• 21 February 2012

    Dark0ne's Video Blog - State of the Union

    posted by Dark0ne Site News

    A couple of months back I uploaded my first video blog for the Nexus sites, partly to save my hands from writing out the typically 2,000 - 4,000 work essay blogs I used to write, and also so you could see what I look like and see my mannerisms when I expressed my opinions. I said I would do some more if they were well received and I had the time, and today I've finally gotten around to doing another.

    Today's video blog takes on the roll of a "State of the Union" type address. I cover the recent release of Steam Workshop and how it has affected the community and the Nexus sites, what we've been up to recently and what we'll be working on in the not too distant future.

    While I had set out to make this video shorter than the last one I still managed to talk for 30 minutes without even realising it (my teachers always used to say I suffered from verbal diarrhea) so if you're only interested in a specific subject I'm talking about then take a look at the times in the contents list below:

    1. Prologue, introduction to the video (0:00)
    2. A talk on Steam Workshop and it's effect on the Nexus/the community (1:05)
    3. What we've been up to at the Nexus in the past few months (9:47)
    4. The future and what we're going to be working on (12:25)
    4.1 Point of contention #1 - only showing content to users that they actually care to see (14:57)
    4.2 Point of contention #2 - increasing the visibility of mods past the first week (16:40)
    4.3 Point of contention #3 - overhaul of the moderation system (23:00)
    4.4 File uploading system overhaul (27:14)
    4.5 The Nexus Mod Manager (28:40)
    5. Finishing up (29:50)

    If you're the sort of person who likes listening to podcasts, or would simply prefer an MP3 to listen to on a portable device or on your PC rather than listening to the YouTube video, then I have uploaded the audio from the video blog here for you to download.
  • 21 February 2012

    Skyrim beta update 1.4.26

    posted by Zaldiir Game News
    Today, Bethesda released a new beta update for Skyrim (v1.4.26).

    Reminder: This patch is still in development. Apply the update at your own risk and only if you are affected by issues outlines below.

    Change Log

    • Fixed issue with downloading mods when you are subscribed to more than 50 mods
    • Fixed crash when loading a subscribed mod that has been removed from Workshop by the author
    • Mod load order functionality

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed occasional crashes when loading a save that relies on plugins/master files that no longer exist
    • Fixed issue where controls would become unresponsive while charging an enchanted weapon
    • Fixed issue where controls would occasionally become unresponsive while switching from third to first person while using the Arcane Enchanter
    • Fixed issue where controls would become unresponsive if activating a crafting station with autorun active
    • Fixed issue where keyboard would fail if Rename Item was selected before choosing the number of charges, while using Arcane Enchanter
    • Fixed several issues with remapping buttons while using an Xbox 360 controller
    • Fixed issue where pressing Escape button after fast traveling but before the loading would cause certain menus to stop working properly

    If you opt into the Beta, be sure to back up your saved games or simply be careful not to overwrite your existing saves. If you decide to opt out of the beta program, your old saves will still work with the current release of Skyrim (v 1.4).

    As a reminder, to get the beta, you need to do the following:

    Log into Steam
    Click on Steam in the upper menu
    Select Settings
    Under the Account tab, go to the Beta Participation section and select Change.
    A drop down menu will appear. Select Skyrim Beta.
    Select OK.
    Steam will now restart. After Steam restarts, Skyrim will be updated to the Beta version currently available.

    If you decide you don’t want to run the Beta anymore, redo steps 1 – 4. At the drop down, select NONE – Opt out of all beta programs. Let Steam restart, and Skyrim will automatically update itself back to the latest released version.

    To provide feedback on the beta update, use our beta forum.
  • 15 February 2012

    New video tutorial for NMM by Gopher, NMM passes 300,000 unique downloads

    posted by Dark0ne Game News
    The Nexus Mod Manager recently passed the 300,000 unique downloads mark, which means that at least 300,000 of you are helping us to beta test the latest version of NMM. We've still got so much left to do with NMM, and I'm currently trying to see if I can squeeze enough out of the Nexus site budget to get a programmer on full-time to work on making NMM as stable and feature rich as possible. That's my hope (and if you're a C# programmer living in the UK, let me know!).

    While I can't program in OOP languages to save my life, what I can do is documentation. A couple of weeks back I asked well known mod video blogger and Nexus member Gopher if he would be willing to create a video tutorial for people who were new to NMM. If you're not in the know, Gopher has a popular following of YouTubers who tune in to the regular mod review videos he publishes on his YouTube channel. I highly recommend them!

