• 106

    Vigilance the Nix-Hound
    Vigilance the Nix-Houn...
    by GendunDrup
  • 101

    Manny The Mammoth - Animal Follower
    Manny The Mammoth - An...
    by HarrisModifications
  • 107

    Senor Pato - A Rideable Dwemer Horse
    Senor Pato - A Rideabl...
    by KigamNogard
  • 43

    Lurker followers
    Lurker followers
    by mkenny95
  • 55

    Steadfast Dwarven Sphere is Essential
    Steadfast Dwarven Sphe...
    by HenrikZar
  • 241

    Raez the Gargoyle
    Raez the Gargoyle
    by Skarznet
  • 169

    Zero Your BFF
    Zero Your BFF
    by Duckegg45
  • 215

    Snapleg Cave Spriggan Companion
    Snapleg Cave Spriggan ...
    by Letrarunt
  • 25,616

    Tame the Beasts of Skyrim II
    Tame the Beasts of Sky...
    by myriliam
  • 264

    Caius - The Foolhardy Fox
    Caius - The Foolhardy ...
    by theBreadThief
  • 698

    Daruk The Fire Wolf
    Daruk The Fire Wolf
    by weadyen
  • 1,677

    Doge as Pet
    Doge as Pet
    by Grohiik
  • 52

    Follower - Grundle - Netch Bull Follower
    Follower - Grundle - N...
    by Caucasian616
  • 42

    Vigilance the Hyena
    Vigilance the Hyena
    by GendunDrup
  • 56

    Summon Dremora and other spells
    Summon Dremora and oth...
    by tdv
  • 124

    Vigilance the Durzog
    Vigilance the Durzog
    by GendunDrup
  • 1,785

    Teyahven- Standalone Rabbit Follower
    Teyahven- Standalone R...
    by BluePianoTwo
  • 307

    More Extreme Summonable Creatures
    More Extreme Summonabl...
    by c1aycarm1ne
  • 142

    More Albino Spiders
    More Albino Spiders
    by Deazul
  • 825

    Grunt - The Bear Companion
    Grunt - The Bear Compa...
    by Chrizmo64
  • 238

    Star Burst- A player Horse
    Star Burst- A player H...
    by Jrew
  • 866

    Bruce The Dragon Follower
    Bruce The Dragon Follo...
    by Gallergar
  • 44

    Summon Drakon The Dog
    Summon Drakon The Dog
    by TiNyTeRRoR180
  • 527

    Chaos Soul Equus Horse mount
    Chaos Soul Equus Horse...
    by lagrie
  • 12

    Blupparen the Thief
    Blupparen the Thief
    by blupparen
  • 126

    -ISI- Healing Spriggan Pet - Mascota Spriggan Curandero SPANISH
    -ISI- Healing Spriggan...
    by Isidorojo
  • 1,553

    Healing Spriggan Pet
    Healing Spriggan Pet
    by noxiousq12
  • 454

    Dragonborn Mudcrabs
    Dragonborn Mudcrabs
    by noxiousq12
  • 205

    Dinokaar v2
    Dinokaar v2
    by Zyris
  • 142

    Toxicity frostbite giant spider follower
    Toxicity frostbite gia...
    by ozzy1983rocks
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