Creation Kit(tm) has just been released opening up a whole world of modding possibilities. To celebrate the impending influx of awesome mods we've teamed up with Nvidia and iBuyPower to offer some great prizes to mod authors on Skyrim Nexus.

    Because I didn't want to stifle the creativity of any mod authors who wanted to participate in the competition, this modding competition is going to be slightly different to past themed competitions that we've run. Now there's no theme at all! We're running a completely open competition that all mods uploaded to Skyrim Nexus will be able to enter in to, even if you uploaded your mods before this announcement.

    Prizes include a completely brand spanking new, Skyrim branded PC from iBuyPower, and some great video cards from Nvidia.

    Head on over to our competition page for more details on how and what you can win!
  • 07 February 2012

    A friendly Creation Kit release day reminder

    posted by Dark0ne Game News
    Hi folks. It's a great day today as Bethesda have finally released the Creation Kit for the masses to delve in to. Bethesda's servers are currently doing what I like to call "a Skyrim Nexus", in that they're down or very slow right now, but Steam and Valve's sites are fine, so if you're looking to get the Creation Kit then first ensure you have closed Steam, then restart Steam, go to "Library", "Tools" and then "Creation Kit". If you can't work it out from there, I don't think the Creation Kit is going to be for you!

    While I don't want to put a downer on the festivities, I wanted to put up a quick cautionary news post about our rules and the concept of respect, because I know everyone is really excited now and might do some dumb things they later regret.

    First of all the Creation Kit is property of Bethesda and they can choose to put any DRM or protective measures they want in to their software. Similarly, like the mod authors, it is their right to decide how and where they distribute the software. The Creation Kit is only available through Steam at this time and until Bethesda tell us otherwise please do not try to circumvent that and upload the Creation Kit here. As much as we'd love to host it, we're not allowed to, and I'm afraid if you upload it here you will have your files removed and your account banned. The Creation Kit is only available to people who have actually bought the game, and we do ban admitted pirates here, so be careful what you say.

    I fully pride myself on the respect we give to mod authors and their right to choose how and where their mods get distributed. It's something we've championed for 10 years now and we're not going to stop. Some mod authors are going to choose to be exclusive to one site (which is never a good idea, and I've said as much plenty of times!) while others will spread their files across Steam Workshop, the Nexus, PES and others. How and where mod authors host their files is their decision, and not yours, so if you see a mod on Steam Workshop that isn't on the Nexus you do not have a right to upload that mod to the Nexus without the author's express written permission. And vice versa from Nexus to Steam Workshop. Please remember that, because mod authors spend a hell of a lot of time releasing these mods for people to enjoy, so don't upset them by going against their wishes.

    As for us, we're still busy working away. Getting the Creation Kit is great, and we'll see over the coming months how the Steam Workshop integration pans out. It's too soon to tell how it will affect things! When the dust has settled I'll do another video blog to share my thoughts on the events that have happened within the community, including what we're up to as well as the Creation Kit and Steam Workshop.

    Happy modding folks.
  • 07 February 2012

    The Creation Kit is live!

    posted by Zaldiir Game News
    Bethesda just released the Creation Kit on Steam!

    To download it, go to "View" -> "Tools", and look for "Creation Kit".

    Along with the Creation Kit, they also had a surprise, which was a HD Texture Pack! (Yeah, I know - we knew that...) This pack can be downloaded by right clicking Skyrim, and then clicking "View Downloadable Content", then "View available downloadable content for this game". And there it is!
  • 03 February 2012

    Creation Kit scheduled for Tuesday

    posted by Zaldiir Game News
    Bethesda announced on the Elder Scrolls Facebook page that the CK is on track for release on Tuesday, and also that they have a special surprise with it!

    So, everyone - hang in there. It is not far away!

    Update: Semi-confirmable rumours abound on the official forums, using the magic of the Steam Content Description Records that the "surprise" is an official high-res texture pack for Skyrim.

    Source Facebook: The Elder Scrolls
  • 01 February 2012

    Skyrim update 1.4 now live!

    posted by Zaldiir Game News
    Skyrim update 1.4 is now out of beta and is live on Steam!

    Console users:
    As an update to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 users, we’re submitting 1.4 to the console manufacturers this week. When these updates are available, we’ll let everyone know.

    As always, I will keep you updated on the SKSE!

