• Visible Slaughterfish - WG for Skyrim

    I don't know about you, but I can never see slaughterfish, even when they're right by the shore. Makes 'em stinkin' hard to kill.

    This mod makes slaughterfish 3x bigger so you can see them more easily. This is similar to my GIANT Animals mod, but unlike GAnimals, which is good for laughs, this extremely light mod is practical and intended fo

    uploaded 18:49, 24 Feb 2012 511 17 1kb warriorgoel

  • No Sneak Attack Sound for Skyrim

    Removes the annoying "thud" sneak attack sound.

    uploaded 18:46, 24 Feb 2012 53,276 2,681 0kb dagincourt88

  • GIANT Animals - WG for Skyrim

    Makes all the animals...super-sized (3x bigger). Trolls ARE included. Domestic animals are NOT included, by popular request. Just subscribe and walk around Skyrim for a while- it's great for kicks.

    DISCLAIMER: I have done limited testing with no bugs (other than a troll getting stuck in a tree), but you should SAVE your game BEFORE you use this

    uploaded 18:33, 24 Feb 2012 1,019 3 31kb warriorgoel

  • Upkept Underkeep for Skyrim

    It always bugged me that the Jarl of Markarth lived in squalor with rubble all around his palace.

    uploaded 18:32, 24 Feb 2012 1,211 31 60kb gahnzz

  • Alchemy Enhanced XP - WG for Skyrim

    Slightly increases the rate of Alchemy XP gain (20% higher) to balance Alchemy XP gain with other skills such as Smithing.

    The difference is subtle, but the 20% bonus adds up. It does not break the game or make things too easy. On the contrary, Alchemy XP gain will feel similar to Smithing XP, and it makes Alchemy a lot more fun.

    Version: 1.

    uploaded 18:22, 24 Feb 2012 3,692 80 1kb warriorgoel

  • Tiny Giants - WG for Skyrim

    Turns Skyrim's giants into midgets. Great for a laugh.

    Version: 1.0
    Author: WarriorG0el

    uploaded 18:14, 24 Feb 2012 143 2 5kb warriorgoel

  • Giant Giants for Skyrim

    This will make the giants into real GIANTS! Its just for fun. The giants will be alot bigger with this mod.

    uploaded 17:58, 24 Feb 2012 2,489 19 1kb asdfg

  • Blessing of Hircine for Skyrim

    Shrine and blessing for Hircine - The Daedric Prince of The Hunt, Father of the Manbeasts.

    uploaded 17:49, 24 Feb 2012 1,096 38 1kb trebtreb

  • Improved Imperial Racial Abilities - WG for Skyrim

    Changes the Imperial racial ability "Voice of the Emperor" to a +10 Speech skill bonus upon character creation.

    All of my characters are Imperial for the gold perk and aesthetic reasons, but I think VotE is worthless. I think the +10 Speech fits the spirit of the Imperial racial bonuses, and is more useful.

    Version: 1.0
    Author: WarriorG0el

    uploaded 17:45, 24 Feb 2012 268 7 12kb warriorgoel

  • More Solitude Flora for Skyrim

    adds more plant life to Solitude to those areas that looked oddly empty

    uploaded 17:45, 24 Feb 2012 3,036 64 29kb Ares1

  • Camping for Skyrim

    This plugin introduces Dovahkiin to the wonders of sleeping under the stars by adding camping gear to Skyrim's general goods stores. Every major general store in Skyrim, as well as a few trade caravans, will now occasionally stock these items which include a tent, an Imperial tent, a tinderbox, a cooking pot and a mortar and pestle. In addition, c

    uploaded 17:39, 24 Feb 2012 58,570 786 2,208kb LtMattmoo

  • Breezehome Enchanting Table - WG for Skyrim

    Adds an Enchanting Table to the player house Breezehome. This is a quality of life improvement that makes crafting much more convenient in Whiterun. With this mod, you won't have to run all the way up to Dragonsreach just to enchant your items.

    Version: 1.2
    Author: WarriorG0el

    uploaded 17:30, 24 Feb 2012 4,123 97 2kb warriorgoel