• 62

    Sun Magic Increased
    Sun Magic Increased
    by Arkyna
  • 521

    Master Spells Should Be Masterful
    Master Spells Should B...
    by Haptly
  • 68

    Undead don't turn to ash
    Undead don't turn ...
    by Electricskeleton
  • 152

    Immersive Frost - Fire Combo Overhaul
    Immersive Frost - Fire...
    by matkvel
  • 705

    Simple Magic Overhaul
    Simple Magic Overhaul
    by Apollodown
  • 143

    Atronach Scaling
    Atronach Scaling
    by Snowy161
  • 436

    Spells of elements
    Spells of elements
    by KameHouse
  • 162

    Shock Attacks Ignite Fire Traps
    Shock Attacks Ignite F...
    by Mythos214
  • 70

    Master of the Scrolls
    Master of the Scrolls
    by Eavan93
  • 2,946

    Spell Chaining (Spell Combos V2)
    Spell Chaining (Spell ...
    by leron9999
  • 7,860

    Spell Charging
    Spell Charging
    by leron9999
  • 89

    Vampire Spell Tweaks
    Vampire Spell Tweaks
    by Megachipman
  • 135

    Lower Cost Wards
    Lower Cost Wards
    by Alpine41
  • 113

    Spell Management System
    Spell Management Syste...
    by Daiyus
  • 99

    Empowered Magic - Arcaneum
    Empowered Magic - Arca...
    by OccasionalCucumber
  • 41

    Complete Conjuration Absorption Fix
    Complete Conjuration A...
    by mastercheefz
  • 57

    Alternative Bound Weapons
    Alternative Bound Weap...
    by JoeKa8
  • 637

    Instant Spells
    Instant Spells
    by kahasana
  • 284

    No Cost For Utility Spells
    No Cost For Utility Sp...
    by Floordan
  • 477

    Jaxonz Lights Please
    Jaxonz Lights Please
    by jaxonz
  • 101

    Magic - A Perk Augmentation
    Magic - A Perk Augment...
    by Aidanator
  • 307

    Shout of Healing
    Shout of Healing
    by ZTeioh
  • 4,926

    Fus Ro Door
    Fus Ro Door
    by Ceruulean
  • 1,507

    Flyable Dragon Races 4 Legendary Skies with Dragon breeding
    Flyable Dragon Races 4...
    by tcain99
  • 251

    Tweaked Master Spells
    Tweaked Master Spells
    by DonPIZI
  • 236

    Acquisitive Soul Gems 2.5.5 fr
    Acquisitive Soul Gems ...
    by Floyd2099
  • 313

    Monstri Sanguine
    Monstri Sanguine
    by BlackLink16
  • 43

    Unique NPC Auto Protection
    Unique NPC Auto Protec...
    by yukimati
  • 16,002

    Wrath of Nature - The Champion of Kynareth
    Wrath of Nature - The ...
    by Bluarchon
  • 838

    Twin Souls - Summon Slightly More Creatures
    Twin Souls - Summon Sl...
    by The0neDemigod
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