    • Skyrim launcher support for Skyrim Workshop (PC)
    • General optimizations for memory and performance
    • Fixed occasional issue with armor and clothing not displaying properly when placed on mannequins in player’s house (PS3)
    • Long term play optimizations for memory and performance (PS3)
    • Improved compiler optimization settings (PC)
    • Memory optimizations related to scripting
    • Fixed issue with dangling scripts not properly clearing from memory
    • Fixed crashes related to pathing and AI
    • Fixed crash in “Haemar’s Shame” if player had already completed “A Daedra’s Best Friend”
    • Fixed rare crash with loading saved games
    • Fixed issue with accented characters not displaying properly at the end of a line
    • Fixed issue where dragon priest masks would not render correctly
    • Fixed issue where quests would incorrectly progress after reloading a save
    • Fixed issues with placing and removing books from bookshelves in the player’s home
    • Optimized bookshelf script in player-owned houses that would occasionally block other scripts from properly firing off
    • Fixed issue where weapon racks and plaques would not work correctly in player’s house if player immediately visits their house before purchasing any upgrades
    • Fixed issue where the player house in Windhelm would not clean up properly
    • Fixed crash related to giant attacks and absorb spells
    • Fixed issue with ash piles not cleaning up properly
    • Fixed occasional issue where overwriting an existing save would fail
    • Fixed memory crash with container menu
    • Fixed infinite loop with bookshelves
    • Fixed issue where transforming back to human from werewolf would occasionally fail
    • Bows and daggers will display properly when placed on weapon racks
    • Fixed occasional audio issue that would play sound effects louder than intended
    • Fixed bug related to hitching between cell boundaries
    • Master Criminal achievement/trophy unlocks properly in French, German, Spanish and Italian
    • Fixed issue where traps in Shalidor’s Maze would not work properly in French, German, Spanish and Italian versions
    • The Unusual Gem that was inside the Thalmor Embassy is now accessible after finishing “Diplomatic Immunity”
    • In “Breaching Security”, the quest token is no longer required to receive a fortune reading from Olava the Feeble
    • Fixed issue where Galmar would not complete Joining the Stormcloaks properly if “Season Unending” was an active quest
    • Fixed issue where starting “Season Unending” after finishing “Joining the Stormcloaks” would prevent “The Jagged Crown” from starting properly
    • Fixed issue where progressing through “Message to Whiterun” while “Season Unending” was still open would block progression for both quests
    • In “Arniel’s Endeavor”, fixed issue where a quest journal would trigger multiple times
    • In “Forbidden Legend”, the amulet fragment can no longer disappear after player leaves a dungeon without taking it
    • Fixed rare issue in “Forbidden Legend” where killing Mikrul Gauldurson while sneaking would make his corpse unaccessible
    • In “The White Phial”, the phial can no longer disappear if player leaves dungeon without taking it
    • “The White Phial” will now start properly if player already has a briar heart in their inventory
    • Player can no longer get stuck in Misty Grove after completing “A Night to Remember”
    • Fixed issue where leaving Riften during “A Chance Arrangement” would prevent quest from progressing
    • In “Darkness Returns”, a door in Twilight Sepulcher will properly open if the player leaves the dungeon for an extended period of time before completing the quest
    • In “Revealing the Unseen”, if the player leaves the Oculory for an extended period of time after placing the focusing crystal and returns, the quest will proceed correctly
    • “Onmund’s Request” will now start properly if player has already found Enthir’s staff before receiving this quest
    • Fixed instance where Tonilia would stop buying stolen items and also would not give Guild Leader Armor
    • “Repairing the Phial” will start properly if player already has unmelting snow or mammoth tusk in their inventory
    • Finding Pantea’s Flute before speaking with Pantea no longer prevents her quest from updating
    • In “The Break of Dawn”, fixed rare instance where a quest object would spawn incorrectly on the Katariah during Hail Sithis
    • Fixed rare issue in “The Mind of Madness” where player is unable to equip the Wabbajack
    • Fixed issue in “Pieces of the Past” where Mehrunes Dagon’s Razor will not trigger properly if player leaves the cell for extended period of time before activating it
    • “Blood’s Honor” will start properly if you visited and completed Driftshade and an extended period of time passes before starting the quest.
    • Fixed rare issue where “Dampened Spirits” would not start properly
    • Fixed issue where player would be unable to become Thane of Riften if they purchased a home first
    • Fixed issue where killing guards in Cidhna Mine would block progression for “No One Escapes Cidhna Mine”
    • Fixed numerous issues with “Blood on the Ice” not triggering properly
    • In “Blood on the Ice”, Calixto can now be killed if player owns a house in Windhelm
    • In “The Cure for Madness”, killing Cicero then resurrecting him no longer impedes quest progress
    • Fixed rare issue in “To Kill an Empire” where an NPC would fail to die properly
    • Clearing Knifepoint Ridge before starting “Boethiah’s Champion” no longer prevents quest from starting.