    The video is now available and takes you through everything from downloading and installing NMM, getting it to work with FOMM to installing mods, managing mods and updating mods. It runs at 34 minutes, and I know some of you have ADD (among other things) and might not be able to sit still for 34 minutes, so I've taken the liberty of making a Wiki page that details what is in the video under specific headings, along with time links to the specific time in the YouTube video. So if you're only interested in learning about one area, you don't need to watch the whole thing to find it.

    On the subject of the Wiki, the Wiki now has it's own NMM category and I've begun the long process of adding pages to the Wiki specifically for the Nexus Mod Manager. The hope is that in the not too distant future it will cover everything from the simple basics, to the really technical stuff like how to make those really cool scripted installers that make NMM really handy to have. Remember that you can help with publishing Wiki articles, and if you're serious about helping out then get in contact with me, I can help you learn the ropes of the Wiki (if you've never done wiki articles before) and maybe sort you out with a little Premium time for your troubles.
  • 15 February 2012

    Site problems today

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    The backup has been restored and everything seems to be working again. This issue ONLY affected forum posts and file and image comments. All other data is up-to-date. Please note that the backup was from 10am GMT, so any posts made between 10am and 2PM GMT today will have, unfortunately, have been lost in the restore process. Apologies for this issue, but if it's any consolation, the table corruption has now been fixed! Yay!

    Original post
    I've been working hard today trying to fix an issue with a key database table that has become corrupted. I still haven't fixed the issue and I'm having to revert to a database backup made about 4 hours ago. This means that forum posts and file and image comments from the past 4 hours will "go missing", never to return.

    I've brought the sites back online so you can still use almost all the functionality during this time consuming process, but please be aware that file and image comments will currently be blank. I'm obviously aware of this issue and working hard to fix it!
  • 14 February 2012

    6 million Skyrim mod downloads in first week since CK launch (from SW and Nexus)

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Bethesda announced on their blog today that Steam Workshop has clocked over 2 million mod downloads since it was launched, along with the Creation Kit, a week ago. Combined with the download figures from Skyrim Nexus, which are currently standing at 4.4 million downloads in the past week, that means that over 6 million mods have been downloaded for Skyrim since the Creation Kit was launched (and obviously not including download counts from other community sites!). A very impressive achievement for the Elder Scrolls modding community.

    In other news, I'm aware I promised another video blog recently and I was all ready to get one cranked out with my ugly mug on it at the start of this week, but, alas, I've been in bed since the weekend with a fever and head cold, so I'm hoping to get one out by the end of this week or the start of the next. It'll take on the form of a kind of State of the Union address, and I'll try to talk about recent events, what we've been up to and where we'd like to be further on down the line while sharing some of the cool stuff we've got in the pipeline. Stay tuned on that one. I don't really want to post a video of me looking green on YouTube!
  • 12 February 2012

    Major battle scene video

    posted by Lingwei Game News
    Tyrannicon has uploaded a video to Youtube showing a major battle between a force of undead and Dwarven Armour clad soldiers occuring at Fort Greymoor, near Whiterun.

    The video uses several mods, along with console commands, to achieve the impressive effects.

    The video uses Darksiders' Swords by drk937, Midas Magic - Spells in Skyrim by Xilver, Skyrim NPC Editor by foretrenty, and Skyrim Photography Toolkit - Weather Control and Lenses by MIND BULL3TS.
  • 09 February 2012

    Skyrim developers complete week-long mod jam

    posted by Agonofinis Mod News
    Kotaku has posted a video which shows Skyrim lead Todd Howard speaking at the D.I.C.E. 2012 game development conference. Howard spoke at length about a "Game Jam", held internally at Bethesda, where the Skyrim team were tasked with creating new content and porting it into the game, purely as a creative exercise. The results, I am sure you agree, are pretty mind-blowing.

    Watch the video to see it all in action, but below is a full list of the new features:


    - Seasonal foliage and shedding leaves on trees.
    - Flow-based water shaders.
    - Fully animated spears.
    - Magic and ranged combat slow-motion kill-cams.
    - Water arrows and a Detect Life-esque "Assassin's Vision"
    - Guards that re-light torches.
    - Paralysis runes.
    - Moving platforms and hanging structures in dungeons.
    - Fast-flowing underground currents.
    - Pitch-black dungeons.
    - New follower customisation, commands and favoriting.
    - Adoption.
    - Building of your own home (with skeletal butler).
    - Combining spells for new effects.
    - Goblins.
    - New Draugr
    - Waygate fast travel.
    - Skeletal horse mounts.
    - Mounted combat.
    - Dragon mounts.
    - Soulbug familiar.
    - Kinect-based Shouts.
    - SSAO.
    - Better underwater visuals.
    - Footprints in snow.
    - Verlet surfaces for non-rigid objects (which means morningstars and flabby giants).
    - Fire and ice arrows.
    - Werebears.
    - Lycanthropy perk tree.
    - Vampire feeding.
    - Becoming a flying vampire lord with vampire imp minions.
    - Mudcrab animation tweaks.
    - A 100 foot-tall mudcrab.

