• ModSword for Skyrim


    uploaded 0:32, 30 Apr 2012 67 0 1kb Wurmed

  • Fire Dancer Retreat - Home in the Reach for Skyrim

    Manor located in the Reach with large basement, smithing area, heating system, large kitchen, indoor gardens, outdoor zen garden, tons of alchemy materials, (basically a personal alchemy garden), a spa, servants quarters, loft bedroom, target practice area, and enchanting/alchemy work spaces.

    uploaded 0:25, 30 Apr 2012 1,635 66 167kb cynster

  • Longer Duration Crafting Potions for Skyrim

    Increases the duration of crafted potions of Enchanting and Smithing from 30s to up to 10min, giving you enough time to find your items, browse your chants, and rename your items. Better-quality ingredients yield longer durations.

    uploaded 0:18, 30 Apr 2012 4,944 392 123kb Arodicus

  • Fishing In Skyrim for Skyrim

    Adds working fishing nets, "dynamite" fishing, and other goodies to Skyrim. Stop trying to grab fish with your bare hands! Look for a free net in a rowboat on the Riften canal, or talk to local general-goods vendors and apothecaries in Riverwood, Whiterun, Riften and Windhelm.

    uploaded 0:06, 30 Apr 2012 109,576 5,821 8,847kb Arodicus

  • Reapers Nord Hunters Armor CBBE v3 for Skyrim

    This is a HIGH RES. Retexture of the Savior's Hide, Steel Boots & Gauntlets to look like Light Steel with White Fur & Black Leather. Forgeable at any Forge under Steel, Armor is for Both Male & Female (cbbe v3)

    uploaded 23:44, 29 Apr 2012 17,445 594 16,361kb reaper9111

  • Syynxs Lowered Hands for Skyrim

    This simple mod simply lowers the 'fist' when you have nothing in a hand equipped, this is perfect for players who prefer fighting with a single weapon or dislike having the fists up at all times.

    uploaded 23:38, 29 Apr 2012 6,291 263 12kb Jjiinx

  • Forest Hideout PERFECT START for Skyrim

    For a lore-friendly and balanced start

    uploaded 23:33, 29 Apr 2012 2,391 66 19kb onur53

  • SkyrimNexus Shortcut for Skyrim

    This is not a Skyrim mod, this shortcut allow to you go to the SkyrimNexus whitout open your browser and write the web link.

    uploaded 23:30, 29 Apr 2012 545 31 25kb Ejvo25

  • Shadowmarks for Player Homes - Thieves Guild for Skyrim

    This mod adds Thieves Guild shadowmarks to player-owned homes. Now you can inform fellow thieves of your status in the Guild, while simoultaneously protecting your house and property from any unwanted visitors.

    uploaded 23:17, 29 Apr 2012 6,570 541 18kb kryptopyr

  • God-Gear and Glory Bookset for Skyrim

    This mod simply adds a bookset that shows many tips, techniques, and tricks for making the most powerful weapons and armor in the game. No cheats, no mods... just technique. The methods it describes would even work on consoles. I made this because I was tired of alt-tabbing between Skyrim and various Crafting sites to look up stuff.

    uploaded 22:53, 29 Apr 2012 1,732 129 164kb Arodicus

  • Blazes Enchantment Divider for Skyrim

    Adds Craftable Enchantment Divider Scrolls in Armor Making Station (Requires 1 Ruby Each)
    Enchantment Divider Increase Enchant Slots(Via Perks) and Decreases Enchantment power for each additional slot
    Currently features from 2x default EnchantSlots to 10x EnchantmentSlots
    (Technically adds Enchantment Slots instead of Multiplying)
    (Divides Ench

    uploaded 22:52, 29 Apr 2012 138 6 3kb BlazesRus

  • Heavy Oblivion Style Witcher Plated Imperial Soldiers for Skyrim

    This mod replaces the Imperial Armour in the game with re textured versions of the Northern Kingdoms Plate

    uploaded 22:42, 29 Apr 2012 7,798 266 11,636kb Das_Reich