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    IGN makes controversial top 100 "greatest" RPG list

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    IGN proves that "greatest" is entirely subjective with their newest list of "100
    Greatest RPGs of All Time".

    Skyrim being the newest and flashiest takes out the highest position among the games covered by the Nexus sites at 7th Place.

    How easy it was to spend an afternoon, a weekend, a month, in the world of Skyrim. Like its Elder Scrolls predecessors, Skyrim contained a massive land to explore -- a land teeming with quests, characters, and treasure. Considering the gaming community's loving reception of Skyrim, from complex mods to cover ballads, gamers clearly appreciate a quest they control. The open-ended nature of the plot and play facilitates a nearly endless number of characters to create. Venomous archers and armored spell casters make up just a few of the roles players define for themselves in Skyrim. All while marching through the snow in time with Jeremy Soule's unforgettable Dragonborn theme.

    Fallout 3 rounds out the top ten at tenth place.

    Fallout 3 marked a shift in the industry, a move that saw the western RPG begin to surpass its Japanese counterparts. Fallout 3 is a massive game set in an equally massive open world where you can go in any direction you like and do anything you want to do... as long as you can survive long enough to do so, that is. Set in a post-apocalyptic American wasteland rife with memorable characters, Fallout 3 is the epitome of the deep, modern RPG and the archetype that many developers will mimic moving forward.

    It beat both the original Fallout (#34) and Fallout 2 (#28) despite the original Fallout oftened being cited as one of the finest examples of computer role playing games by subject matter experts.

    Oblivion at #22 also somehow beat both orinal Fallouts, and Morrowind as well at #32.

    Fallout New Vegas scrapes in the bottom of the barrel at #89.

    Dragon Age didn't make the cut at all, Neverwinter Nights got #31, and The Witcher 2 managed #78. The first Witcher did not get on.

    Planescape: Tormet, pretty much the deepest RPG ever written, was the only one of the old school style story over graphics games to get a high rank at #13.

    Troika's games such as Arcanum, Temple of Elemental Evil and Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines weren't mentioned at all.

    Pokemon Red/Blue was Numbuh 4.

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