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  • 35

    Destruction Power
    Destruction Power
    by ololo2281337
  • 926

    Edda - Addon for Real Flying
    Edda - Addon for Real ...
    by EnaiSiaion
  • 128

    Overpower Magic
    Overpower Magic
    by Ninakoru
  • 106

    Whirlwinds Edge
    Whirlwinds Edge
    by thelawfull
  • 21

    Alchemy - The Original Use
    Alchemy - The Original...
    by Xydd
  • 88

    Essentials Need Healing
    Essentials Need Healin...
    by thelawfull
  • 86

    Simple Magic Overhaul - Ordinator Patch
    Simple Magic Overhaul ...
    by Studio5
  • 62

    No More Diseases
    No More Diseases
    by thelawfull
  • 251

    Better Enchanting Perks Tree Reborn
    Better Enchanting Perk...
    by adolphen
  • 688

    Lord of the Dead Reborn
    Lord of the Dead Rebor...
    by adolphen
  • 51

    E725's Enhanced Extra Effect - A Fair and Balanced Adaptive Mod To Make The Entire Enchanting Tree Worth It
    E725's Enhanced Ex...
    by Epsilon725
  • 76

    Horseback Magic and Philter of Phantom
    Horseback Magic and Ph...
    by Jrew
  • 94

    Way of the Voice - Legendary Shouts
    Way of the Voice - Leg...
    by Toberone
  • 23

    E725 - Magicka Launcher Mod
    E725 - Magicka Launche...
    by Epsilon725
  • 129

    Balanced Magic Ac3s version
    Balanced Magic Ac3s ve...
    by Ac3s
  • 55

    No Ice Storm AndOr No Ice Spike
    No Ice Storm AndOr No ...
    by MagicMan3000
  • 1,129

    Ultimate Shouting
    Ultimate Shouting
    by ntn9713c
  • 186

    New Restoration School
    New Restoration School
    by sneaky_squirrel
  • 335

    Lykaios Race Wolf Form
    Lykaios Race Wolf Form
    by tcain99
  • 147

    Heal over Time
    Heal over Time
    by JoeKa8
  • 58

    Custom Spells from Potions
    Custom Spells from Pot...
    by DumdogsWorld
  • 244

    Spirits of Kynareth
    Spirits of Kynareth
    by theonyxphoenix
  • 1,824

    Elemental Atronachs Reborn
    Elemental Atronachs Re...
    by barbanium
  • 55

    Empowered Magic - Transmute Without Soul Gems
    Empowered Magic - Tran...
    by chucklenugget
  • 470

    Simple Destruction Magic Rebalance
    Simple Destruction Mag...
    by Comrey
  • 153

    Extended Shrine Blessings
    Extended Shrine Blessi...
    by Achloryn
  • 452

    Skyrim - Magic Force
    Skyrim - Magic Force
    by tndvrs
  • 929

    Undeath - True God
    Undeath - True God
    by LootJunkieAzza
  • 325

    Spell Stones
    Spell Stones
    by CharC
  • 562

    Universal Armors - Convert Armor classes
    Universal Armors - Con...
    by DarkWolfModding
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