• 440

    Jumping Animation
    Jumping Animation
    by 5poiler
  • 84

    Female childs walk like male
    Female childs walk lik...
    by nakislive
  • 154

    Dance Quest
    Dance Quest
    by PeterMartyr
  • 1,073

    Proper Spell Cast Direction
    Proper Spell Cast Dire...
    by fxxkoff
  • 25

    Nord Female to Male Animation
    Nord Female to Male An...
    by SleepingGuru
  • 64,240

    XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended
    XP32 Maximum Skeleton ...
    by Groovtama
  • 93

    Female Argonian walk Fix
    Female Argonian walk F...
    by krinblacksnow
  • 72

    More vertical sword placement
    More vertical sword pl...
    by ArenLiore
  • 143

    1st Person Back Hip or Boot Dagger Animation
    1st Person Back Hip or...
    by ARKii44
  • 1,372

    JackofBlades' Animations
    JackofBlades' Anim...
    by jackofblades2010
  • 396

    Less Sarcastic Applause
    Less Sarcastic Applaus...
    by PlagueHush
  • 34

    RGA Races - Nexus Version
    RGA Races - Nexus Vers...
    by Vhaltyrr
  • 3,054

    Badass Dual Wielding
    Badass Dual Wielding
    by Bergzore
  • 2,273

    Px79 Dual Wield Animation
    Px79 Dual Wield Animat...
    by BlueLight79
  • 2,530

    Real Flying - Gamepad support alternative
    Real Flying - Gamepad ...
    by gh0stwizard
  • 72,294

    Real Flying (with Gliding and Collisions)
    Real Flying (with Glid...
    by Anton0028
  • 944

    Alternate Werewolf Transformation Animation
    Alternate Werewolf Tra...
    by Roenaxx
  • 16,720

    Blocking Animation Pack
    Blocking Animation Pac...
    by 5poiler
  • 183

    testing only - Animation patch for JZBai's Throwing Weapons Lite mod
    testing only - Animati...
    by h1zchan
  • 5,347

    Handsome Idle
    Handsome Idle
    by dualsun
  • 14,682

    Animated Fairy Wings
    Animated Fairy Wings
    by Anton0028
  • 48,421

    Dual Wield Improved Animation
    Dual Wield Improved An...
    by 5poiler
  • 158

    Mudcrabs - Burrow-Me-Not
    Mudcrabs - Burrow-Me-N...
    by UlithiumDragon
  • 3,716

    XPMSE Skeleton for RSChildren
    XPMSE Skeleton for RSC...
    by DetectiveToaster
  • 4,256

    DSer Animations
    DSer Animations
    by DServant
  • 5,764

    Swords On Back (For Cloaks)
    Swords On Back (For Cl...
    by Rakul
  • 805

    Magic Run and Sprint
    Magic Run and Sprint
    by 5poiler
  • 21

    Dwemer Lift Tower
    Dwemer Lift Tower
    by LordFWD
  • 1,526

    Stretch n Taunt Animation
    Stretch n Taunt Animat...
    by 5poiler
  • 1,005

    1st Person Greatsword idle animation fix
    1st Person Greatsword ...
    by zGRD
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