• 28,145

    Immersive Citizens  - AI Overhaul
    Immersive Citizens - ...
    by Shurah
  • 178

    Hypothermia Plus - Unofficial Upgrade
    Hypothermia Plus - Uno...
    by Granson
  • 522

    Immersive Torchbugs
    Immersive Torchbugs
    by PR0JAX
  • 413

    Decapitation fixes
    Decapitation fixes
    by mrjentipede
  • 968

    Dig Site -- Relic Hunter Tents for Campfire
    Dig Site -- Relic Hunt...
    by Rusey
  • 5

    The Complete Food Overhaul Traduzione Italiana
    The Complete Food Over...
    by Kratos00
  • 50

    Immersive Lore Enhanced
    Immersive Lore Enhance...
    by zbzszzzt123
  • 77

    Expensive Alcohol
    Expensive Alcohol
    by archerassassin8
  • 547

    True Grit Weapons
    True Grit Weapons
    by dev0lv0r
  • 230

    Craftable Compass
    Craftable Compass
    by dylbill
  • 1,064

    Dragons Don't Wait (with Dragon Allies and other dragon fixes)
    Dragons Don't Wait...
    by mrjentipede
  • 239

    Essential Questing Gear
    Essential Questing Gea...
    by stuffmaniacle
  • 622

    Wild Herds of Skyrim
    Wild Herds of Skyrim
    by BaileyIsbell
  • 68

    Armor penalties for casters
    Armor penalties for ca...
    by dungeonmaster7
  • 82

    Immersive Recovery
    Immersive Recovery
    by EnigmaWolf
  • 159

    Sensible Naked Comments
    Sensible Naked Comment...
    by EnigmaWolf
  • 48

    Simple 1st Person Sleeved Stormcloaks
    Simple 1st Person Slee...
    by EnigmaWolf
  • 522

    Keep Spell Tomes after use
    Keep Spell Tomes after...
    by LosStickos
  • 423

    Ultimate Hunting and Gathering Immersion DLC
    Ultimate Hunting and G...
    by Goffjbg
  • 174

    Local Fare
    Local Fare
    by Galadreal
  • 222

    Realistic Damage Model
    Realistic Damage Model
    by AnAmazingUsername
  • 760

    Taxes of the Nine Holds
    Taxes of the Nine Hold...
    by thesniperdevil
  • 444

    Amazing Follower Tweaks Immersive Dialogue
    Amazing Follower Tweak...
    by Chickenudoom
  • 442

    Covered in Bees
    Covered in Bees
    by Shinkoku
  • 811

    Immersive Bandit Camps
    Immersive Bandit Camps
    by YummyBrony
  • 694

    Immersive Movement Speed
    Immersive Movement Spe...
    by Hoho3d
  • 228

    Predator Vision - Scent Trail
    Predator Vision - Scen...
    by dePog
  • 188

    SkyEnd Force First Person
    SkyEnd Force First Per...
    by Kerberus14
  • 414

    Keep Your Money to Yourself
    Keep Your Money to You...
    by flexcreator
  • 1,364

    SWS Main Menu Replacer
    SWS Main Menu Replacer
    by Darren83
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