• 3

    Frodnar The Great Big Bitch
    Frodnar The Great Big ...
    by XxMillerTime21xX
  • 10

    Karbjorn - Lore Friendly Nord Follower (WIP)
    Karbjorn - Lore Friend...
    by carizzma
  • 22

    Illidan Familiar face
    Illidan Familiar face
    by gaby2000
  • 224

    Serana Learns Soul Cairn Spells
    Serana Learns Soul Cai...
    by cdcooley
  • 73

    Dark Brotherhood Members - A Follower Mod
    Dark Brotherhood Membe...
    by TheOscar0
  • 519

    Ruina And Minas followers
    Ruina And Minas follow...
    by winterkk22913sky
  • 929

    melissa follower
    melissa follower
    by uga0216
  • 3,265

    GCE Follower Torte
    GCE Follower Torte
    by pikona
  • 39

    Liang Li - Familiar Faces Follower
    Liang Li - Familiar Fa...
    by Norslandersky
  • 20

    Aela Wolfblood
    Aela Wolfblood
    by brittishdragonborn
  • 26

    Marrok - Follower mod
    Marrok - Follower mod
    by xThaDeemon
  • 4,566

    Human Beast Caravan
    Human Beast Caravan
    by okame28
  • 39

    Nyri- Bosmer Huntress
    Nyri- Bosmer Huntress
    by Indiwolf14
  • 264

    Blaze and Frost follower standalone
    Blaze and Frost follow...
    by Hitanaxu
  • 4,597

    Followers of Aber
    Followers of Aber
    by Aberin
  • 766

    Children Fight Back (and Multiple Child Followers Guide)
    Children Fight Back (a...
    by PlagueHush
  • 204

    Twiggs (spriggan follower)
    Twiggs (spriggan follo...
    by 8bitonion
  • 12,095

    My Home Is Your Home v2.7
    My Home Is Your Home v...
    by smashly
  • 890

    Dawn - Female Dremora Follower
    Dawn - Female Dremora ...
    by Akarnan
  • 71

    Extra Followers
    Extra Followers
    by xdlowlad151
  • 559

    Yumi Mitsushige - Heir of Gaiden Shinji
    Yumi Mitsushige - Heir...
    by sa547
  • 49

    Disposition Ring - One Ring To Rule Them All
    Disposition Ring - One...
    by smashly
  • 85

    Thuriel - Bosmer Archer Follower
    Thuriel - Bosmer Arche...
    by ChumpChange1992
  • 513

    Sylia Standalone Follower
    Sylia Standalone Follo...
    by zahaku
  • 69

    fairy tail
    fairy tail
    by cloudfan228
  • 3,133

    waco Serana
    waco Serana
    by kiozuka
  • 18

    the finnish warrior
    the finnish warrior
    by albinoo
  • 331

    Alexandra Follower-UNP-
    Alexandra Follower-UNP...
    by jakeoberg
  • 31

    Hayden Great-Bear Follower Mod
    Hayden Great-Bear Foll...
    by imbakesirl
  • 4,093

    cynthia follower
    cynthia follower
    by uga0216
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