• Barad Mithost for Skyrim

    Perched on a ridge high above the Whiterun tundra stands the grey watchtower of Barad Mithost. A LOTR inspired home for a mid-to end-game character.

    uploaded 15:21, 21 Feb 2012 5,325 268 135kb stevea2

  • Guard Armor and Shields Replaced for Skyrim

    This mod includes:

    Every city has various guards oufit TS Edition by TS
    Roman Style Imperial Legion Shields by Davis237834
    Removes the guard shield of loneliness and replaces it Davis237834

    uploaded 15:05, 21 Feb 2012 1,236 20 111,834kb oriajh

  • Life Detection and Invisibility Armor v2 for Skyrim

    Do you miss the old enchantments Life Detection and Invisibility from Oblivion? Just install this modification. You'll get two new items with those enchantments. You'll find them in Riften (look at the screenshot for further details). You can disenchant both enchantments from those two items. So you can decide yourself which of your items should

    uploaded 15:02, 21 Feb 2012 6,086 148 38kb ayecue

  • Phenderix Magic Evolved - FRENCH for Skyrim

    Une traduction française du mod Phenderix Magic Evolved

    uploaded 14:57, 21 Feb 2012 1,730 30 1kb nash666667

  • Bound Weapons For All for Skyrim

    Adds all the bound weapons that Bethesda skipped!

    Currently contains:
    - Bound Dagger
    - Bound Mace
    - Bound War Axe
    - Bound Greatsword
    - Bound Warhammer

    uploaded 14:18, 21 Feb 2012 2,093 55 544kb Vonwarr

  • Bound Tools for Skyrim

    Adds bound versions of utility tools so you don't have to haul them around. Uses modified in game art.

    - Bound Pickaxe
    - Bound Woodcutter's Axe

    uploaded 14:04, 21 Feb 2012 6,700 369 54kb Vonwarr

  • Psiijic Master Outfits for Skyrim

    This mod makes zackdip's Psiijic Re-skin versions into non-replacing craftable clothing and armor.

    uploaded 13:53, 21 Feb 2012 6,431 178 24,991kb Apethnatos

  • Pociones -Castellano- for Skyrim

    Hace que haya más pociones de curación/aguante/magia a la venta en las tiendas del juego. Pensado para jugar a

    partir de nivel de dificultad "Difícil".
    También cambia el nombre de la poción "Curar envenenamiento" a "Poción de curar envenenamiento". Así es más fácil

    catalogar el inventario.
    NO hace que apararezcan más pociones en las

    uploaded 13:45, 21 Feb 2012 77 0 1kb Rivendel75

  • Mage Mansion for Skyrim

    A large magic mansion designed for adventurers.
    Many named chests, crafting room, magic place, teleporter,
    mannequins, library, merchant and more...

    uploaded 13:30, 21 Feb 2012 9,709 163 163kb aldaris22

  • BMC - Anna Savegame for Skyrim

    WARNING: This save is intended to be used along with "Live Another Life" by Arthmoor (, I doubt it will work properly if your not using that mod and with the horribly gimped CS I don't intend to fix it to work as a pre-set.

    uploaded 13:16, 21 Feb 2012 553 15 3,759kb Badmagic

  • Ask Follower Skills for Skyrim

    So you've gained yourself a follower,
    but you don't know a thing or two about what he/she specializes in?
    Well why don't you just ask them? :P

    uploaded 13:01, 21 Feb 2012 43,068 886 5kb melbourne47

  • SuiZidEs Glass Replacer for Skyrim

    This replacer changes the textures of the glass armor and weapons into a version in Morrowind colors. It doesn´t really work with some weapons and the helmet even if I change the color to a darker black.

    Attention: I´ve only tested the paths on my own PC so it could be that they doesn´t work for you. Please give me feedback.

    uploaded 12:54, 21 Feb 2012 266 8 2,717kb SuiZidE