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  • 51. A Matter of Time - A HUD clock widget for Skyrim

    This mod adds a clock to the HUD showing the current time of day and more.

    updated 15:28, 2 Oct 2016 1,018,345 65,843 1,208kb SkyAmigo

  • 52. Guard Dialogue Overhaul for Skyrim

    More Dialogue, More Realism, More Respect. This Mod alters the Guard Dialogue, changing it from something that breaks your immersion in the world of Skyrim to something that actually increases it. All in the original voices and Fully compliant with Skyrim Lore.

    updated 12:30, 8 Jan 2016 1,522,153 76,253 39kb Eckss

  • 53. Unofficial Dawnguard Patch for Skyrim

    A comprehensive bugfixing mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dawnguard.

    updated 7:08, 9 Dec 2015 3,443,422 172,178 5,789kb Arthmoor

  • 54. Sounds of Skyrim - The Wilds for Skyrim

    Adds around 115 sound effects that are played in Skyrim's wilderness. Distant animals, rain impact on structures and more.

    updated 16:58, 30 Jul 2013 1,819,729 65,799 48kb Cliffworms

  • 55. OSA - Skyrim Ascendancy Engine for Skyrim

    OSA is an engine that adds on to Skyrim's potential in many ways. The heart of it is an animation framework that allows developers to have stronger control, effects, and usability in animated scenes. This ties to OSA's PERSONA system adding depth to character's personalities beyond what Skyrim provides. It provides a number of side UI

    updated 0:13, 12 Sep 2016 171,066 6,977 30,340kb CE0

  • 56. Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul for Skyrim

    Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul is a plugin for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

    Its main objective is to greatly improve the Artificial Intelligence (AI) of friendly NPCs (citizens) present in Skyrim in order to make them act and react like true humans, thereby increasing in-game immersion.

    updated 2:34, 9 Oct 2016 652,844 29,955 3,727kb Shurah

  • 57. Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers for Skyrim

    Adds quest markers to all 24 of the Stones of Barenziah (Unusual Gems) that you need to find/collect for the "No Stone Unturned" quest. For those like me who want to complete the quest, but don't like looking up all those locations

    updated 11:22, 25 Aug 2015 832,757 51,682 2kb toaDime

  • 58. Dual Sheath Redux for Skyrim

    Ever wondered why you couldn't see your left hand weapon in Skyrim? What about staves, they don't just disappear into thin air when sheathed! You want to carry your shield on your back you say? Look no further!

    updated 22:25, 18 Oct 2016 2,584,702 63,478 46,678kb Neovalen

  • 59. Unofficial Dragonborn Patch for Skyrim

    A comprehensive bug fixing mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dragonborn

    updated 7:09, 9 Dec 2015 3,160,968 165,558 12,809kb Arthmoor

  • 60. FNIS Sexy Move for Skyrim

    Tired of all females NPCs moving the same uninspired way? All females? No, not even that. Because your Housecarl and spouse Lydia even walks like men do. Argh!

    Now here is your solution: FNIS Sexy Move. FNIS Sexy Move will randomly select 1 out of 9 available walk and run animations for any female NPC that is in the area of the p

    updated 9:24, 3 Dec 2015 788,915 48,465 3kb fore

  • 61. Ultimate HD Fire Effects for Skyrim

    You can choose between the Ultra, Medium and Low Resolution version of the mod. This mod changes all fire effects in the land of Skyrim (fire spells, campfires, braziers, torches, dragonfire, some smoke effects etc.)

    updated 11:30, 14 Sep 2016 1,692,381 55,868 137kb rheadude

  • 62. Helgen Reborn for Skyrim

    Helgen Reborn is a fully voiced adventure with over 20 superb voice actors. As you help rebuild the town you'll reunite two old friends, uncover an underground slavery ring, battle in an arena and many other adventures! If you enjoyed other Mike Hancho mods, you will be blown away by Helgen Reborn as this is my most ambitious mod to date.

