• 162

    Disarm Retrieval
    Disarm Retrieval
    by Terra Nova
  • 1,903

    Combat Evolved
    Combat Evolved
    by CrushBoss
  • 249

    Miscellaneous Combat Tweaks
    Miscellaneous Combat T...
    by tiny lampe
  • 351

    Bleed Them Dry - Long-Term Bleed Out Effects
    Bleed Them Dry - Long-...
    by lesi123
  • 48

    Forceful Bash patch for SkyRe and balanced version
    Forceful Bash patch fo...
    by Rudi91
  • 266

    Tusaron The Vampire DreadLord-HARDEST BOSS EVER
    Tusaron The Vampire Dr...
    by kadkata
  • 0

    Fighter horse - rideable horse attacker
    Fighter horse - rideab...
    by skyace25
  • 1,029

    Reloading Overhaul - Manual Crossbow Reload and Cycle Ammo
    Reloading Overhaul - M...
    by hidconsp
  • 75

    Weapon Types Matter
    Weapon Types Matter
    by elguapo1991
  • 59

    Exhausting Shield Charge
    Exhausting Shield Char...
    by mikely92
  • 29

    Channel Magic
    Channel Magic
    by sabrio
  • 3,758

    Multi Core Shot - Select Multi Cluster Strafe
    Multi Core Shot - Sele...
    by elysees
  • 0

    IceicleShot bow
    IceicleShot bow
    by retro36005
  • 74

    2x Damage
    2x Damage
    by DanielLeonHeart
  • 85

    Sands of Time Sleeping Encounters Standalone Module GERMAN
    Sands of Time Sleeping...
    by christianerding2
  • 51

    No blood Impact
    No blood Impact
    by DanielLeonHeart
  • 830

    Combat while jumping
    Combat while jumping
    by Gruberix
  • 807

    Faster Crossbows
    Faster Crossbows
    by kahasana
  • 52

    DPS Troll
    DPS Troll
    by Sion4
  • 1,565

    Shield Slam
    Shield Slam
    by elysees
  • 103

    Iron Arrow Into Bolts Conversion
    Iron Arrow Into Bolts ...
    by rytom99
  • 5,102

    Manual Crossbow Reload - Ammunition and Reloading Overhaul
    Manual Crossbow Reload...
    by JZBai
  • 324

    Tales of Hero's
    Tales of Hero's
    by Recruit7
  • 111

    CDM - No Combat Looting
    CDM - No Combat Lootin...
    by CDM_
  • 190

    Jaxonz Archery Focus
    Jaxonz Archery Focus
    by jaxonz
  • 7,382

    NPC Knockout Overhaul
    NPC Knockout Overhaul
    by sevencardz
  • 550

    Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Wielder mod
    Kingdom Hearts Keyblad...
    by rncg15
  • 446

    Deadly Silver
    Deadly Silver
    by SphereOfRa
  • 204

    Interrupt attack for better blocking
    Interrupt attack for b...
    by moljka
  • 263

    Sniping Overhaul - Un-immersive Marksmanship
    Sniping Overhaul - Un-...
    by oliver1706
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