    Source BethBlog
  • 01 February 2012

    First look: Creation Kit

    posted by Zaldiir Game News
    The Creation Kit with Steam Workshop integration is nearly here!

    New diary from Production Director Ashley Cheng:

    With each game we release — Morrowind, Oblivion, Fallout 3, and now Skyrim — modders continue to use our worlds as a canvas to build the most incredibly creative and fun mods in gaming. The fact that Morrowind’s modding community is still going strong 10 years after its release is a testament to how essential our community is to the success of our games.

    We’re big believers that if we go the extra mile and make our games as moddable as possible, the game will only be better for it. So the gameplay of “do whatever you want” extends to “make the game do whatever you want.” As we were building Skyrim and its tools, we made it a goal to try and keep the transition from our previous titles to Skyrim as smooth as possible for modders. More importantly, we want to make it easier for more people to enjoy mods. So we teamed up with Valve and created the Skyrim Workshop. We couldn’t be more pleased with how it’s turning out. Mods are a big part of what makes our games special, so we urge everyone to try it out. We’re going to keep looking for ways to get mods to more people, and hopefully one day to our console audience.

    With Skyrim Workshop, you can browse and search for the latest or highest rated mods, subscribe to any that interest you, rate your favorites and post feedback. Once you’ve subscribed to some mods, start the Skyrim launcher and you’ll see your subscribed mods automatically download. The launcher will even check if a mod has been updated and grab the latest version.

    If you want to try making mods (and we think everybody should), the Creation Kit will be a free download via Steam under Tools. The Creation Kit has lots of new features, including the ability to build archives. Plus you’ll want to check out the Creation Kit Wiki, our online documentation and help file, for more details.

    Of course, you’ll still be able to use popular fan-hosted mod sites like Skyrim Nexus to find great mods to play. We did not change any functionality to exclude the way mods worked previously. We even added a few features to help out — for instance, custom INI files can now be packaged into mods so you don’t need to backup your INI files anymore.

    And we’re not done. Neither is Valve. Give us your feedback on the Creation Kit and Skyrim Workshop in our forums. We both have updates in the works, so give us your thoughts.

    Big thanks to programmers Ken Cockerham, Mike Lipari, and Shannon Bailey for getting the Skyrim Workshop up and running with Skyrim. And special kudos to Joel Burgess (who originally brought up the idea of using Steam Workshop) for shepherding this process along the way.

    We’d also like to give big shout outs to Valve. We are all big Valve fan boys. Thanks to David Sawyer, Josh Weier, Pieter Wycoff, Kurtis Chinn, Tom Bui, Alden Kroll and Jason Holtman.

    Finally, we’d like to thank all the modders who volunteered to beta test the Creation Kit and Skyrim Workshop. Your feedback has been invaluable.

    We can’t wait to see your work!

    (Incomplete) list of changes in the CK compared to the CS and the Geck:
    • New Scripting language, called Papyrus. Similarities to Ruby and Python.
    • Scripts can be applied to references.
    • Totally overhauled Dialogue Editor. (Unrecognisable!)
    • Grass and water is viewable in the editor.
    • Archives can be created in the kit itself.
    • Mods can be uploaded directly to Steam Workshop (1GB file size limit) - but can also be saved, and uploaded to other sites, like the Nexus.
  • 30 January 2012

    Skyrim beta update 1.4.21

    posted by Zaldiir Game News
    The third beta update (1.4.21) is now on Steam. It only features one change though:
    • Fixed bug related to hitching between cell boundaries.

    We really appreciate the feedback from our Steam Beta. We anticipate the 1.4 update going live this week for all on the PC and being sent to the console manufacturers. The Creation Kit won’t be far behind.

    (Source: BethBlog)

    SKSE is now updated to 1.04.08, so if you have Skyrim beta update 1.4.21, go grab the SKSE Update!
  • 29 January 2012

    Site performance tweaks and update

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Over the course of this weekend Axel and I have been implementing a few performance tweaks on Skyrim Nexus to get the most out of the servers and ensure a more stable and faster browsing experience. It's my opinion that these tweaks have been a great success as the site has been loading a lot faster. If you'd be so kind, please leave some feedback on this article to let me know if you've been experiencing faster browsing on Skyrim Nexus.

    A small by-product of one of these tweaks is that some of the file stats; the page views, download and unique download counters, are no longer real-time but update every 10 minutes or so. I think that this small time delay in receiving file stats is a small price to pay for a much more stable Skyrim Nexus but apologise to any mod authors who don't like this minor change. But please know, it's not a bug, and your stats are still being fully recorded and will update regularly.