• WIP - Destroy the Thieves Guild for Skyrim

    Do you hate the fact that Brynjolf stalking you. Do you think you should wipe out the thieves guild like you can wipe out the Dark Brotherhood, well then this mod is for you. Including a new NPC for starting and finishing the quest "No Stone Unturned".

    uploaded 12:56, 13 Oct 2012 2,279 153 174kb bruce142

  • Falkreath Scenic Cottage for Skyrim

    This mod adds a cottage near Falkreath with stunning panoramic view of mountains, forest and Falkreath. It is ideal for adventurers and hunters.

    uploaded 11:35, 13 Oct 2012 3,046 230 104kb mannygt

  • Word Walls of Skyrim for Skyrim

    This mod adds a book to leveled lists, and some dragon priests that once obtained, enables the player to see the location of Word Walls around the province of Skyrim.

    uploaded 11:33, 13 Oct 2012 4,245 373 6kb iPalantir

  • Bridge Farm for Skyrim

    Small fortified farm near Dragonbridge on the Morthal Road. Milkable Cows, harvestable beehives, greenhouse with tomatoes, other harvestables, new recipes. Everything a player needs including all crafting needs, in a convenient location a short distance from Solitude.

    uploaded 10:39, 13 Oct 2012 31,272 1,886 50,657kb gentester

  • Moonshadow Elf Race for Skyrim

    Moonshadow Elfs .....
    The Greatest of all the Elven Races..

    The last Survival died 25 Years after the
    Events of the Oblivion Crisis, the name of
    the Survival was Laethilia (inwe Miriel).... But now she
    Is Reborned. This time with the dragonblood in her veins
    she must learn to use the power of the voice as

    uploaded 10:37, 13 Oct 2012 6,641 219 35,095kb stavrbadem

  • Slightly More Realistic Food for Skyrim

    A food overhaul mod.

    uploaded 10:14, 13 Oct 2012 333 6 3kb AngrySpanner

  • Placeable Statics - Chinese translation for Skyrim

    Chinese translation for Iceburg`s Placeable Statics mod.

    uploaded 5:46, 13 Oct 2012 851 41 991kb koyabr

  • Faction Clothes for Skyrim

    This will add you to the faction of the owner of the cuirass/mask. Taking it off will remove you from the faction.

    uploaded 4:53, 13 Oct 2012 756 32 5kb musicman247

  • Quarterstaff for Skyrim

    Adds craftable and upgradeable quarterstaves to Skyrim.

    uploaded 4:45, 13 Oct 2012 7,006 411 787kb JZBai

  • Change Spouse Outfits for Skyrim

    Give your spouse gifts; if those gifts are armor or clothing, they'll wear them around the house.

    uploaded 3:35, 13 Oct 2012 24,850 1,822 29kb PrinceShroob

  • Gorgeous Men Of Skyrim - Arro for Skyrim

    Tired of all those old, beat up looking male followers in Skyrim?
    Wishing you had some nice eyecandy to stare at while you are out on your
    adventures? Looking for that "Knight in Shining Armor"?? Then look no
    further, this is the mod you have been looking for!

    uploaded 3:18, 13 Oct 2012 1,707 103 646kb NWelf

  • Lost Colony of Akavir for Skyrim

    Re-discover the lost colonies of the ill-fated Far East Expeditionary Force. Founded by Emperor Uriel Septim V hundreds of years ago, they were thought lost in wars and time, but a recent find in an ancient shipwreck proves otherwise. New World Mod.

    uploaded 2:31, 13 Oct 2012 30,894 1,130 16,536kb friedrice24