• 311

    Rai Follower
    Rai Follower
    by overknee
  • 558

    Follower Sisters Liz and Phili
    Follower Sisters Liz a...
    by sisimaru69
  • 525

    Beautiful Healers
    Beautiful Healers
    by psychoslaphead
  • 1,005

    Sylvanas-a standalone follower
    Sylvanas-a standalone ...
    by ilikeawp
  • 34

    Follower Nada
    Follower Nada
    by cengowar
  • 1,445

    Luthwen the Eldar elf mage-A standalone follower
    Luthwen the Eldar elf ...
    by Schwiftberg
  • 747

    Grandis the Elements Dancer- a standalone follower
    Grandis the Elements D...
    by RexTodd
  • 269

    Hazel the Giant Huntress
    Hazel the Giant Huntre...
    by bumblebee496
  • 54

    Amelia the Hero
    Amelia the Hero
    by Kamo141
  • 30

    Khajiit Caravan of Setvi - Redone - Skyrim
    Khajiit Caravan of Set...
    by SETVI
  • 348

    HS-Cat transformable follower
    HS-Cat transformable f...
    by segodon
  • 880

    Merry Follower
    Merry Follower
    by hinaryo
  • 1,560

    Jasmine-A Standalone Warrior Follower
    Jasmine-A Standalone W...
    by DleamsBlur
  • 40

    Terry - The Argonian Follower
    Terry - The Argonian F...
    by terry29291
  • 2

    Thorne the Smol
    Thorne the Smol
    by ironshield94
  • 42

    Stewards Of Hammerfell (WIP)
    Stewards Of Hammerfell...
    by Redden77
  • 2,188

    Eli the free shooter - custom voiced follower
    Eli the free shooter -...
    by tjdgh5251
  • 943

    Delilah - The Miscreant of Evermore - Standalone Follower and Character Preset
    Delilah - The Miscrean...
    by gundershot
  • 27

    Math's Follower Company
    Math's Follower Co...
    by BeauMath
  • 402

    Soletta the French-Speaking Bard Follower
    Soletta the French-Spe...
    by AlpineYJ
  • 8,864

    Nylea - Standalone Follower
    Nylea - Standalone Fol...
    by Syphoid
  • 28

    Tsiya Rokar
    Tsiya Rokar
    by mteshbkue
  • 1,083

    BigBizkit's Sexy Steampunk Sisters (STANDALONE)
    BigBizkit's Sexy S...
    by BigBizkit
  • 29

    Vigia The Khajiit
    Vigia The Khajiit
    by clockhound
  • 280

    Resalyn The Resilient Mage Follower CBBE
    Resalyn The Resilient ...
    by imAarwyn
  • 507

    BigBizkit's Sexy Pirate Followers (Standalone)
    BigBizkit's Sexy P...
    by BigBizkit
  • 19

    Martin The Pyromancer
    Martin The Pyromancer
    by bjotveit
  • 20

    Belrand's Haircut
    Belrand's Haircut
    by Aziara
  • 179

    Hitanaxu BishiFollowers
    Hitanaxu BishiFollower...
    by Hitanaxu
  • 319

    Gabriel Escarra
    Gabriel Escarra
    by PrinceNathan
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