• Dragon Priest Masks Refined for Skyrim

    This is my attempt to make the Dragon Priest Masks more useful without turning the game into god mode.
    I tried to make each mask useful for different builds, and tried to make each one unique from the others.

    uploaded 0:36, 15 Feb 2012 2,731 84 2,207kb jphillips8

  • Detect Skills spell for Skyrim

    Adds a spell that can detect the skills and stats of an NPC.

    uploaded 0:33, 15 Feb 2012 8,218 278 9kb MrSarp

  • Lydia Loop Fix 1_1 for Skyrim

    Moves Lydia downstairs in Breezehome to break the bugged loop keeping her in the thane's bedroom. Updated version switches her housecarl package AI for marriage package AI, so she can go back upstairs. (She will be able to return to the thane's bedroom, but she will not get stuck.)

    uploaded 0:22, 15 Feb 2012 15,563 597 2kb Dokkalfr

  • Archaic Eclipse metal music mod for Skyrim

    this replaces the main theme, the boss battle music, and some explore music files. the explore replacers are mellow tracks and the rest is metal, black pagan metal, i warned you. not bad for punching a dragon in the face.

    uploaded 0:03, 15 Feb 2012 965 30 12,796kb redman420

  • Dovahkiin Servants for Skyrim

    Ever wanted to have a personal servant? Now you can.

    uploaded 23:33, 14 Feb 2012 1,117 29 4kb Jayzaki

  • TESV Skyrim Jasmin ENB Cinema for Skyrim

    Jasmin's next ENB version which includes DOF and 3D Anaglyph effects :)

    uploaded 23:31, 14 Feb 2012 5,406 115 220kb smdongreeman

  • Riften Tree Revamp for Skyrim

    This is the first of a series of mods that will add more trees and foliage to the major towns of Skyrim. Instead of going for a foresty look like other mods have, I'm trying to go for a more understated look, and also something that fits in with the surroundings.

    uploaded 23:31, 14 Feb 2012 1,597 36 18kb dantdj

  • Invisible Door for Skyrim

    a mesh of a Invisible Door for Rennn

    uploaded 23:25, 14 Feb 2012 8 1 0kb Babageee

  • Esteriot for Skyrim

    Since my last description was a bit skinny, let me make a new one..
    This is a showcase mode, there is no gameplay here, just some exteriors, what im working on is a mod to remake Esterior, to be more precise Black Harbor, the capital. I will be uploading new material weekly, to show some updates.

    uploaded 23:15, 14 Feb 2012 230 5 227kb bostonkreme

  • Imperial Elite Armor for Skyrim

    Adds a stand alone Upgraded Imperial Armor set to the game for those that want to represent the Empire and not suck! apears on Imps after level 25. For those who cant wait or dont want to kill an Imp there is a set in Dour castle in Solitude.

    uploaded 23:15, 14 Feb 2012 527 14 2kb nosrettac

  • Seabreeze Estate for Skyrim

    his lovely estate if located on your own private island off the Northern coast of Skyrim. Enjoy sensational views of Solitude, the Lighthouse, and ships coming into port from your patio overlooking the Sea of Ghosts. This home includes many features useful for most types of players.

    uploaded 23:14, 14 Feb 2012 14,596 340 585kb mgilchuk

  • Dremora follower for KOFFEYKID for Skyrim

    Adds a Dremora companion/follower to the game.

    uploaded 23:03, 14 Feb 2012 1,662 50 3,191kb RitchieTheMerc