• 7 August 2013 16:34:11

    Shadowrun Returns and Chivalry Medieval Warfare now supported on the Nexus

    posted by Dark0ne
    With the worst of the fallout from the recent site changes now behind us and things improving in the long run we’re back to working on improving the site functionality and expanding the network. While I’m trying to hold back on releasing new Nexus sites until our centralisation is done when I’ll never have to worry about launching a Nexus site in the same conventional way again, I’ve delayed the launch of these sites for quite some time so I can no longer wait.

    Towards the beginning of July I was contacted by the folks over at Torn Banner Studios to see if I might be willing to provide a centralised location to host mods for Chivalry Medieval Warfare which is always an honour. I’ve obviously delayed the release of the site until I’m confident that things are stable again since our server moves and now that they are I’m happy to announce the release of Chivalry Medieval Warfare Nexus.

    Torn Banner released their SDK for the game not too long ago which has opened up the potential for lots of new custom content and maps. Lots of stuff is already released and being worked on via their forums. The previous month I’d bought Chivalry and had a good playthrough of it so I was more than interested in helping out. For those who don’t know Chivalry Medieval Warfare is a popular first-person multiplayer game that pits two teams of knights, archers, men-at-arms and vanguards against each other in various map locations with various different objectives to complete. The teams are red and blue, hence the red and blue colour scheme to the site! If you like your combat up close and personal with swords and polearms then Chivalry will be for you.

    There’s already several maps available to download for the game and I hope to see a lot more in the coming months.

    Not wanting to stop there I’ve received an unprecedented number of requests to release a site to help support the Shadowrun Returns community. Shadowrun Returns was one of the first high-profile video game success stories to come from Kickstarter when it received over 400% of the funding that was initially requested and the game was launched towards the end of July to much fanfare.

    While I’ve yet to play the game I’m very much aware that it’s a game that is going to rely on and thrive upon custom content and indeed most of the game has been built to revolve around the custom content that the user base is working on. It launched with a fully functioning editor that most people have commented is very easy to use along with Steam Workshop support. Initially I wasn’t too bothered in releasing a Nexus site for the game considering the direct integration with Steam Workshop right from the start but unfortunately the integration has had a number of teething issues that are yet to be resolved making things tough for some mod authors. So why not release a Nexus site to help spread the teething issue load? We can teeth together.

    Shadowrun Returns Nexus is now up, launched and already being populated with work from the community.

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