• 74

    Stronger Uniques and Artifacts
    Stronger Uniques and A...
    by Majora89
  • 38

    Practice Soul Gems
    Practice Soul Gems
    by Robbie922004
  • 118

    Craftable Instruments with CCOR support
    Craftable Instruments ...
    by Rusey
  • 51

    Book Of Shadows
    Book Of Shadows
    by XxGamerWorldxX
  • 77

    Playable and Enchanted Greybeards Robes
    Playable and Enchanted...
    by adrianogoede
  • 24

    Wolf's Recipes Redone WIP
    Wolf's Recipes Red...
    by CyborgArmGun
  • 147

    Rupture and Craft Soul Gems
    Rupture and Craft Soul...
    by eyeonus
  • 67

    Shield amulet AND Ring of the Wolf AND New arrows
    Shield amulet AND Ring...
    by unknowuserofpower
  • 203

    PBS - Pumpkins Bacon and Sweets
    PBS - Pumpkins Bacon a...
    by OBmodist
  • 25

    Plus de brol pour chez vous
    Plus de brol pour chez...
    by UrakaGraDragol
  • 32

    Simple Waterwalking
    Simple Waterwalking
    by Crazylittleloon
  • 805

    Wa Masks
    Wa Masks
    by hifoo
  • 71

    Craft Dwarven Metal From Other Metals And All Dwemer Scrap-Craft Dwemer Scrap And Dwarven Oil
    Craft Dwarven Metal Fr...
    by Iatheus
  • 68

    Light On Your Feet
    Light On Your Feet
    by EagleRider
  • 343

    Mage Torch
    Mage Torch
    by dloader
  • 158

    Cheese Overhaul
    Cheese Overhaul
    by Zaroth_0
  • 852

    Apparel Layer
    Apparel Layer
    by 7StarC
  • 33,025

    Immersive Jewelry
    Immersive Jewelry
    by Forteverum
  • 8,004

    Wearable Lanterns - Lighting Fix
    Wearable Lanterns - Li...
    by IcePenguin
  • 199

    Canis Root Tea
    Canis Root Tea
    by DSstryker
  • 6

    Classic Booze Magick
    Classic Booze Magick
    by mcstene
  • 104

    Relics of Mordor
    Relics of Mordor
    by ardalord
  • 86

    Forge Materials Clutter - Vanilla
    Forge Materials Clutte...
    by zantariz
  • 125

    Enchantable Wedding Wreath
    Enchantable Wedding Wr...
    by scotterberry
  • 53

    Fried Chicken
    Fried Chicken
    by shadowkiller137
  • 61

    Nikolay II coin texture
    Nikolay II coin textur...
    by E212
  • 202

    More torches
    More torches
    by Cuttooth91
  • 182

    A Bite of Death - The Return of the Poisoned Apples
    A Bite of Death - The ...
    by TaeRai
  • 372

    Ring of the Eel - Fight Underwater
    Ring of the Eel - Figh...
    by plunket
  • 380

    Requiem - Better Archery
    Requiem - Better Arche...
    by Chickenudoom
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