    updated 4:46, 8 Oct 2016 1,039,107 65,598 1,848kb Mike Hancho

  • 63. Unofficial Hearthfire Patch for Skyrim

    A comprehensive bugfixing mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Hearthfire

    updated 7:10, 9 Dec 2015 2,992,687 159,260 1,972kb Arthmoor

  • 64. Sounds of Skyrim - Civilization for Skyrim

    Adds 223 new sound effects that are played in Skyrim's cities, villages and small hamlets. Sounds include city activity (doors, children) , interior weather (thunderstorms) and tavern activity (shouts, crowd) and many more.

    updated 16:59, 30 Jul 2013 1,356,213 51,673 60kb Cliffworms

  • 65. Safety Load for Skyrim

    This mod blocks "Infinite Loading Screen" bug and game freezing during play.

    updated 11:35, 4 Jan 2014 1,135,291 55,831 3kb kapaer

  • 66. Winter Is Coming - Cloaks for Skyrim

    Winter is coming is a series of mods that add lore friendly items into the world through the use of level lists and crafting, this will add more diversity to the game while keeping the "feel" of Skyrim.
    WIC Cloaks edition provides new Cloaks and Hoods to the game.

    updated 21:41, 17 Oct 2016 1,901,596 73,639 6kb nivea

  • 67. Interesting NPCs for Skyrim

    NPCs with more extensive dialogue and role play choices.

    Over 250+ fully voiced NPCs, 25+ followers, 15+ marriage NPCs, and 50+ quests.

    updated 22:11, 6 Oct 2016 2,644,180 82,272 2,149,420kb kristakahashi

  • 68. RaceCompatibility for Skyrim and Dawnguard for Skyrim

    This package allows mod authors to make mods based on the RaceCompatibility.esm to work properly with Dawnguard. With optional compatibility for UFO, USKP/USLEEP, Better Vampires. Also fixes a bug in RaceCompatibility related to multiple custom races.

    updated 21:15, 21 Oct 2016 1,417,371 52,442 147kb TMPhoenix

  • 69. Sounds of Skyrim - The Dungeons for Skyrim

    Adds 115+ sound effects to the game's dungeons that are played depending on the dungeons' inhabitants.

    updated 16:59, 30 Jul 2013 1,566,552 56,764 26kb Cliffworms

  • 70. Better Females by Bella for Skyrim

    Replaces default female textures

    updated 0:37, 3 Oct 2015 3,002,130 83,021 329kb BellaGail

  • 71. Auto Unequip Ammo for Skyrim

    This mod will automatically unequip ammo when ranged weapon is unequipped and equip the same ammo back when you equip the ranged weapon again. Optional auto created equp sets - last used ammo can be remembered per each ranged weapon. Supports up to 25 followers from either EFF, UFO or AFT. Custom ammo is fully supported.

    updated 8:47, 11 Mar 2013 1,710,571 71,772 9kb mitchalek

  • 72. RS Children Overhaul for Skyrim

    Overhauls the appearance of all children. Also adds some outfits and accessories (currently only for boys).

    Enables compatibility with ECE features (facial sliders, basic expressions, Vertex Edit) for those who want to edit children themselves.

    updated 21:15, 3 Aug 2016 1,157,478 45,788 8,765kb Ranaline

  • 73. Female Facial Animation for Skyrim

    This file improves the expression of a female character, and a motion of a mouth.

    updated 0:44, 30 Jul 2015 1,095,022 50,049 103kb nao4288

  • 74. Immersive Animations for Skyrim

    New and adjusted animations

    updated 16:44, 15 May 2015 1,904,451 56,288 2,349kb Bergzore

  • 75. VioLens - A Killmove Mod for Skyrim

    SkyUI and SKSE Required.
    VioLens - A Killmove Mod gives you in-game control over both Ranged and Melee Killmoves. Version 2.0+ provides more Killmove Customization than ever before, allowing you to pick which Killmoves you'd like to see trigger for each weapon type and then saving/loading those picks using the Profile System.

    updated 5:45, 13 May 2016 614,936 35,402 7kb lRekol