    PLEASE keep in mind that these are purely "experiments", and Howard states explicitly that there is no guarantee that any of these features will make it into the game, as DLC or free updates. This possibility is not ruled out, however.

    For the moment, it is encouraging to see what can be achieved with Creation Kit, and in particular the Papyrus scripting language.

    I think that you should be very busy right now.
  • 07 February 2012

    Nexus modding competition, sponsored by Nvidia and iBuyPower

    posted by Dark0ne Game News

    A few months back some folks from Nvidia got in contact with me. They were clearly impressed with the modding community and how many awesome mods there were. Last month I joined some of them for an interview while they discussed their tweak guide in detail with famous modder, Martigen. Nvidia are now one of two sponsors in a Skyrim Nexus modding competition.

    The timing is perfect. The Creation Kit(tm) has just been released opening up a whole world of modding possibilities. To celebrate the impending influx of awesome mods we've teamed up with Nvidia and iBuyPower to offer some great prizes to mod authors on Skyrim Nexus.

    Because I didn't want to stifle the creativity of any mod authors who wanted to participate in the competition, this modding competition is going to be slightly different to past themed competitions that we've run. Now there's no theme at all! We're running a completely open competition that all mods uploaded to Skyrim Nexus will be able to enter in to, even if you uploaded your mods before this announcement.

    Prizes include a completely brand spanking new, Skyrim branded PC from iBuyPower, and some great video cards from Nvidia.

    Head on over to our competition page for more details on how and what you can win!
  • 07 February 2012

    A friendly Creation Kit release day reminder

    posted by Dark0ne Game News
    Hi folks. It's a great day today as Bethesda have finally released the Creation Kit for the masses to delve in to. Bethesda's servers are currently doing what I like to call "a Skyrim Nexus", in that they're down or very slow right now, but Steam and Valve's sites are fine, so if you're looking to get the Creation Kit then first ensure you have closed Steam, then restart Steam, go to "Library", "Tools" and then "Creation Kit". If you can't work it out from there, I don't think the Creation Kit is going to be for you!

    While I don't want to put a downer on the festivities, I wanted to put up a quick cautionary news post about our rules and the concept of respect, because I know everyone is really excited now and might do some dumb things they later regret.

    First of all the Creation Kit is property of Bethesda and they can choose to put any DRM or protective measures they want in to their software. Similarly, like the mod authors, it is their right to decide how and where they distribute the software. The Creation Kit is only available through Steam at this time and until Bethesda tell us otherwise please do not try to circumvent that and upload the Creation Kit here. As much as we'd love to host it, we're not allowed to, and I'm afraid if you upload it here you will have your files removed and your account banned. The Creation Kit is only available to people who have actually bought the game, and we do ban admitted pirates here, so be careful what you say.

    I fully pride myself on the respect we give to mod authors and their right to choose how and where their mods get distributed. It's something we've championed for 10 years now and we're not going to stop. Some mod authors are going to choose to be exclusive to one site (which is never a good idea, and I've said as much plenty of times!) while others will spread their files across Steam Workshop, the Nexus, PES and others. How and where mod authors host their files is their decision, and not yours, so if you see a mod on Steam Workshop that isn't on the Nexus you do not have a right to upload that mod to the Nexus without the author's express written permission. And vice versa from Nexus to Steam Workshop. Please remember that, because mod authors spend a hell of a lot of time releasing these mods for people to enjoy, so don't upset them by going against their wishes.

    As for us, we're still busy working away. Getting the Creation Kit is great, and we'll see over the coming months how the Steam Workshop integration pans out. It's too soon to tell how it will affect things! When the dust has settled I'll do another video blog to share my thoughts on the events that have happened within the community, including what we're up to as well as the Creation Kit and Steam Workshop.

    Happy modding folks.
  • 07 February 2012

    The Creation Kit is live!

    posted by Zaldiir Game News
    Bethesda just released the Creation Kit on Steam!

    To download it, go to "View" -> "Tools", and look for "Creation Kit".

    Along with the Creation Kit, they also had a surprise, which was a HD Texture Pack! (Yeah, I know - we knew that...) This pack can be downloaded by right clicking Skyrim, and then clicking "View Downloadable Content", then "View available downloadable content for this game". And there it is!