• 228

    Dual Wield Parrying Reimplementation
    Dual Wield Parrying Re...
    by ragnaroklucifer
  • 165

    Realistic Needs and Diseases - Requiem AiO Patch
    Realistic Needs and Di...
    by axonis
  • 514

    Pre and Post Reproccer fix for IA7_1
    Pre and Post Reproccer...
    by raulfin
  • 289

    Detailed Tree LOD for Realistic Aspens
    Detailed Tree LOD for ...
    by kidhedera
  • 630

    Open Face Guard Helmets
    Open Face Guard Helmet...
    by axonis
  • 163

    Skyre - Marksman Patch
    Skyre - Marksman Patch
    by VampireMonkey
  • 118

    Cooking Expanded - Dragonborn - Realistic Needs and Disease Support Patch
    Cooking Expanded - Dra...
    by Glorifin
  • 357

    MCM Configuration Bat
    MCM Configuration Bat
    by raulfin
  • 99

    Requiem - Unique and Radiant Potions Poison and Booze patch
    Requiem - Unique and R...
    by SpoCk0nd0pe
  • 86

    Requiem - Animated Weapon Enchants Patch
    Requiem - Animated Wea...
    by SpoCk0nd0pe
  • 947

    Interesting NPCs-Open Cities Patch
    Interesting NPCs-Open ...
    by nonoodles
  • 680

    Requiem - native functions
    Requiem - native funct...
    by ragnaroklucifer
  • 181

    3DNPC - Sexuality Swap
    3DNPC - Sexuality Swap
    by AlpineYJ
  • 628

    Underground Bathhouse - Friendlier Guards Patch
    Underground Bathhouse ...
    by AlpineYJ
  • 658

    Inconsequential NPCs-Open Cities-TKChildren Patches
    Inconsequential NPCs-O...
    by nonoodles
  • 2,996

    USKP Patch for TKChildren
    USKP Patch for TKChild...
    by kidhedera
  • 915

    Sounds of Skyrim Compatibility Patch
    Sounds of Skyrim Compa...
    by Kenkyo
  • 153

    Fantasy Soundtrack Project and Symphonies Of Skyrim Compatibility Patch
    Fantasy Soundtrack Pro...
    by NewRaven
  • 14

    IMCN BHDGU patch simple
    IMCN BHDGU patch simpl...
    by M2RH
  • 447

    Heljarchen Farm-Heljarchen Hall Reform Patch
    Heljarchen Farm-Heljar...
    by Luckysneak
  • 1,177

    Moonpath to Elsweyr - Typo Patch
    Moonpath to Elsweyr - ...
    by Treacleman
  • 849

    Falskaar - Typo Patch
    Falskaar - Typo Patch
    by Treacleman
  • 185

    Miraaks sword fix - Longer reach
    Miraaks sword fix - Lo...
    by EmeraldShadow
  • 36

    LC_Immersive Looting Invisible Necklace Fix ESP
    LC_Immersive Looting I...
    by aurabeat
  • 369

    Compatibility Hotfix for ETaC and ELFX
    Compatibility Hotfix f...
    by Moogiefluff
  • 65

    Smoking Torches - Torch of Everlasting with Dynamic Shadows - Compatibility Patch
    Smoking Torches - Torc...
    by Grasmann
  • 483

    Vampiric Thirst - Requiem Compatibility Patch
    Vampiric Thirst - Requ...
    by ragnaroklucifer
  • 521

    Levelers Tower Patch
    Levelers Tower Patch
    by ragnaroklucifer
  • 42

    Frost Atronach Dirty Fix 2 - for Seasons of Skyrim
    Frost Atronach Dirty F...
    by groea
  • 54

    Soul Trap Exploit returned for unofficial skyrim patch
    Soul Trap Exploit retu...
    by rbnblaze
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