• 8,194

    Pretty Jump Idles
    Pretty Jump Idles
    by dualsun
  • 194

    No Clapping Allowed
    No Clapping Allowed
    by Skree000
  • 11,817

    (WIP) ndh's Animation Overhaul
    (WIP) ndh's Animat...
    by ndh
  • 467

    AnimationSelectoR (ASR1)
    AnimationSelectoR (ASR...
    by Microlich
  • 2,217

    No More Sexy Animation for Elder Women and Children
    No More Sexy Animation...
    by Cyrilounay
  • 77,829

    FNIS Sexy Move
    FNIS Sexy Move
    by fore
  • 518

    Hovering Idle and Combat Animations - WIP
    Hovering Idle and Comb...
    by Khenta
  • 1,651

    vwr Idle Markers
    vwr Idle Markers
    by vinniewryan
  • 76,840

    Animated Dragon Wings
    Animated Dragon Wings
    by Anton0028
  • 2,648

    Polearm and two handed spear animations
    Polearm and two handed...
    by h1zchan
  • 31,481

    Realistic Boat Bobbing
    Realistic Boat Bobbing
    by gandaganza
  • 639

    Mounted Combat - Equip and Unequip 1h Sword on back
    Mounted Combat - Equip...
    by TixIssence
  • 1,377

    Lydia - female stance
    Lydia - female stance
    by Fliegerles
  • 12,046

    Combat Drama Overhaul
    Combat Drama Overhaul
    by Apollodown
  • 1,936

    Play Random Idle
    Play Random Idle
    by Phnx
  • 175

    Testes Killer
    Testes Killer
    by dualsun
  • 253

    Beast Race Tail Spasm Fix
    Beast Race Tail Spasm ...
    by Luthrael
  • 883

    Greatswords on Hip ALPHA
    Greatswords on Hip ALP...
    by DonCalzone
  • 11,614

    Anime Ninja Sprint
    Anime Ninja Sprint
    by leonhartbenk
  • 1,477

    Giving The Two Fingers
    Giving The Two Fingers
    by yukl
  • 4,170

    Additional Dramatic Poses for Pinup Poser
    Additional Dramatic Po...
    by Novaren
  • 441

    Equipped weapon scale fix
    Equipped weapon scale ...
    by jet4571
  • 17,271

    YY Anim Replacer - Princess Horse Riding
    YY Anim Replacer - Pri...
    by yukl
  • 29,049

    Unarmed Warfare - New Animations For Hand To Hand Combat
    Unarmed Warfare - New ...
    by WarriorKeKe
  • 31,097

    YY Anim Replacer - Lovely Shout
    YY Anim Replacer - Lov...
    by yukl
  • 1,985

    Animated Idle
    Animated Idle
    by 001001001
  • 2,627

    Kick Blocked
    Kick Blocked
    by HumiIiation
  • 42,467

    Female running and walking animation
    Female running and wal...
    by gekkou1992
  • 1,393

    Mermaid Project - Swim Animation
    Mermaid Project - Swim...
    by Teria23
  • 9,923

    Dance Rave - A Dance Pack Collection
    Dance Rave - A Dance P...
    by fakeinbox
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